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    posted a message on Very New Server looking for new staff & builders!

    Name: RailNet

    IP Address:

    Version: 1.8, Spigot

    Description: RailNet is extremely new and is looking for staff and builders to help get the server started.

    Plugins (so far):

    • LaggRemover
    • WorldEdit
    • EasyKits
    • MassiveCore
    • Factions, FactionsChat
    • Lockette
    • Essentials, EssentialsSpawn, PermissionsEx, AdminEssentials
    • GriefPrevention
    • mcMMO

    We are looking for one admin and two builders who will be given Mod rank after they have finished building.

    Please apply below.


    Minecraft Username :
    E-Mail :
    Skype (Required and Working Mic) :
    Age (Must be 14 or above):
    Position applying for :
    Reason for Application :
    Experience (details) :
    Dedicated time:
    What you can bring to the server:
    Proof of past Builder/Dev/Admin role :

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    posted a message on *Brand New Whitelisted Feed the Beast Server!* Direwolf20 Mod Pack ( Up 24/7 and 20 spots )
    IGN: GameDevil667

    Age: 17

    Why do you want to be part of this server: Because it's the only Dw20 server I can find :P

    Minecraft experience: Been playing since 2010, mod on a popular server, admin on some obscure servers

    Feed the Beast experience: Watching Dw20, so I know, like, everything :P

    Have you ever been banned from a server: Yes, because I was online during a grief and they thought I was a griefer :(
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    posted a message on [Tekkit 3.1.2] [Whitelist] Looking for people to make a huge factory [WorldEdit]
    This'll be a simple thread, because there's not much else to say other than what is in the title. Basically, I'm going to be hosting a factory tour/build server later on the year, but.. we don't have a factory yet! I'm looking for people who want to help build the gigantic Jet Corporation HQ & Factory. I'll start posting screenshots as soon as there is something to post. Oh, and I know I put Creative in the title, but it will be survival mode, purely for inventory space. You will be given items to fly and the ability to spawn items.

    1. No Griefing. Instant Ban + We have better builders than you, so we'll fix it anyways.
    2. No building a part of the factory without having two staff members, or the Owner, verify it.
    3. No racism, or excessive swearing.
    4. Keep it friendly, we're all trying to build a huge place.

    GameDevil667, Owner
    Kadel156, Vice President
    Beta98, Vice-Vice President

    Hiring staff! PM me for more details.

    Computercraft experts, who can team up to create a huge OS for us, to operate most of the factory from one room. (See Plague Corp.)
    Experts at IC2, RP2, BuildCraft, EE, WirelessRedstone, basically any other mod in Tekkit.

    What is your Mod of expertise (List one or multiple):
    Have you ever been banned from any servers? If so, how many, and why:
    Why should I hire you, and not the other guy dying for your spot:



    A shot of the plains, where the HQ and main factory will be built.

    A shot of the mountains, where the quarries and misc. parts of the factory will be placed.

    A cut off Volcano = Two lava sources! Think geothermal, gentlemen!
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    posted a message on [WIP] [64x64] [1.3.1+] Uberland
    I like it!
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    posted a message on Wrenched 1.2.5 Tekkit 3.1.2 Unofficial Map
    IGN: GameDevil667
    Role: Either :P
    Experience: Built 3 huge factories single-handedly on three different servers
    Any other info: I'm PUMPED
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    posted a message on Direwolf20's Lets Play Minecraft v1.2.5 - Season 4
    Are these the mods he uses in Wrenched?
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    posted a message on DevilCraft v4! [1.2.5] [No Whitelist] [Dynamic Map] A Different Kind of Survival Games...
    The error with permissions should be fixed. Although nobody is online to test it :(
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    posted a message on DevilCraft v4! [1.2.5] [No Whitelist] [Dynamic Map] A Different Kind of Survival Games...
    Nope! I had to edit the permissions for a new plugin, so that's why it was down. It's up now!Hm. It says my server is outdated when you try to join. Are you running a pre-release or a snapshot? It has to be 1.2.5.
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    posted a message on DevilCraft v4! [1.2.5] [No Whitelist] [Dynamic Map] A Different Kind of Survival Games...
    Server is up for the first time! Come on in!
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    posted a message on DevilCraft v4! [1.2.5] [No Whitelist] [Dynamic Map] A Different Kind of Survival Games...
    Welcome to DevilCraft v3
    Note: If you're one of those dumb people who doesn't read the forum pages, at least read the Pre-Game section.

