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    Here's the thing, Minecraft is going on about 7 years old which is almost a generation in terms of its lifespan. For a game of its genre, there's nothing really holding it up other than the people who play it. Eventually, they will get bored no matter how great of an update they get, everything goes in cycles.

    In the past two years alone, we got things like OverWatch, Paladins, and Fallout 4, Nier, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Nioh. Minecraft is a lego box with no real story to the game or any real goals to achieve. In a sense, those playing and creating content are what keep the game from going truly under, not the people making the updates.

    What they would have to do to bring in a majority, though, would be to finally give in and release a modding API as well as shoving in the popular mods that many have been crying for for years such as Treecapitator, IndustrialCraft/BuildCraft, and something like Biomes o' Plenty/ExtraBiomesXL. This wouldn't be so bad, but not everyone wants to do technology stuff, hence why there were not added. It's up to the person that wants to customize their experience.

    If that isn't the biggest reason, then another I could think of is terrain generation. If you've ever played the older versions, such as the Alphas or anything before Beta 1.7.9, then you would remember the random floating islands, oceans that were only a few blocks deep instead of tens of blocks, and the next continent being within sight of shore.

    Clay used to be found above water on beaches, now you have to dig into the water to get them. I could list off a number of ways to improve the game, but sadly it will only be a temporary fix. If you want to keep the game from dying, then you would need to get people to play and create. How do you do that? Simple answer is that you must be the first to the party and last to leave. This means when you get an interest in something, it will spread outward in a domino fashion.

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    posted a message on ♔ Frenden's Meringued Cartoon Pack ♔ updated to 1.9 snapshot 15w47c!

    I really love this pack, thought it wasn't updated anymore and glad to see it still is. Everything's so bright and colorful!

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    I've said this before and I'll repeat it here cause it's buried elsewhere, Mojang, while they shouldn't really be concerning themselves over what goes on servers, are now aware of the problem. Okay, before anyone makes the joke of "hurr hurr, I'm from PMC, givez me OP," my suggestion would be for a small team of volunteer members that hop on the servers to see if they are one of the many rotten ones and send a report to the host to shut it down at which point the owner of the server gets their account suspended temporarily or even permanently...

    Okay, it sounded a lot better in my head and was just my suggestion. Mojang can't necessarily go around and check every server for breach of the rules while also still trying to work on the game. As for the EULA, they should just clarify what is okay and if those that really put the time, effort, and dedication to running a server (ie Hypixel or Mineplex) then a small deal could be worked out that satisfies the needs of both sides.

    Just my two cents...don't hurt me.
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    Because I think it's a smart idea to have just woken up and try to reply to the many things on here, some of my quotes are not in order, be prepared for a bit of a jumping read. I like how well this discussion is going and want to be a part of it. Anyway, my opinions which might again be somewhat lacking in information which I hope to gap up by using various articles and references. I might have missed newer messages, but I'm trying to write this without continuing to add to it as I go along. (sips coffee as he types it out).

    Quote from Rakanoth

    Yes, god forbid we have an actual discussion in a forum that isn't about the "best way to get diamonds" or your "favorite mob".

    The issue isn't that Mojang is making far more money - what kind of a screwed up universe would it be if it was otherwise? - the issue is that the community is making money for doing what is pretty much NOTHING AT ALL just re-selling Mojang's work.

    News flash: The community had no problem thriving before P2W servers came along.

    Thinking this is going to have any significant effect on their sales is uneducated at best, delusional at worst. These EULA changes aren't going to have a large effect on their sales, it's a one-time purchase for goodness' sake.

    The worst part about discussion this is having to deal with people who have uneducated opinions.
    If you think this is going to suddenly destroy Minecraft's community, or if you think they're suddenly comparable to EA (EA has done some downright gruesome things, but Mojang would be NOWHERE near what they've done even if this whole thing was actually something to worry about), you're deeply mistaken. Minecraft is a one-time purchase, and I very much doubt people are planning on paying items on servers when they buy the game.

