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    posted a message on items in my chest are gone
    There is over 10000 files in minecraft. 24 of them are targeting chests. One of these files may be corrupted, or the item has not successfully inserted into the item file in the chest module.this could be lag, snapshots, or low internet.
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    posted a message on What do you think about a Minecraft School Server?
    I would gladly host the server with the right plugins :)
    I would need help building classrooms and stuff.
    If I enable command blocks (possible) I should get the teleporting and [server] running.

    If you would, please fill the for, so I know what exactly to do:
    Command Blocks (enable/disable)
    Speech (enable/disable)
    Escaping to graduation then teleport to apartments (yes/no)
    Advertising on forums (enable/disable)
    Advertising online (enable/disable)

    P.S. I'm no robot!

    (Need sponsorship to pay for server)
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    posted a message on Need servers to become staff on
    Ok bro,
    I'm hiring Staff on my server.
    Just take the test!
    1. How would you solve griefing?
    2. Name you best build.
    0: Sorry Not good
    1/2: Sorry Not good
    2: Welcome!

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