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    Hi I am looking for some players above the age of 16 for Minecraft on the PS4 once it is release and I am working on a huge project on making the entire Kalos region from Pokemon XY video game. the world is already work in progress on PS3 but the map size limit is to small to complete the region but when the PS4 edition is released I will be able to transfer my Kalos region map from the PS3 to PS4 edition. I would recommend for players to have a 3DS with the games of Pokemon X or Y but is not required, it helps the players with the game to make the map more accurate to the Kalos region from the games.
    I have also completed the first three towns from the game, next is Lumiose City which will be very challenge due to the roundness of the city and the Prism Tower.

    Shoot me a friend request with a message that you are willing to help, no trolls please.

    PSN ID: xX_Stealth_13_Xx
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