    These doomsayers need to get their opinion educated. Just because you're losing out on your livelihood does not give you permission to convince everyone else who is also uneducated that it's the end of the world just to get them on your side.

    I am still all for Mojang's actions. I said this once, and I'll gladly say it again: At worst, this will clean up the community from a couple dozen bad, severely-entitled, apples.

    IKR? A forum discussion that's civil and actually educational.

    I agree and want to explain why. I mentioned this briefly, but have a bit more energy now to expand on it. The internet is an amazing piece of work that was created jointly by the United States' Department of Defence (DoD), the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) laboratory, and various commercial enterprises. Originally planned as a means to get research back and forth to colleagues, the DoD pulled funding from the project as it slowly became a commercial venture which the government could not have a part of. Over at CERN, they added even more to the infrastructure to the system and eventually it became a rough network of interlinked computers that could transmit messages back and forth easily, pull up crude web pages coded in HTML, and with directory listings of web sites that could be found through search engines. Why the quick and probably patchy history lesson? I think it's a great opening to what I'm about to say next.

    Through the years, the Internet has grown to be a fantastic array of videos, images, and web sites where you can upload and download content made by yourself or someone else. We can communicate to people across the globe almost instantly, buy and sell products that either are statically priced or in a dynamic auction. Billions upon billions of dollars are traded hands daily. The economy of the world has become so complex and entangled that if any one minor thing changes, the entire system trembles. However, there is a problem that comes with such an amazing enterprise that started out as a small problem, but has over the years and, recently, become such a problem that news stations world-wide are starting to take notice of it -- Piracy.

    I am going to try my best to explain about it without adding in my personal views as I'm grey about the entire thing. WAIT, HOLD UP! Don't start typing that reply of "NOTCH SAID IT WAS OKAY!!!!" For all intents and purposes, God can tell me it's okay to pirate games, but if the option to buy it is still there, I'm still going to wait to buy the game weeks or even a couple months down the line. I do not need any more video games, I don't have a want for them and have some 200+ other games that I want to play that are not Minecraft (I'm tired of Minecraft, it bores me to tears) which is why I choose to wait on games. Whether or not you support it, it is bad, wrong, and you should never condone or practice it if you have the ability to purchase the game. Going to rant a tiny bit here because it bothers me; You do not need to own the entire collection of steam, you might not get around to playing a good number of them, you will waste your money and even if you spent all your waking moments playing them, you will never complete them all in a single lifetime. People tell me when something is for free/cheap and I say I don't want it because I have enough games already!

    Back to the point because I got sidetracked and you're probably wondering what I'm trying to say. The internet has grown to be such a profitable enterprise that others want a part of that cut. This is where piracy comes in, but not all of them are bad people, most just enjoy the content and wish to share it with others who are also interested in the same topics. That is how YouTube came about to become the largest video sharing website online. Anyway, piracy is the act of stealing something that does not belong to you either for profit or not for profit. The internet has instilled a sense of Entitlement and freeware which is slowly causing chaos among businesses and small places wanting to make just a bit of money on the side so they can eat a little better. While big companies are losing thousands of dollars, people state that they're making more than enough to cover the costs. I'm not going to throw numbers around or even play that game, but the heart of the matter is that it's still should not be done!

    Most of the people that pirate can afford the game, but want to "try before they buy" which I honestly think is a good idea in concept, but really ruins the overall end product. In my spare time, I like to review things because I love to write and I love to examine things. One of my personal guidelines is that I avoid creations that are not even half complete work-in-progress (WIP), in the Alpha or even the Beta stages of development. I try to wait for the item in question to cross what I call the "commit line" which is the point where the product is either in the final stages of development or has been finished and set in stone. The main reason that I do this is to prevent any kind of interference with their creation while they are making it. Things change and not everyone is going to like the same things that I like that others might like even more and it should be my job as a reviewer to not tell them what changes should be made, but what possibilites there are from said item. When you make your opinions on a game still in development, you are essentially murking up waters to accomodate yourself and possibly even fewer rather than them trying to cater to their audience. Companies want to make games, you should not be the one designing it for them which basically leads to the company pushing out similar, if not exact, titles. (CoD fans, go away, I don't care what they added, it's still the same game IMO).

