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    Did you ever watched hermit craft players when they look at the list of online players and see their number of deaths?

    Thanks to xsumavoid for his nice tutorial, here you have the same feature.

    This mod basically adds a score board command without a need for your world to have cheating on or on servers without a need for the op to set the commands for it.

    The only thing you need to remember is this, because this is a score board command, the moment you add it to your mod list, it won't keep track of death count before hand. In other words, you will only see the numbers from that moment and forward.

    The mod adds the commands to any world generation right then and there, but, if you add it to your list in the middle of world play, it will still work, only thing to remember is what i said above about the counting from that moment forward.

    Simply add this mod to your mods folder and have fun, to see the number of deaths, just use the short key to list the online players (default is Tab key) and you will have it :D

    Mod Packs : Feel free to add this mod to your pack, you don't need to ask permission. Have fun with it.

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    This mod aims to show information about villages around each player, to install the mod, just put it in mods folder, when you are near a village, hit the V key and you will get information on your screen, each part of the information can toggle on/off by using control key combined with 1-5 numbers, very useful when you want to design your iron farm or villager breeding system

    MOD PACKS : Feel free to use my mod in any mod pack you want, you don't need to ask for permission, have fun with it


    Change log for 1.9-7 :


    1- Fixed the offset for village center

    2- Fixed the offset and boundary calculations for village golem spawn area

    3- Changed the algorithm for drawing village sphere (thanks tterrag and Limya)

    4- Added key bindings to toggle more stuff on/off

    5- Now you have ability to toggle depth calculation on/off

    6- Added spawn chunk area indicator and graphical representation

    7- Added chunk border drawing

    8- Now you have ability to draw some parts as semi solid polygons (Village center block, golem area, chunk border, and spawn chunk boundary)

    9- Can toggle per village coloring on/off

    10- Added config file for destinations being used to draw spawn chunk and village information

    11- Moved keybinding events to a single file

    12- Moved different boolean flags to the main mod class

    13- Other code cleanup and refactoring

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    posted a message on Lets Mod With Me (Jiraiyah) 1.7.10 and forward
    Hi every one, I started learning modding from vswe's videos but, there was many things not covered, as a matter of fact, i was developing a mod that is called J Piston, and you can find me posting the progress on the wip forum every now and then.

    The idea of recording a video series for tutorials was not new for me, I had a channel that have videos for Unity3D so, when i got to the point that i thought i had a good understanding of coding for minecraft, I started a new series for Modding a minecraft mod, the interesting part of this series is that in needs to cover every aspect of Modding, from very basics to very advanced things because the nature of the mod needs it anyways, so far I recorded lots of videos but uploading them in you tube take a little time for me, i will constantly Upload them and fix the list bellow to add the links for the videos.

    Remember the list bellow will grow as time passes and new videos will be added at the end of the list, if have any request, any idea, any problem, or you found something wrong in my description please put a little time and put a comment in the forum.

    Also, if you liked my videos don't forget to support me on Patreon by clicking on the link above and donate.

    028 - Fixing Shift + Clicking and Networking
    029 - First Tab Recipes Handling
    030 - Render Factory as Item
    031 - Fixing Tool Tips and NEI
    032 - Hooking To Waila
    033 - Adding Shift Hold to Waila
    034 - Implementing Item Damage - Basics
    035 - Fixing Waila and Factory Power Reset
    036 - Making the Wand Energy Capacitor
    037 - Advanced Build.gradle Separate IT
    038 - Make Wand a Real Wrench
    039 - Dismantle Factory by Wrench
    040 - Ore Dictionary & Damage Items in Recipe
    041 - Ore Dictionary Log Mod
    042 - Crafting Matrix
    043 - Hooking to Malisis Core
    044 - Malisis GUI
    045 - Slot Definition & Usage
    046 - Malisis Inventory
    047 - Malisis Inventory & NBT
    048 - Migrating from Old Tile Entity
    049 - Having Sub Items
    050 - Upgrade Inventory Recipe Handling
    051 - Tools Inventory Recipe Handling
    052 - Fixing Factory Block Breaking and Dismantelling
    053 - Understanding Vanilla Piston Base
    054 - Understanding Vanilla Piston Arm & Extension
    055 - Understanding Vanilla Piston Tile Entity
    056 - Drawing Gui Curves again
    057 - Giving Life to Curves in GUI
    058 - Piston Base Tile Entity
    059 - Piston Base Class Part One
    060 - Piston Base Class Part Two
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    posted a message on opl's Model Creator - Free 3D model editor
    Hey opl

    first of all i should say even though i did not use your proram yet, after reading all the posts one after another, i'm surprised with the already implemented functionality and supportvu give to people using your software. Now i have few questions :

    1 - the uv window, is it resizable or not if not add it to list of todo because it's a must have

    2 - i'm not familiar with new modeling system but question is can you draw single quad that is sloped in 3d ? If so adding few premitives like sphere and cylinder will help a lot

    3 - i really can't ask it considering the amount of times u replied to this but both of know that the ability to rotate the components are needed so, how is the progress on it?