    DevilCraft is a server running the Minecraft Battlefield map, which is like the popular Survival Games plugin, but it has the game modes from Battlefield 3. I didn't make the map, so all you COD fanboys who are butthurt by now, don't hate me on.

    Server IP:

    How to Play

    You will start out in a large room with a set of signs to the left, to the right, and one behind the waterfall. The ones you will be interested are the ones on the left and behind the waterfall. On the left contains the rules, and behind the waterfall is a list of game modes and explanations. Here is that board, so if you read it here, it means less reading on the server! ;)

    Team DeathMatch - A basic TDM, the players spawn, and battle it out across the entire map. The flags and bombs are ignored in this game mode. They only have access to the main spawn areas and the game ends once one team has 10 deaths. If 5 minutes pass without 10 deaths, the match ends, and whoever has the least deaths loses.

    ConquestAssault - The red team starts with control of the flags, or capture points. To win, blue team has to capture all three points. Red team wins if 0 flags are claimed, 1 is claimed, or 2 are claimed. To know if you're capturing a point, look at the wall with redstone torches along the top. If the first torch is lit, the flag is being un-captured from the red (Red flag is going down), when the middle torch is lit, the blue team is capturing the point (Blue flag is going up), and when the last torch is lit, it means the point has been captured.

    Rush - Red team has to defend the two bombs, Bomb A and B. The bombs are two blocks of iron with a redstone torch on them. The bombs are near two of the flags. ("But Game, there are three flags, which two is it? *Whine*" Figure it out.) Blue team has eight minutes to capture both bombs. All blue has to do is hit the button once. There is no delay, when the button has been hit the bomb has been detonated. (That basically means blue wins every match, because they'll just suicide run in and hit the button.) The bomb on the HUD (See below) will also change to show that blue has detonated a bomb.

    The HUD - There is a huge HUD on the front wall of the map that shows how many deaths a team has (The row of redstone lamps on blue wool, and the row of redstone lamps on red wool). There is a list of 3 flags, A, B, and C. There is two sets of wool next to the flag surrounded by redstone lamps. If a team captures a flag, that team's colored wool's redstone lamps will turn on.

    Pre-Game [IMPORTANT] - You will be notified that a match is starting when some cool fighting music stars playing in the main room. Head towards whatever side you want to be on, but unless there is an odd number of people, I WANT EVEN TEAMS! When you get into a match, you will follow your path into a room full of beds, with levers on them. It will be night time, so you want to FLIP THE SWITCH AND GO TO BED. IF YOU DO NOT DO THIS, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO RESPAWN IN THE GAME! Once everyone who is playing has done this, the controller (Read Host below for details) will activate whatever game mode is next in line. The pressure plates activating the piston door will activate, and you will be able to step in. THIS NEXT PART IS IMPORTANT: AFTER YOU OPEN THE PISTON DOOR, THERE IS ANOTHER PRESSURE PLATE NEXT TO AN IRON DOOR. STAND ON THAT PLATFORM FOR 5-10 SECONDS BEFORE WALKING THROUGH. THIS GIVES YOU YOUR TOOLS AND ARMOUR. IF YOU CONTINUE WALKING, YOU WILL GO INTO THE MATCH BARE HANDED!

    Host - Every once in awhile, the default controller (Me, GameDevil667) will allow players to be the controller for a single match. Anybody who wants to be the controller will say they want to, and I will pick whoever I pick. (The picks are NOT biased. I don't play favorites.)

    Have fun! If you have any questions, just ask!
    Dynamic In-Browser Map:
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    posted a message on [SURVIVAL][ECONOMY] Uberland - Brand new server
    Staff Request Post (Improvising without a format :P)
    IGN: GameDevil667
    Wanted Position: Mod/Admin/Whatever is open really :P
    Ever Been Banned: Just because of stupid admins.

    Hope this actually gets accepted :P
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