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    >fizzy soda

    Yeaaaahhhhhh no.
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    posted a message on 3 new TNT ideas. (not like nukes)

    Might want to break up that wall of text buddy, they tend to scare people.
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    posted a message on Evolution Of The Creeper
    Quote from Strottinglemon

    Okay, I need a detailed, well-balanced, and thought out suggestion that people will love!

    "it should lay eggs or something"

    Nailed it.

    If you give a creeper diamonds it goes into love mode and mates with all other creepers in the area in a firey explosion orgy causing a ton of creeper eggs to fly everywhere.

    Creeper omelets anyone?

    Quote from JStall91

    haha, are you suggesting you want to see the creepers genitalia?

    Silly, the creeper is genitalia

    Can't you see it's shaped like a dong? :)
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    posted a message on [Idea]SUPREME Desert well
    Why does everything need to have a practical use? Why can't we just have a generated structure for aethetics?

    Do desert wells really need to have a "Use"? Do they really need to have labyrinths underneath them filled with traps and chests?

    It's a bloody well for pete's sake! All it needs to do is hold water. Isn't that enough?

    Leave the traps and **** to the temples and strongholds where they belong. Leave the wells as they are, wells. That's all they are, and all they need to be.
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    posted a message on Lava shouldn't destroy diamond. Why? Physics.
    Quote from Bbqpizza

    Minecraft with Physics: BAH! TOO BORING!

    Without Physics: This is... The best thing I've ever had!

    I've never heard a game which you can dig 2x1 straight mineshafts without it collapsing.


    You need both pysics and fantasy to have a good minecraft.

    Where would we be if there was no gravity for the players and mobs? Where would we be if water didn't flow? Where would we be if arrows didn't fly?

    It'd be a pretty shitty game if we didn't have any physics.

    Point being, physics and realism are important parts of what makes minecraft fun, but so is the fantasy and the gravity defying blocks.

    Physics isn't bad, neither is realism. It's too much realism that ruins the game, and conversly, too much nonrealism ruins the game as well

    There needs to be a delacate balance between realism and fantasy for minecraft to be a good game. Disrupting that balance would ruin the game compleately,

    (IE collapsing caves, thirst bar, etc would be too much physics, while jumping 20 feet in the air, and magic wands would be too much fantasy)

    It's all about balance

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    posted a message on Emerald Changes
    We should just get rid of emeralds all together and just use gold coins so people won't be so bloody tempted to give it more uses.

    Hell it may even solve our "GOLD IS USELESS!!11one!" problems as well


    Problem solved.
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    posted a message on The Aether as a permanent update!
    Quote from yoshidude56

    I will totally get that mod when it comes out.


    1. Notch does not develop minecraft now, jeb does.
    2. The aether is overloaded with unneeded content
    3. The aether is laggy
    4. The aether is buggy
    5. The aether becomes pointless after the bosses are fought.
    6. Mojang needs to focus more on improving the Nether and the End before adding any other dimensions.

    You can go to our forum if you want. We are still in pre-alpha though. We have a basic portal system, and the kyther and zenith are coded and work. But we have a lot of other stuff that needs to be done.
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    posted a message on Pet Teleportation
    I hate this to.

    Even if i tell them to sit, they still teleport to me for some reason every once in a while, making them basically useless.

    I want my dogs to stay sitting when I tell them to sit

    no exceptions.

    I don't care how much bloody trouble I'm in, if I tell them to sit, they better stay sitting.
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    posted a message on Slime Control
    Quote from FireHawkDelta

    I think superflat should be raised to y=64. Just like most other people.

    No slimes.
    Basement room.

    Having an adjustable superflat mode would be better. That way you could have whatever height you want
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    posted a message on Notch needs to make minecraft for iphone
    Quote from MRocket3

    I came upon this forum today. You all sound so outdated. LOL

    Thanks :SSSS:

    Why did you necro this thread?

    It's from January 2011

    Did the thought "Maybe I should leave this outdated thread in the graveyard where it belongs" ever pass through your head?
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