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    posted a message on Does the Mob AI Need Improvement?
    Its kinda funny how back in 1.7.3 mobs weren't as stupid and dopey like they are now
    For example: skeletons us to strafe when they attack you and creepers did too.
    It seems like ever since dinnerbone gave them the path finding ai It made them more stupid

    I remeber creepers being much harder back in 1.7.3; They actually felt like they were creeping up on you, now all they do is bumrush you which is lame.
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    posted a message on 12w41b Snapshot Ready for Testing
    this is the Crafting recipe

    this is what you get
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    posted a message on 12w41b Snapshot Ready for Testing
    Quote from xZooBLeZ

    Extremelly useful. Finally, we can change the names of our items in-game & repair them without losing the enchantment, as well as moving an enchantment from a tool onto another one.

    Yes but it has limited usage, How come a wooden block (crafting table) has infinite crafting usage, but a block of metal that takes about 52 iron ingots to craft is finite.
    Its a stupid idea, and is only good for aesthetics. You can repair any of your items free on your 2x2 crafting gui (but lose enchantments) without costing any exp.
    Am I the only one annoyed by this idea?
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    posted a message on Mojang is Out of Touch: Why Jeb and Dinnerbone need to go the way of Notch.
    Mojang can never fufill promises... what happened to capture the flag? the promise of a more stable multiplayer, a better terrain generator,

    and loads of other things that they said they were going to add? No one Asked for witches, and beacons. Either mojang is very slow because they are lazy or maybe they are just bad programmers at java. I'm gonna

    go with the second one, because to me the community are more talented than jeb and dinnerbone......there I said it. just look at better than wolves, the aether mod, tales of kingdoms, mo creatures, any popular mod today looks more professional than the stuff were'e getting currently in our weekly snapshots. Pfft Witches.......
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    posted a message on Let's try find out why Minecraft has gotten worse. [Mature Only]
    All I gotta say is, knowing the minecraft forums or rather the internet if you wanna get technical many "imature" people are going to troll this thread :\ mostly because you put [Mature Only] on the title.
    there is no completely mature side of the minecraft forums. Thats just the way it is........The strongest issue I have with minecraft is the terrain. You know what theres already a thread for this with 3000+ supporters (me included)
    I don't think I need explanation of why I HATE the current terrain.
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