    Finally, the matter of piracy. The internet allows for the easy distribution of digital material either for good or for malicious purposes. Going to try to wrap this up the best way possible; the ease of use of watching Naruto online or even the entire third season of X-Files has ingrained a sense that things should be handed to people without any cost or labor. If you have the means to purchase a game or movie, do so, I don't care if you HAVE to see it, a small percentage of people in developed countries consider themselves to be "poor" are not and have the means to purchase things (college/university students, anyone?). You do not need anything, it can wait and you should not have a collection of games that is longer than the days in a year. I'm hoping this enforcement will do some good by showing you that you cannot get anything for free without hurting everyone else in the system.

    Quote from Artichoke32

    This is like a second SOPA, I think Mojang's lawyers are forcing them to do it just cause realms came out. We need more support or else it'd be just like if SOPA was passed. I encourage people to find more supporters by shuffling through the Steam you probably have and getting some buddies to help. We need to show Mojang we care enough and hundreds of serves will be saved. Its not something we can shrug off. many people make their livelihoods of of server hosting. Not only are servers affected but our most important modders rely on donors to support themselves too! Please spread the word. More people means more servers saved! We also can't forget that a lot of our most important youtubers advertise merchandise for minecraft that aren't produced by Mojang. That means they lose their support too. If we let this go, all dedicated minecraftians are put at risk! Please help put a stop to this by grabbing more supporters.


    It is not like a second Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), not even remotely close. What SOPA is about is far more than enforcing a rule that was already there, you agreed to it, ignorance is not an excuse to completely ignore the EULA of the game you purchased. You might as well compare Operation Desert Storm to World War II which, again, both aren't even remotely close. Do not use "it's because of Realms" as an argument to defend against not agreeing to Mojang's ToS because servers are not being forcibly shut down. They are more than welcome to continue to operate, just not by using assets created by the staff over there. This includes giving in-game items for money, experience for money, or even selling spawn builds for money. If a server is so dependent on selling enchanted OP gear to stay alive, I say let them die because it is those type of servers that ruin the community that truly enjoy the game for the game. As far as I am aware, Minecraft merchandise is okay (someone correct me on that because I think I heard something about a problem with it?). People that are truly fans of YouTubers will still support them by continuing to watch their channels. If the Yogscast suddenly changed from doing Minecraft videos to World of Warcraft, I would keep my subscription with them.

    Nobody should be making a livlihood off running a server. As I have said, time and time again, you are voluntarily spending money to create a world for others to enjoy. It is not Mojang's responsibility to keep up your server if it was your idea to start one in the first place. If you have the funds to run a server, by all means do it. It is not alright to sell their assets simply because you do not wish to work for your own self. The people at Mojang works many hours a day to code Minecraft to optimize it any way they can and here server owners are simply profiting from that and giving nothing in return. There is no justification to having to sell another's work for your own gain.

    A dedicated Minecraftian is someone who loves the game and wants to show the most support they can to the very company that created it. Would it not make sense to finally bring the hammer down on parasites that are feeding off something they had no hand in creating so that they can continue to create even more games and possibly give you even more items to play with in Minecraft? I support Realms, if I had the money or any interest in the game I would buy a personal one for just me and a few friends.

    Quote from MrAniman2

    Its not only just about multiplayer servers!
    So this basically means what...?

    Biggest servers will shut down (i guess thats why they released realms)

    There will be no new mods, cause who wants to spend
    hundreds of hours coding and doing other stuff just for fun...?

