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    Earth Movers!
    Earth Movers! is a mod I have developed in lieu of people looking for 3x3 pickaxes and shovels with having the burden that Tinkers Construct has put on their computers. It adds a Wide Pickaxe, Wide Shovel, and an Earth Mover, which is essentially a bridge between the two.

    Wide Pickaxe

    Just switch out the type of pickaxe

    Wide Shovel

    Again, just switch out the type of shovel

    Earth Movers

    Only the diamond version, to at least promote some stability.

    *Minecraft 1.7.10*Download <---- Click here (straight to Dropbox)
    Thanks for the amazing textures by Alexcamostyle, this guy rocks
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    Ya'll are being really harsh. This isn't even his code, his friend just asked him for help. Instead of assaulting him because he doesn't know as much Java as you do, instead help him with his problem AND EXPLAIN WHY IT WORKS don't waste your time writing a reply that doesn't help the OP. Don't waste my time by making me read it. And even if it was his code, you guys are being rude. This isn't 4chan.

    To OP: So where you'd normally paste in the schematic, instead put in load1(); load2(); load3(); etc

    Then create each of those methods like "public void load1() { }" etc

    And inside each of those methods, paste part of the original schematic file, effectively splitting the code.
    Also, the other people do kind of have a point. That is really messy code, and uses all the bad practices, especially with that static method.
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    First off, it's bad to assign loadedMagazine true before the constructor. Our lord and savior, Tom Riddle would not approve. Assign it in the constructor

    Also, see if this fixes it; You're relying on loadedGun being true, which isn't always going to happen

    if(loadedMagazine == true){
    par3EntityPlayer.inventory.addItemStackToInventory(new ItemStack(gunmod.emptyHandgunMagazine, 1));
    loadedMagazine = false;

    if(par3EntityPlayer.inventory.hasItem(gunmod.fullHhandgunMagazine) && loadedMagazine == false){
    loadedMagazine = true;



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    Oh no, I asked a stupid question, and then erased the stupid question because there's no way to delete posts
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    Alright well, lets start at the beginning. Are your code files under ForgeFolder/src/main/java/.... and resources (assets + mcmod) under Forgeolder/src/main/resources

    and change

    minecraft { version = "1.7.2-" assetDir = "src/main/calculator/assets"}to
    minecraft {
        version = "1.7.2-"
        assetDir = "eclipse/assets"
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    posted a message on [MOD TEAM NEEDED]MythicalRPG ~A Mod that adds new dimensions, mobs, and tons of items~
    You could always not be rude, and also answer the applications, and not just the one question that was asked *after* said applications....
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    Hi everyone, I have recently made a new mod, with the idea given to me by FreeLifeXtreme. The idea of the mod is that, due to Minecraft's lack of traders, if you don't find a village early, you lose the aspect of mercantilism. The idea of this mod is to keep that aspect, even you don't find a village early in the game.

    There are at the moment 6 coins:
    • Wood
    • Cobble
    • Iron
    • Gold
    • Emerald
    • Diamond
    Coin Recipes:

    Wood Coin

    Cobblestone Coin

    Iron Coin

    Gold Coin

    Emerald Coin

    Diamond Coin

    Transmutation Recipes :

    Download :
    *Click on the Minecraft version number*
    *Drag the folder into the .minecraft/mods section*

    Minecraft 1.6.2

    Change log:
    • Green - Done
    • Red - Working
    • Yellow - Not-implemented
    • Black - Not started
    • Strike-through - Hard, might ask for help
    • TradingBlock
    • Basic Coins
    • More coins

    If anyone has any ideas, just post in forums!
    ~ Jiffy
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    Thanks for all the wonderful information!
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