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    posted a message on Better Beds! Custom Bed-Sheets! [223 Supporters!]

    This seems like a great idea. It seems so simple to add into the game and very easy to use in-game. It's so minor yet it adds a much needed detail to the game. Heck I'd have been satisfied with just using dye to change the color of the bed but this goes beyond my expectations. I support this.

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    posted a message on New Boat Types!

    To the people saying obsidian boats would sink because they're "too heavy":

    Care to explain why a castle built out of solid gold blocks can stay in the air without any supports whatsoever?

    Yeah Minecraft isn't exactly known for realistic physics.

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    posted a message on Best Ever Near-Deaths :)
    I've had multiple times on a specific server where I was recklessly jumping and I'd miss a lava pit by one block. I'd either land right in front of it or right ehind it.
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    posted a message on Pokemon Puns.
    As the title suggests I just want to know what puns you guys can make of the names of Pokemon. Here's one I like:

    I'm not gonna Raichu a love song.
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    posted a message on Things that should be removed from the face of the Earth.
    Where do I begin?
    Rebecca Black
    Justin Bieber
    One Direction
    Rebecca Black Again
    People who call you selfish because you won't share (it's ALWAYS a person you never talk to and whenever you have candy they act like they're your best friend)
    Katy Perry (Her only song that's even halfway good is Last Friday Night everything else is overrated and mediocre at best)
    Fake Feminists (People who say they are advocating for equality for women but really they are promoting female supremacy)
    Those people who walk extremely slow in hallways (one of the most aggravating things in high school)
    Adults who insist that they are superior to kids solely because of age
    Amish Mafia
    The Big Bang Theory (The show)
    The Jersey Shore
    Smart Sense Water
    All Diseases and Natural Disasters
    Lisa Simpson
    The "Boys can't hit girls" rule (It's sexist by itself and it enforces a sexist belief)
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