    You cant sell your builds or created maps (building teams will shut down)

    YouTube...you can't monetize your minecraft videos anymore i guess

    The biggest servers, if they are smart and I know for a fact they are, are not going to shut down. Talks will happen and negotiations might be made. This is something I cannot even begin to break down because there are too many What ifs? that would hurt anyone's brain if they thought it over too long. Building teams will not shut down because they can still be paid for labor given to creating such a product (I don't think that breaks the EULA, you're not selling the blocks, you're selling your time and concentration to the matter). There will always be new mods as most coders do it for the love of the challenge and not for the money. Again, they can be paid for time spent on creating the new mod, but cannot profit off the modification itself. YouTube, I'm not even sure about that so I am not going to make an opinion of the matter and just wait that one out.

    Quote from ace2max

    Hello, guy from the EU here

    Just like to point out that a EULA, has no legal ground in any EU court, I'm shocked that Mojang seems to think they can enforced this, all they could do is ban the accounts, if they don't know who run the server they can't ban a thing ( Unless they target innocents)

    So yeah they can bring their EULA and change it all they like, it has no legal bearing on anything, except for Youtube they can claim copyright and rip Freedom of Expression out.

    I'm going to let a wiki article do the talking for me http://en.wikipedia....#Enforceability Law is not one of my strong suits, but this is the way I see it: You recieve many, many, many warnings about their policies before you buy or even register with Mojang.


    See that little blue link that says "Terms and Conditions?" Yes? If you bothered to click and read that, you would have been warned of all this before you commited. True, the text is a bit small, but it is there nonetheless. There should not be any reason to have not been aware of them, every site has them!

    Quote from Mystikilla

    From the viewpoints I have seen, a lot of people do not consider the labour involved in building a server or even the costs associated with the equivalent work they do.

    Lets talk about costs:
    Your basic Minecraft server (with possibly basic bukkit plugins like Worldguard and Essentials), is probably not the most labourous server to run. I would start this premise by saying that these servers should not have a donation system of any kind. Why? Simply because the labour involved in them is not intense, or time consuming. You can build the average Bukkit server in about 5-10 minutes flat, its not difficult. The server costs to run the server are cheap, maybe 20-50 a month depending on the type of server, population size you feel comfortable with running. This is probably the average cost of a cell phone bill.

    WHere costs start to add up:
    Mini-Game servers, Feed the Beast servers are where these costs pile up. Most basic Minecraft servers WILL NOT cover the needs of these plugins, simply due to the memory intensity of them. Some of these servers (to do the more expansive things you want to do), require a dedicated server, simply for the proper equipment needed to run a lag-free server. Hey if you like lag, go ahead and use a regular server for 10+ FTB people with advanced machinery, see how far your server goes before it cries foul and give up.

    Dedicated servers arent cheap. If you rent a dedicated server, the costs can go anywhere from 80-160 monthly. I have the unfortunate consequence of living in Canada, where almost every server company charges between 120-180 for a server. Can you live off donations for this type of server, Yes, with a big community.

    As a former server owner and admin (whose server just collapsed recently by the way due to things like costs), I can tell you that the majority of your players are going to be kids, kids without a dime to donate to your server. You could run an 18+ server, have a whitelist and administrate really well, but ill get into that in a minute. Simply put, unless you advertise to the right community or get the right players, you are on tab for that 120-180 a month. I hope you have that kind of money in your budget.

    Labour, lets talk about labour:
    Server admins do free work if they dont do donations. Does the server have any downtime? No? Really? Well then your admin is watching his server 24 hours a day. Companies pay networks admins who literally sit at a computer and wait for a server to go down, and they make a good wage doing it. Some here define server owners as lazy ­s who sit there and rake in the cash, but you forget all those hidden administrative jobs you never see. There is definitely labour involved in running a server, from constructing spawn to ensuring that players dnt get griefed, investigating griefing, investigating server problems, managing your community on a social level, handling customer complaints. These are all jobs you can be paid to do. This is labour, this is man-hours spent maintaining your server.

    Lets say your community wants a new plugin. Now you have to go do plugin research, install and play around with the plugin and make it viable for players to use. This is still labour on some level.

