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    Quote from Ammorth »
    LordTrillo, you should get a dropbox account for pictures. Virtually unlimited bandwidth and you can easily update pictures on your computer and have them update instantly online.

    That or Imgur: http://imgur.com/ I've had uploads on there for almost 2 years now, and there are no limits on bandwidth.
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    Thanks all, glad this was of help =)

    Alternatively you can use a mod manager like minecrafter that just does this all for you.
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    Thanks =) Much appreciated.
    Hope people can find this topic via the search if they need to.
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    To re-compress minecraft.jar from a folder don't select the folder. Select all the files inside the folder and compress those, then rename Archive.zip as 'minecraft.jar'.

    What you want to do

    When you want to instal mods on a mac manually you need to modify the contents of the minecraft.jar file, found in /Users/~Library/Application Support/minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar where ~ is your username.

    However there seems to be quite a bit of confusion about not being able to re-compress the minecraft.jar file on a Mac without using the terminal.

    Really it's very simple:

    As most know *.jar files are basically (for our purposes) just *.zip files.

    When you right click minecraft.jar you can uncompress it with the build in 'Archive Utility'
    However selecting the resulting folder and re-compressing it as a zip file WILL NOT WORK!

    Why won't it work?

    Here is the folder structure after just zipping the folder and renaming the resulting file:

    (screenshot via jaree)
    As you can see, because we selected a folder, the jar file contains a folder at the root. Makes sense no?

    Here is the original, un-modified minecraft.jar file:

    The files here are not in a folder.
    (The difference in file count is due to invisible files the mac OS creates in a folder, that can be ignored)

    This difference in file structure results in the Minecraft launcher not being able to find the files it needs, thus black screens, crashes, etc.

    What you should do

    1. Open the folder.
    2. Do command+a to select all the files inside.
    3. Right click and choose 'compress ... items'.
    4. The resulting zip file will be called "Archive.zip" and will still be inside the folder.
    5. Move 'Archive.zip' out of the folder to where the original minecraft.jar file was.
    6. Rename it as 'minecraft.jar' (accept the prompt that asks you if you really want to do that)
    7. Delete the folder.

    If done properly this will work.


    If you don't want to deal with this I would suggest using a mod manager like Minecrafter which does all this for you.
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