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    This is a little thing I whipped up this afternoon to go with your automining/autotraining/autowhatever macros. It stops your auto script when the tool in use reaches the specified durability. I use it to stop the autotraining script I pinched off of Defining_Kr33d so I can go and repair my sword on the anvil before continuing. I have it set to 50 but you can change it. I put all the editable bits in bold.

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    if(%DURABILITY% = 50); log(&3This sword's a bit rusty.);
    if(%DURABILITY% = 50); STOP(Button ID);

    Couple of notes:
    -For some reason, this code doesn't work with just one if statement, probably a bug.
    -You can find out the button ID by going into said buttons customisation window. It should have it's name just above the text entry field. For example for the up key it'd have <UP>. Enter the ID without the < >
    -If you're using the new onscreen buttons, the buttons will be given the ID <BUTTON ###>. Enter just the 3 digit number not the 'button' bit.
    -I recommend you hold this in a text file so it's easier to maintain.
    Quote from TheKillerMunk

    Hi there.
    Any possibilities of making a complete auto X by X mining/clearing script for use on servers?
    Like if I want to create a big 100x100 underground room all I have to do is run the script -> afk -> and win. :)

    Of course with a chance of burning up alive in lava. (But I have fly on the server I'm gonna use such a script for)

    It's possible, but it'd be very lengthy. Off the top of my head it'd have to contain at least a couple of for loops and query checks.
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    Thank you very much!
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