    So, why should Minecraft Server Owners make money:

    They provide a service, plain and simple. They provide the hardware and administrative services you need to play the game online, on your terms with other players. They do not provide the game programming (Mojang provides that) but they bring their network and technological knowledge along with their personal time to provide a server for you. If these Minecraft servers had not been doing this for the past few years, we wouldnt be at this point.

    The great thing about this is that there are 100s if not 1000s of servers out there for you to choose from. SO even if you dont agree with the guy with the largest Minecraft server on planet Earth making money, you dont have to play on that server. You can do the proper product and services research before you go out and invest your time in your hobby. This is what responsible, sensible adults do.

    You do your research, you stay away from those play to win servers, or those perks servers. You find servers that fit YOUR niche.

    I agree the EULA needs to be changed. I think it should be changed based on precedence. This will do nothing but further harm the Minecraft community as these larger, and usually safer and well administrated Minecraft servers pack up and leave. What we will be left is a cesspool of poorly administrated and executed servers. WHo wants to spend 20-30 hours a week admining a server with absolutely no payback? But who wants to play on a server where your griefing takes 4 days to have resolved because the one staff guys who controls the server himself cant play because he is at work, or doesnt have the time? I dont like either of these options.

    What Mojang should have is a list of server standards that servers need to uphold before they are allow to monetize at all. Honestly, the EULA should be changed to include server "standards". That way those cesspool servers that we all get burned on can be reported and at the very least, shut down by Mojang.

    However, I can guarentee that the majority of the servers the majority of online players want to play on, will dissapear if they actually decide to enforce the EULA. DO not take money out of peoples pockets because you dont simply as a single person agree with it. Some of these server owners do very hard work, which is why those servers have active communities which pay for those services. Obviously, there is a market for perk type servers since some of these servers are very active. Simply have a way to enforce quality standards on servers.

    Why is it that labour you can see is considered valuable, but the labour you cannot physically see, but know exists in some form, is considered not valuable? If this is the case, why do restaurants pay exhorbent fees for a single dish of food you could make at home. Well, you pay for the labour involved in making and serving the dish. You do not just pay for the plate of food. You are paying for the chef who cooks it, the server who serves it, even the accountant managing the restaurants finances.

    SO why dont you want the server owner who maintains your server getting paid for that job? Under that logic, none of the restaurant should be paid because they dont make the food, farmers grow the food. The restaurant just puts it in a machine for awhile, combines it, arranges it on a plate and serves it. So why is the server owner not allowed to make money fr putting that those server files together, renting the space encessary to host the server and administrating the server.

    The Minecraft Server Owner is no different from the restaurant owner.

    *Claps* Very well explained and I believe it's this kind of thing is what will fix up the community faster than letting servers rot to heck. However, I want to make one small point: Mojang should not be going around to take down servers. They have more important things to do, so I suggest maybe a small selection of volunteers, no, not paid people, actual people who wish to help out them for the sake of kindness can go around and mark servers that break the EULA and can be sent a Cease & Desist order. Almost all of them will comply, if not, then lawyers can come in to clean up the mess.
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    posted a message on Petition: Mojang needs to change the EULA!
    Normally, I don't reply to forum posts and tend to stay quiet as these things tend to get messy, however, I would like to think that some good can come out of this both for the community and the game that many adore. Before you reply to this, read it. Don't skim this over and make a hasty comment, look through what I am about to say and consider your choice of words. I do not claim to be any authority on commercial practices, legalities, or the game whatsoever. These are my thoughts and what I have noticed as I dig through many of the forum posts, uploaded contents, and many, many, MANY YouTube videos that are uploaded on a per day basis. You may feel free to point out that I might be wrong or may be missing something as well as you are entitled to your own opinion. One last warning before I begin my tear down, I am warning you, the reader, that this is going to be very long, cover multiple subjects, but overall help you to understand this matter clearly from the perspective of Mojang and the players. If I haven't bored you with that wall of text, let us start, shall we?