    4 - if the answer to question 2 will be negative , meaning that we will be restricted in space, this one will be harder but can u add a feature to import other formats specially obj so that by importing the file we get groups as components ? If we are restricted to voxels this will ruin the shape to some extend but can help as a start up guide

    5 - about models passing acceptable boundaries, why not checking numbers and clamping them to max / min acceptable right before export?

    6 - why hesitating kn having config files in folder? After all, u can have most of it in 1 serialized file and read / write it as ur model / software extension. And when people are going to uninstall the software they will be leftvwith model/config format that 99% chance they would want to keep

    Again thanks for all the time u are putting inside this project
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    Hello everyone, as some of you may know i got involved with more piston for 2-3 days until smeagol announced a beta version release of his mod again, same night when i was going to sleep, on the edge of lala land came a new idea for a totally new mod with mechanics around the pistons, now, these days getting a new idea that is not implemented is hard, what is the idea?

    how about this :

    1- disable the vanilla pistons both normal and sticky one, a new block called piston factory and single piston block

    2- this single piston will be much harder to make from vanilla

    3- it will accept many different upgrades that would make it behave differently for example :

    a ) rod upgrade : will accept up to 32 and will extend the piston reach ability acordingly, meaning if you put 1 upgrade it will be normal piston, 3 will be like triple piston of more pistons etc etc

    b ) glued : will give back the functionality of sticky ones

    c ) hardened : this will give you ability to move obsidians too

    d ) Dimentional : will move things attached to piston

    e ) Zippy : will push things on top of it to the air works hand in hand with another upgrade called power. the blocks pushed will come down by gravity no mater the block type, just like sand does !

    f ) Power : this will change how hard the piston will push the blocks, that will work only on zippy upgrade, for example if you put one power upgrade it will only push the block one block but if you put 32 it will push the block 32 blocks up in the air !

    g ) Redstone : this will flip the behavior of piston when it gets powered by redstone

    h ) timer: it will have an internal timer for making the piston extend and retract

    So, I thought it will be cool and I got started, the mod will not extend from normal piston class, no sir i will develop my own, so that won't brake any mechanics of vanilla piston, that will also help when i get mod ready for 1.7.10 and want to add the mechanics around slime block that came in 1.8 although i think it won't be needed because this mod will give you more control than what slime block gives.

    So any pictures? well, I just started the mod last night and added two basic items what do you expect from me? lol

    Here is the the pictures, it will grow as the mod grows :

    here is the result of last night not sleeping lol, some new items and previous ones with their crafting recipe, also take note that the texture for the factory block is just there till i make the model for it.

    Those items that have the factory ast the buttom of the frames will be crafted in factory itself. actually, i think these items will be the only items that you would craft in normal crafting tables

    anyways, i will keep this mod open source and here is the github for it : THE SOURCE

    Please check the git hub, and I will appreciate every comment and thoughts you would have because honestly this idea has the potential and your thoughts may help developing a very interesting mod, so don't hesitate to put few lines of comments


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    Hello everyone,

    The GlHandler mod, is a core (library) mod that will grow as time passes, the idea came to my (Jiraiyah) mind when i started to work on JPiston mod and started the gui, I wanted to use open gl to draw curves, lines, textures and many things more on the gui but, I had 0 knowledge of open gl, so i dived head first into the black hole called open gl :D

    But then, I asked myself, how many modders are out there that has no knowledge of open gl but want the same things, how many modders has the knowledge and are adding the same thing over and over in their mods or as a core mod for their own usage?

    So I started this project, it's a GROUP project and the source is on GIT HUB, so if you are interested to join the group and let others use your great library of open gl stuff, pm me (Jiraiyah) on git hub or mail me at Jiraiyahsama @ yahoo [dot] com

    The git hub page for the source will have a wiki and there is a page on the forums that will tell you how to use these libraries and will grow as time pass and we add more stuff to the mod.

    for mod developers : add this line in dependency section of build.gradle file and you'll have access to the methods in the mod :

    compile 'com.glhandlers.GlHandler:GlHandler:'

    remember to use "gradlew cleanIdea idea" for idea work space and "gradlew cleanEclipse eclipse" for eclipse.

    for players, get the library mod from here and put it into mods folder

    have fun and if you want any feature or know how to do a feature that is not included, don't hesitate to contact me.

