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    posted a message on I Can't get into servers
    Quote from TheOnlyPotatao

    When I would try to join servers, I would get the message invalid server key or outdated server. I know what the later means but what about the first?

    invalid server key means your time does not sync up properly with the server. (at least it does on server side). Reset your date/time and try again. If you still get that on certain servers their time is out of sync.
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    posted a message on TORCH GLITCH
    Mushroom farms are a thing of the past these days. Unfortunately I think it was 1.8 (Maybe it was in 1.9) they changed the growth rates. You should look at the wiki but it is something like this:

    If there is 5 mushrooms in a 9x9 area no new growth will happen. This makes any mushroom farms pretty useless.

    Bonemeal to make a gaint mushroom is the best farming you can do. (I miss my auto-shroom farms)
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    posted a message on RC2 server problem
    If you are having to goto offline mode to allow logins you most likely have 1 of 2 problems on the server:

    1) The server is unable to do DNS lookup's and is failing to find the Minecraft Auth server. Double check your DNS settings.

    2) The time/date on your server is off. The server and the Minecraft Auth server must be set to the same time for the auth server allow the connection. If you are running Linux (or Unix) use ntpdate to update your time. If you are using Windows, just set the time.

    As far as I know this problem isn't caused by anything other then the 2 above issues unless some new issue has been introduced in the RC's.

    Good Luck
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    posted a message on Issue with pre-release download
    I swear this community has the largest collection of morons in the gaming industry. I find myself not wanting to read these forums has grown daily due to this.

    It is starting become a chore to shift through the retardation that is the poster's here to find useful discussion threads. Even the redstone forum which usually is higher quality is starting to go downhill.

    If you are too stupid to download a pre-release don't play this game. Save yourself a lot of time and save us the headache of reading your idiotic questions.
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    posted a message on Crazy Crackpot 1.9 theory thread
    If you get a lightning charged creeper to blow up a enderman holding a TNT block it will open a rift to the sky dimension
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    posted a message on 1.10 confirmed
    Quote from haiyyu

    You didn't buy the Beta/Alpha.
    You pre-purchased the full game and got Beta/Alpha access.
    That's how it is.

    Ah if only the mass of morons understood this simple little fact. But they don't.
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    posted a message on You know why 1.8 is such an disapointment?
    Welcome to our culture of now now now. It is how the kids are raised these day's and since this forum is mostly made up of people younger then 18 it is to be expected. (There are exceptions to any rule of course)

    They don't understand or just don't care they bought a beta game and not a final product. So when things don't work 100% or the game goes in a direction they were not expecting they whine and complain because it is cool or think people care what they have to say. (Hint kids: In real life no one cares for your opinion outside your family and friends. Why would the internet be any different?)

    Welcome to MC. The community which is almost as bad as CoD's (And that is saying something).
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    posted a message on 1.7.3 will be the last version of MC that I ever play
    *skips wall of text*

    Enjoy 1.7.3. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
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    posted a message on When the challenge came back
    I agree the challenge is increased, a bit more ways to go but it is heading in the right direction. Part of the experience of MC is using your ingenuity to over come the challenges of this world. The endermen add another factor, poison does the same, hunger etc etc.

    I am very pleased with the direction the game is headed and when the full release is out we are going to have a very different and fun game to play. I am really going to enjoy the completion of the adventure update with 1.9 so much potential there.
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    posted a message on Are my glowstone blocks....flickering?
    Quote from Deretheni

    It's nothing incredibly noticeable. No, this is obviously a purposeful change.

    Stare at glowstone and it's surroundings and you should see the light flicker.....right?

    Puff Puff Pass dude
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