    Quote from ItsJustBjarn

    Dear members of the Minecraft Forums,

    Since Mojang changed the EULA, we're forced to accept their EULA before running a server. The most important rule is:
    You're not allowed to earn money in any way with Minecraft. This doesn't make any sense at all and it also destroys the community. Let me explain that last thing:
    Server owners will stop running servers because they're not allowed to earn money with it, so they can't pay the bills and developers. Minecraft artists, who make parodys, drawings and more, aren't allowed to sell their work as it's using Minecrafts content. Mojang has to change this, or it'll destroy the game and its community.

    Minecraft 1.7.10 update forces you to accept the EULA: http://www.reddit.co...before_you_can/
    Grum (Mojangsta) said the following: http://www.reddit.co...you_can/chzvg68)

    Help us, and stop Mojang destroying the community.
    Support and share your love by sharing this petition.




    As of the time I am writing this, Mojang's End User Agreement License (EULA) was last updated December 11, 2013 and this is what should concern those that have the latest version of the game, even if you are a veteran player from back during Alpha or even Survival Test. You find these on EVERY SINGLE WEBSITE and almost everyone will usually dash to the "I agree" so they can play the game or use a certain program. I've also included the Guidelines for Name, Brand, and Assets for Any of their games, last updated November 28, 2013. I have provided screenshots of the timestamps (there is not going to be any imgur or photo sharing links here as I want to keep the evidence as clean as possible from anyone suspecting of me Photoshopping the pictures) so you can see that you are already under their Terms and Conditions of the use of the game. If they are changing their EULA, it is most likely to clarify the point, other than that, the matter of not making a profit off any of their assets has always been in there since it's update, just not a major concern. You are expected to, as a paying customer, read and understand what you are getting into. Skipping reading all of that will land you into exactly this kind of trouble and you want to complain that it is unfair to you, the owner of a digital copy of said product? No matter what country you live in, a contract you sign into online is just as binding as a paper document.

    Here is a direct copy-paste from their Agreement which you agreed to abide by and many people are already in violation of that has made YouTube videos or even ran a server that sold diamond gear for X amount of dollars.


    The one major rule is that you must not distribute anything we‘ve made. By “distribute anything we‘ve made” what we mean is “give copies of the game away, make commercial use of, try to make money from, or let other people get access to our game and its parts in a way that is unfair or unreasonable”. So the one major rule is that (unless we specifically agree it – such as in brand and asset usage guidelines) you must not:
    • give copies of our Game to anyone else;
    • make commercial use of anything we‘ve made;
    • try to make money from anything we‘ve made; or
    • let other people get access to anything we‘ve made in a way that is unfair or unreasonable.
    …and so that we are crystal clear, what we have made includes, but is not limited to, the client or the server software for our Game. It also includes modified versions of a Game, part of it or anything else we‘ve made.


    I have underlined that very clear rule that everyone should be made aware of. This includes, but is not limited to, selling server items, creating a project and distributing the world saves with the use of Adfly or Adfocus, selling server plugins, or commissioning builds for a fee. All of these immediately breaks Mojang's EULA and is subject to you by legal action. You agreed to it, you are using their assets, no matter what you do with it, profiting from their work is a big NO. Anything you do that involves their work and money is a violation. It does not matter that you spent 400+ hours working on a super mega dome for Hypixel, you are using assets made by Mojang: their code, their textures, their copyright, you cannot and should not make a profit off the game whatsoever.

    Now, server owners do not reply yet with your cries of "But the cost of running a server...!" or "We need the money!!" That is still a violation of their Terms of Use. You were not forced into making a server, nobody said you were required to, it was your voluntary decision to create a server and it is up to you to maintain it without earning it from the game that was not made by you. Unless you are with the staff at Mojang, none of us created the game which means that we are not entitled to profit from it. It is their game, they were the ones that coded it and hope to make a living off of it, we should not be. You are voluntarily buying a dedicated world to share with friends that also enjoy playing the game, it should not be about the love of the money, but rather the love of the game.