    The mod is under MIT license just to be clear.
    If you want to support me, here is my PATREON page.
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    Hello everyone, here is the first functionality of the library mod : DrawSplines :

    for staright line : there are over loads that will accept each line as a Vecto2f and over loads that will accept floats for px and py and pz

    for example :

    DrawSplines.drawLine2D( 169, 8, 171, 8 );

    here i'm drawing line from 169,8 to 171,8 on the gui

    but before that we need to tell the method where is the top left of the gui so :

    DrawSplines.setCoordinates( guiLeft, guiTop );

    remember that guiLeft and guiTop is internal params of any class extending GuiContainer

    how can we change the color?

    DrawSplines.setColor( 1, 0, 0, 1f );

    or calling the overload for Vector4f that will be (red, green, blue, alpha)

    now the drawLine2D has an overload that accepts arrays, it will draw from p[0]-->p[1]-->p[2] and so on.

    How about those curves in the images? well there is drawBezier2D and drawBezier3D

    if you don't know what is a bezier curve, take a look here

    as you can see, a bezier curve is being defined by points but it won't go to the exact location of points, in other words, it uses the middle points as weights to see how much it should extend towards it.

    so how do we use it?

    remember that we sent the gui top and left first.

    Vector2f[] bezier1 = { new Vector2f( 45, 35 ),
    new Vector2f( 57, 35 ),
    new Vector2f( 63, 46 ),
    new Vector2f( 75, 46 ) };

    here i'm defining an array of Vector2f points on the gui coords. then we call one of the overloads :

    DrawSplines.drawBezier2D( bezier1, 0.01f );

    the 0.01f here is the steps that satisfy us on the curvature, remember if you put something like 0.1f it may not reach the ending point on the curve.


    now to the other class : DrawNGon : this class draws n sided polygonal shapes for you, from 3 sides (triangle) up to as many sides as you want. what do we need? first setting the coordinates of the gui :

    DrawNGon.setCoordinates( guiLeft,guiTop );

    then the color :

    DrawNGon.setColor( 0,.6f,.7f,1 );

    now we call the method :

    DrawNGon.drawNGon( new Vector2f( 87,46 ),20,30,90,0 );

    this will draw a quarter of circle without rotating it on canvas aka gui. the parameters are (Vector2f center point, radius, sides, angle, rotation)

    so i'm drawing from center of 87,46 on gui coordinates, with radius of 20 pixels, with 30 sides (nice circular shape), for 90 degree angles with 0 rotation


    now time to last class :


    it has two methods : enable (lineTickness), disable (lineTickness)

    so when you want to start drawing the gui curves, you can call the enable function with the line tickness you like, i personally like 1 pixel because that gives very smooth and thin lines, at the end of your job you call disable and again give the thickness, this will set the tickness for any other opengl stuff you may have in other locations that are not related to this classes and library or gui, so be careful to set it properly.

    At the end, remember that DrawSpline class has 3D versions for drawing in 3D coordinates too, that's if you know how to handle it ;)

    here is an example of the results in a test gui, the lines, curves, circles and even the energy bar on the right hand are all drawn with this library :

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    posted a message on More Pistons - Jiraiyah Version - 1.7.10

    This is tread is no more active, for more update , look into the team's forum page :


    thanks everyone
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    posted a message on More Pistons - Jiraiyah Version - 1.7.10
    aokmikey, i will work with smeagol, refer to his repo from now on, there will be a branch there is you want : https://github.com/Jiraiyah/MorePistonsFromGollumTeam

    it will be exact copy of one of the branches you could find in the main repo of the team :

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    Quote from master801»

    Smeagol is already working on a 1.7.10 build.


    I don't want to sound like a jirk nore want to ignore the main developers of this mod but, sir, that repository had opened more than a month ago, and as little knowledge as i have on modding, the most hard part of the mod is to remove the block id from the code and the bulk of the job is done, so naturally you would think that after a month of the repository being opened the developer would give a beta version out or even better, the final release, considering that he himself didn't give any reply to the post, I will try to update the mod for 1.7.10 at least unofficially, also, I don't like the concept of being forced to download a library for possibly one method being used from that library, if i update the mod i will remove the dependency too.
    Please don't get angry but i really want to have the mod and i think this is the easiest way for everyone.
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