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    Why can't we just resurrect old mods that clearly aren't getting the attention of their original creators? I'm so sick of good mods dying because the owners don't hand over the rights to mod developers who would enthusiastically keep them running. Like has anyone seen the garbage that litters the CurseForge because these mods keep dropping dead?

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    I'm currently using the most recent version of the mod with shaders, but they won't apply water shaders to the stream blocks, I've also tried copying the file from the .jar archive to the shader pack yet it still doesn't seem to work, could I possible get help with this issue?

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    Hey there, I'm wondering if you can make a model in Blender and export it as a .OBJ or something to use for a mod model. I've attempted using Techne but it always get's difficult to fumble around with an unfinished and limited program. My model doesn't consist of much polygons, about 800 Tris, but how do I import the model from blender, and configure the correct points for the joints.

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    posted a message on Taking mod requests and updates [on HIATUS]

    Player Customization Mod, basicly a Mod that lets you pull up a menu and switch Noses, Hair, Shirts, among other things.

    Or a Mod where you place a banner on a Wood Fence or Stone Wall and it waves in the air like a flag; and I guess what ever side you place it on it will wave in that direction.

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    I have a background in using blender for high and low poly models, but not sure how to export models for use in Minecraft mods. If you can run me through that then I may be able to help.

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    posted a message on Cryptozoology Mod
    Cryptozoology is a term that refers to the subculture and pseudoscience that attempts to explain the existence of creatures from Mythological Folklore rather than accepting the fact that it was probably just a piece of driftwood out in the lake. Some of these creatures may sound failure to you; creatures such as Big Foot, Mothman, Chupacabra, or The Loch Ness Monster. My proposal is to make a mod where some of these creatures will spawn, but have an incredibly rare spawn chance and try to keep their distance from the player to add a sense of mystery. Ideally it would be a neat feature to have it hidden away in some other mod where players are none the wiser, alluding to the mystery that was Herobrine long ago in Minecraft's heyday. Some of these mobs may be purely Atmospheric while others may act as threats.

    Mobs might include the following:

    Bigfoot: Spawns in Oak and Roofed Forests and tries to hide from the player by standing behind trees. When provoked he will stomp the ground and stun the player until he can get away. Bigfoot calls can be heard from a 30 block radius
    Yeti: Essentially the same thing as Big Foot but in Snowy Biomes.
    Mothman: Similar to Update Aquatic's Phantom Mob, Mothman will Swoop down at you in the middle of the night letting out a loud screech and lift you into the air then drop when it sees fit. Mothman can only spawn at Dusk, and from a certain distance away from the player; Mothman will stalk the player and gradually get closer while grounded, but will remain staring at the player with glowing red eyes until it flies up to attack. Only way to avoid Mothman is by staying out of his line of sight for 2-3 minutes.
    Nessie: Spawns only in the Ocean and will dive below to spawn once viewed for 2 seconds.
    UFO: UFOs travel in angular motions within 3D Space. They will attempt to abduct Cows, Villagers, or even Crops.
    Werewolf: Packs of wolves may rarely harbor 1 or 2 of a Werewolf variant. When the Moon is full The Wolves will turn into Werewolves and seek to kill the player if the player is near. Werewolves will have glowing yellow eyes so they are more visible in the night. Every night all wolves will howl at the moon to signify when night mobs start spawning (Additionally add roosters calling to signify when day starts) on nights of a full moon all wolves will howl like normal, but werewolves will have a more monstrous howl.
    Vampire: Bats will now naturally spawn at night, and have the rare chance to be a Vampire Bat. While in bat form, Vampires will try to stay out of your sight while attacking you from behind with small little bites; once you spot the Vampire Bat in a 5 block radius it will turn into a Vampire and try to attack you in it's Humaniod form. The only way to kill a vampire is with a wooden sword. If you swipe at it with anything other than a wooden sword it will turn back into a bat and flee. Vampire bats will seek cover much like skeletons during the day, otherwise they will burn in the sun.
    Ghosts: Ghosts will spawn randomly throughout the world and are invisible and become less transparent the closer you are. Ghosts will open doors, trapdoors, put out torches and fire, bang on anvils, activate noteblocks/jukeboxes, flip levers, press buttons, and open chests while using items it finds as a projectile to hit you. Ghosts will despawn as soon as day breaks. To avoid ghosts at all you will need a totem.
    Chupacabra: A fast creature that will stray away from the player at all costs; it's only function is to kill sheep and chickens in the night.
    Flatwoods Monster: Stalks you from right behind and makes no noise while leaving path blocks where it walked, once you turn around it runs right at you and despawns once out of sight.
    Gnomes: Small creatures that spawn in Flower Forests, Tiga, and Mega Tiga. Gnomes will usually keep their distance hiding behind trees; if they smell valuables on you, such as items relating to Gold, Diamonds, or Emeralds, they will attempt to run up to you and pickpocket you when your not facing them.
    Herobrine: Herobrine returns as the same creepy anomaly he used to be; Herobrine has a a few more functions than the other Cryptids. Deep underground Herobrine will dig out long 2x2 tunnels, leave sand pyramids in the ocean, or cut the leaves off of trees, mobs near him will gain white eyes. Herobrine will occasionally teleport behind the player for a one hit kill, otherwise he stalks you from a distance; if you stare at him long enough you will begin to get nauseous and unable to move until he leaves. Occasionally while laying in a bed, Herobrine will walk to the foot of your bed and stare at you and you wont be able to sleep, he despawns as soon as you get out of bed, but if you wait your health will eventually deplete. In appearance, Herobrine will have glowing white eyes, and a crooked twitching head.
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    posted a message on Mutant Creatures - Spider Pig, Spider Pig [v1.4.9]
    Quote from DeerMan814»

    Well, I actually decompiled both AnimationAPI and Mutant Creatures with Bearded Octo Nemesis (BON) and Luyten, and I ported AnimationAPI successfully to 1.12.2 by fixing almost all of the errors. However, we might want to get into contact with thehippomaster21 to see if it's okay to port both mods to 1.12.2 or not.

    While his last recorded activity was a few months ago, I doubt we'll even hear anything from him as his last post was back in 2015. Kinda a shame considering his mods were pretty nifty.

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