    Quote from Rakanoth

    Ugh, great. I was hoping the overgrown sense of entitlement that has been flying around Twitter and Reddit lately wouldn't spill over into our forums... At least I get to post this early on in this topic.

    Here's what I think:
    No. To all of your post. First and foremost, Mojang didn't "change" the EULA. The whole "you can't sell (parts of) our game" and stuff have always been there, they just never bothered to point out how people were violating it.

    Literally no company allows you to profit off of the hard work they put into their videogame.
    Literally every videogame require you to accept their EULA when you install it. You know, the large pile of words people automatically and blindly click "I accept". 1.7.10 just makes sure you don't have any crappy "I didn't agree to anything" excuse because there's literally nothing forcing you to accept the pile of words, blindly or otherwise, since it's all tucked away in an optional page on Mojang's website.

    Please explain why should Minecraft be any different.

    If you ask me, this whole situation is being blown out of proportion. There are communities that are alive and well even though they've never been allowed to profit out of the videogame. The only people this could actually drive away are all the people trying to profit off of Mojang's work, so I'm all for it.

    I would say that I am deeply sorry that you can't just sit back and turn a videogame you did not develop, or its assets, into your livelihood by scamming kids out of their parents' money, but I hold no shred of empathy for those kind of people.

    This is a very great explained post and I wish to expand upon it, just a little bit, but not too much as I think this post is starting to get a bit too long even for my liking. Minecraft, just like any other game, has its rules and terms, you agreed to them, at least take a few minutes to skim them over. We have had EULAs and Terms of Service (ToS) agreements for many years now, it should be common sense to glance them over in case a clause like this should ever appear. Companies work hard so that they can stay alive in harsh economic environments which is even harder when many people come to profit off their hard work. How would you feel if you made a game, someone else came along and created a server, making money off of all the coding you put into it? I certainly wouldn't feel too good about it and I'm guessing nobody else would either.

    Over the years, the community has gotten greedy and felt as if they deserve a share of money that does not belong to them. What happened to the love of the game? The common interests among friends who also enjoy the things you enjoy? It is not yours, do not profit off of it in any way, there are no excuses to justify profiting off of it. If you cannot conceivably run a server without having to sell in-game items, then my suggestion would be to not start up a server at all unless you have a job or some other form of income to sustain its upkeep.

    Quote from jleeevinnn

    Because Mojang is randomly changing something that literally fuels the entire minecraft multiplayer experience. . This community and network has been growing for over 3 solid years without Mojang's interference. People make above minimum wage creating plugins, minecraft artwork. This community is EXTREMELY robust and growing rapidly. Please don't destroy it.

    Do you want to know why these server owners are making so much money? Because we are dedicated, passionate and strive to create more and more. It's called innovation, Mojang is communist to knowingly kill it.

    Erik Boes, a mojang employee has been HARASSING server owners. Not something very mature.

    If posting that link is against the rules, I will photoshop it out. However; this is Erik Broes, in a minecraft owner skype chat telling a owner the link to the largest's minecraft server's network files. A very horrible and illegal crime. GG Mojang, well played.

    Mojang is not "randomly cahnging the rules," they have been there for MONTHS before this incident came up. I'm not saying you should read them daily, but it is up to you, the owner of a digital copy of the product, to be up-to-date on their EULA. Enforcing a rule that was already there is not going to destroy the community, it will continue to thrive, just from a smaller market. You are still allowed to create artwork, plushies, or even cooking mats, the thing that you cannot do which is in direct violation of the rules is to use any of the code within the Minecraft game as a means of profit: diamond swords, experience, even Creative gamemode as it was created by them and not you.

    And the Communism part, that's just...I'm not even going to get into that: Google it, that is a can of worms that I am not going to open now or possibly ever.

    Quote from autogolazzo

    I hate most servers because the use minecraft to make money! Well, this is how the world works.

