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    I know you are very busy and I absolutely love this mod! However I do have one request:

    is there a way to insert the terrariums for 1.7.10? It's just that I tried moving over to 1.12.2 and everything seems to go wrong for me there, so I just want to stay at 1.7.10.

    I understand its a silly thing to ask especially since I am only one person, but its such a cool and unique idea to collect in minecraft!

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    I have a huge problem: I'm on 1.7.10 and used custom npc to spawn random mobs using "natural spawn". I chose a model from my clones but something went wrong and now they are spawning overload!

    I tried deleting their "natural spawn" but they still spawn in the world. Is there a command that I can use to kill off all of thse spawns?

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    But I have one little problem with it: I have Pam's harvestcraft mod, so seaweed spawns on the surface of large water areas. The boats somehow can't destroy them and get "stuck" as if they are solid blocks.

    Also (this is just a hope I have), I have custom npc and have these characters that I created, go on adventures with me. If there is a way to use the Whitehall and have npc's sit inside them, that would be amazing! :)

    Anyways I play on 1.7.10, so I am hoping it will be for that version.

    I know you are very busy and its a long shot but thank you anyways, it's an awesome mod! :)

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