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    posted a message on Minecraft should lower the price or be free!
    If you look at the economics of the game, you will see that the price of Minecraft is extremely fair to the point where it wouldn't be bad if Mojang decides to raise it.

    Currently, it's about 27 USD. That's the base price for the game. If you want downloadable content, which you can get in the form of maps, mods, skins or texture packs, there are hundreds of those, all for free. You never have to pay for an update, each world is randomly generated along with the ability for level creation, creative mode, and create custom worlds with seeds or flatmap presets that can provide hundreds and hundreds to a couple thousand hours of re-playability time. There are also servers that you can play on, each with a unique community.

    Compare that to a modern game which sells for 55-60 USD depending on your location. These usually have a 10-20 hour single player campaign and a multiplayer mode that interacts like a pack of angry, snarling wolves. If you want DLC, have your wallet open to spend an extra 5-10 USD depending on the content. You can get them lowered or even free, but the drawback is that you have to buy a membership service which will set you back about $50 for a year.

    With all this in mind, Minecraft in the long run is more fairly priced than a modern-day video game such as Call of Duty or Knock Knock.
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    posted a message on Saddest video game moment.
    Beginning of Medal of Honor: Rising Sun, when the Arizona went down. I keep trying to save it, even though I know it's a scripted event. So much loss right there, the take down of a single war ship you are defending from the other guys.
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    posted a message on PMC Forums
    I'm there sometimes and it's really not that bad. It could be worse, but it just needs some fixing up and TLC is all.
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    posted a message on What layer is iron ore most common at?
    I usually find that iron is most common about fifteen blocks under the surface. Call it the placebo effect, if you want, but there is something about that particular level that, to me, seems to spawn the most amount of iron ore.
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    posted a message on How to tell parents I like romance
    There is nothing wrong with a boy liking romance novels. Just write it without any shame of what you type, but you might want to keep it appropriate. However, you can tell you parents to respect your privacy within the novel so that you may write freely. As for the fan fiction, take it from from one that is currently writing one that it will take you a very, very long time and might not seem like the best of ideas. If you keep with it though, you'll find that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Best of luck to you!
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    posted a message on The WORST cartoon from 1997-2006?
    6Teen and Total Drama Island...there is not logical point for them to be made other than to stereotype teenagers and young adults.
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    posted a message on Can You Explain?
    Changing a texture pack should not have done anything to your game, if there was a problem with it, the textures would have messed up, not create new items. Are you playing on a server, by any chance? Someone might have come by and did some world editing for fun and to troll you.
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    posted a message on What is the most annoying biome to spawn in?
    Ocean biome, no wood, no land, you're forced to swim to the nearest island which could take you a few minutes to many many long Minecraft days.
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    posted a message on Does anybody play Minecraft Un-Modded anymore?
    I actually do, but only because my computer is very old and can't handle most of them. On top of that, I like playing a simple game of mining and crafting. It's fun to go back to the basics, relearning the game and try to improve upon skills you have yet to master. I am currently playing an Alpha 1.2.4_01 jar I set aside and this time I intend to stick with it and my end goal is going to be getting a full set of diamond armor.
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    posted a message on I do not like the new biome generation algorithm.
    You could always try using random seeds, but in all honestly I think many of us forget a key aspect of the game which is exploring. I know I do this myself, but I think a lot of us can agree that we tend to stick within about 1k blocks or so of where we spawn. That is not a bad thing, but you kind of lose out and then you start running out of resources in your area. I think you should grab a map and start expanding out, look around even if you go away and it takes you many Minecraft days.
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    posted a message on Getting in on Minecraft's Community
    Welcome to the community, you'll find a wide variety of people here, some of whom you will make as friends. You'll find many areas that might interest you, just look around.
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    posted a message on Staff Needed (Moderators, Admins, Builders, and Developers)
    IGN: Jetra

    Age(12+): 23

    Name (First): Andrew

    Maturity: Mature enough to know when to be serious about moderating.

    Why do you want to become a Moderator? It has been some time since I've moderated servers and would love to try again. I enjoy helping players out when I can.

    What is your experience? Was Moderator on a server, then turned Co-Owner shortly before that went belly-up, Moderated another server, made it to admin, but due to a small mishap got knocked down to Moderator again. That server went defunct too and the staff brought me over to another where I went from Trial Moderator through the ranks to Head Admin. Once again, there was a small mishap and I got pretty much tossed out when I made a small mistake.

    Currently am a Site Moderator over at Planet Minecraft. Before that, I was a Forums Moderator and before that Chat.

    How good is your teamwork skill? I am a Site Moderator of Planet Minecraft and have to work with about 70 other Moderators and a Developer, I'd say they're at least decent enough.

    How harsh can you be? I deal out site permabans every other day, what does that tell you?

    If someone were to grief the server, what would your first action be? Kick

    If someone were to spam the server up. what would your first action be? Mute

    If someone were to swear offensively at someone, what would be your order of actions? Warn verbally, if they continue mute. Lengthen the mute from 5 minutes to 10 to 30 to an hour. After an hour, ban.

    If someone were to hack, what would your order of actions be? Ban

    In general if someone breaks the rules, what would be your order of actions? Verbally warn first, kick, jail, then ban if they continue

    If another Staff Member broke the rules, who would you tell? The next rank up

    If you felt offended by another player what would you do? Ignore them

    If you felt offended by another staff what would you do? Tell them that I was offended.

    If someone were to exploit the server in a bad way, what would you do? Jail, then inform the admins of the exploit. If they continue using it, ban.

    Skype or Email/Messenger(Hotmail): Skype is master_jetra
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    posted a message on Snapshot 13w41a Ready For Testing
    https://mojang.com/ you might want to update this thread, 13w41b is out that fixed a lot of the bugs from a.
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    posted a message on Super Secret 13w38a is out!
    This has to be my most favorite update yet XD The different visual effects, even though they're aesthetic, just provide that nice element of fun. Reminds me of all the phases of video game history: atari, calculator, playstation, etc.
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    posted a message on [1.7] Pufferfish Discussion
    Quote from Chefbarbie

    how you got buried treasure out of "fishing" is beyond me. So, yeah. You're the only one.

    Well, he said it's split between treasure, junk, and fish...
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