    Exactly why it is being brought up now. Many today believe that "if it's on the internet, it's free and should remain that way." I'm starting to get tired, but I'll try to explain this as the best as I can while trying to wrap it all up. A global-wide free economy could never work on the basis of the need for supply and demand. Economics is not one of my stronger subjects, but basically we need that balance to keep people from taking all and giving nothing in return. Without this balance, people would die of starvation, nobody would want to work, hoarding would run rampant (I might be exagerating, but these are possibilities nonetheless) which is why it is there. You work hard to earn money to purchase bread that someone else also worked hard for to sell to you. This is an extremely simplified version of how commerce works, but the point is there. Because those who don't want to work, but still want the money, are profiting off something that they did not make, this hurts the economy in multiple ways, from the very top down to the consumer.

    Again, piracy is something that I don't want to get into, that is another can of worms and I'm really not black or white about that and I feel like most of you have fallen asleep by now.

    Once more, these are my opinions from observations I have made as well as researched into. Some things I might be wrong about and you are all more than welcome to clarify me, just be civil about it. I am a human and bound to make a mistake. End rant, going to sleep now, too much energy put into this one post //pass out.
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    posted a message on 256x Fibercraft 1.12.2 is in the works - complete overhaul, higher resolution, mod support, etc
    I'm not much on 128x texture packs, but this is definitely one of my favorites.
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    posted a message on INFINITE ORES FLAT WORLD BY ISFIGU75!
    I made a better preset for you to play on, it provides a nice challenge as well as infinite ores.

    2;1x57,1x41,5x152,5x42,10x173,1x56,3x14,3x15,2x16,15x1,10x3,1x2;4;village,mineshaft(chance=0.01),stronghold(chance=32 count=3 spread=3),biome_1(distance=32),dungeon,decoration,lake,lava_lake
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    posted a message on The Herobrine Mod OFFICIAL 3.6
    Thank you, burnner for adding me to the mod. I know you only did it in an attempt to get back at me, but you broke the rules and sent me that PM resulting in your account being locked. Still going to give you +1 for effort, though.
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    posted a message on Chivalry [16x Discontinued]
    @HiggsBacon, dealt with the report, it's all good.

    I love this pack, all the colors match up well. My favorite part of this pack is the Netherbrick. It's got that basalt texture that I've loved from the Tekkit / FTB modpacks. It's smooth and blends into the environment if you are wanting a more colorful look at your world. Being that it's a x16, it's hard to find good ones that aren't Painterly and this one definitely stands out among the rest. The font is really great as well.

    Some things I don't really like about this pack is the wool and cobblestone. The colored wool sort of reminds me of another pack, but I'm not going to be harsh about that since you can only do so much with pixels. They really don't fit in with the rest of the pack, mostly because of the border. And the cobblestone is a bit bland compared to the brightness of the rest of the pack. Maybe try some other designs? Never hurts to have alternate textures.

    Final Score: 9.25/10
    Definitely keeping this one in my client, it's bright.
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    posted a message on Need more variety in texture packs
    I've been noticing a repitition of themes in texture packs: dark, simple, medieval, RPG, and cartoony...but that's it. What about others like Halloween, autumn, spring, summer, winter, metallic, many many kinds of untapped themes. I want to see grass of gold or orange with trees of brown and red, I want to walk through a winter wonderland one time just for kicks.

    Yes, I know that there are texture packs like those out, but they're either outdated or overshadowed by Doku, Soartex Fanver, Sphax, and JohnSmith. I am not saying that there is nothing wrong with them, I just think it's about time to try other kinds of packs than Medieval or RPG.

    There are so many other kinds of ways you can re-texture grass and leaves, why not try thinking outside of the box instead of staying on the worn and rutted path that many other people have taken. It doesn't hurt to try something new, something bold, you just need to take a minute to think, "Maybe people will like it."

    I only say this because there is a distinct lack fo Autumn/Halloweeny packs that I want and I'm dying for one.
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