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    Make Tentacruel.

    DOO EET!
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    Well, actually, a spider is an ara-

    Inb4 "It's an arachnid"

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    Jeb has been doing a great job so far, apples from trees, languages, sheep regrowing wool.

    He listens to the community quite a bit, and he fixed most of the mess ups notch made before he stepped down as lead dev.
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    Quote from VICIOUS_BUG

    god idea. but the fruit could rotten after some time so it wont debalence the game too much(or they dont rotten if they are placed in a chest surounded by snow =D)...
    and more food recipes is a really good idea too!

    No. I would rather not have my stack of hard earned apples go bad just because I didn't have any snow.
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    Quote from Kliuyyyy

    How about we add fruit trees to Minecraft?

    More fruit, more trees, more hunger bars filled, we all win!

    Why this wouldn't make the game impossibly easy: Fruit in any case, no matter what the kind, would only fill 1/2 a hunger bar. However, fruit trees spawn 5% of the time, so if you're just walking around exploring and forgot your food, it's not hopeless.

    Each tree would contain 7 fruits of its kind.


    And perhaps some small shrubs containing fruit?


    Too many fruits, we already have apples falling from trees now.

    If any one of these were to be added, they would need some other use besides just being there. Apples can be made into golden apples at a rather low cost of resources now, and they are quite convenient.
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    Quote from TheBlueRocky

    Looking for modders:

    If you think you can easily make this into a mod, please go ahead. Though, I'd like to make the images. Anyone up for it? :smile.gif:

    You might want to take it here http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum/52-requests-ideas-for-mods/

    Just make a thread briefly explaining the idea, then have a link back here.
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    Quote from Joeismoe

    Why do signs have to be made of wood? It sometime doesn't blend well with other materials. Just put a sign and one block of the material you want and the sign wil be made of that.

    Just an idea. ;D

    Yes, If your up to the task of making all of those alternative textures of course.
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    Quote from werty894


    This could be abused so easyly.

    Steve: I have 1 hit lift in my diamond pick! Better stick it into the converter, and viola! Now I can make a new pick!

    Solution: You can't make a dispenser with a bow that has been used, even once.

    It won't be that hard to put a restriction so that items that have been used cannot be converted.

    EDIT: Ninja'd by Mulan15262, dang.
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    Pretty cool, this has been suggested several times, but you are the first one I have seen that actually made a concept for it.

    Props to you
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    posted a message on All dem Dimensions! Updated with another anouncement!
    OK, I think that's enough boss suggestions for now

    We need to focus on getting the technical stuff done, like the diving suit mechanics and the tier's for the suits.
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    Quote from FireHawkDelta

    Yes, or else we just have wolves with different models.

    Wolves still fall off cliffs and into lava.
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    Quote from koopacreeper1234

    .....****. I keep posting on the last of the page, so no one notices me. Jellomob, can you check 3 pages back, you may of missed my post.
    Meanwhile, another boss idea. And a key for boss suggestions.
    Green is for Overworld bosses
    Red is for Nether bosses
    Blue is for Water dimension (I like the Hydroplex name, myself) bosses
    Yellow is for Skyland bosses.
    Black is for Side dimension bosses
    Dark swarm

    As a shapeshifter, he has no true appearance, but he can take the body of a shadow of a minecrafter or one of any boss you have faced (other than Ender dragon.)

    How to reach
    You must go through a hall of mirrors dungeon in the Nether, which is filled with illusions of mobs, fake passageways and trick mirrors. to enter it, you must of faced at least two bosses, otherwise the door will say, 'Your memories are not enough, to witness the illusion you must fight' You will then get to a room with a chest and a mirror floor. When you run towards the chest, your reflection will not follow. The Minecrafter clone of Dark swarm will then rise from the mirror, once you get within a block of the initiating the fight.

    The arena will take the form of the arena that you fought the boss he is emulating in.

    Movement type
    It depends on the boss he's emulating.

    Method of attack
    He emulates all bosses you fought, using a weaker, slower version of their attacks.

    Effects on landscape
    Again, it depends on the boss you are emulating

    You must defeat all the boss's forms, which have a quarter of the normal version's health. Once you defeat all of those, he will become a dark version of you, attacking with the same damage and same health as you. The only difference is he will not regenerate health. Once you kill him, he will leave the chest for you

    Death/death animation
    He sinks into the mirror floor, becoming your own reflection again

    He drops a magic mirror, which when held acts like a map (only with four times the area), but if you right click it, your mouse is freed and you can teleport to anywhere on the map where you left click. Right-clicking locks your mouse in place again. It only works in the Overworld, though.

    Edit: I got an idea for the game's story

    The world was populated by animals and humans at first. And creepers, but they were peaceful. Human strongholds were the largest, most grand retreats, accepting any sentient creature to enter. But then, an evil wizard tampered with the dimensional fabric in secret in the basement, and a large portal opened up, which sealed itself up afterwards. It was inhabited by Endermen, a dark, slender, humanoid with eyes that pierced your very soul. The Endermen possessed the mind of the wizard once they killed him, opening up four dimensional portals, one to heaven, one to hell, one to the endless seas and one to the endless land. And they flooded in. On the land, they raised the dead, massacred the humans, enslaved the creepers and mutated the animals. In the lava, they mutated the inhabitants there, tormented the dead into and endless rage, created beings of fire and killed all plant life. In the skies, they corrupted all great beasts, made the sun blinding, created strong gusts of wind and caused honoured dead to fall to the land. In the water, they darkened the seas, killed many inhabitants, locked the remainders under the crust and made dangerous undersea predators. All worlds were flung into chaos, and it's up to you, one of the few survivors, to defeat the leader of the Endermen, restoring peace and order once and for all.

    There are a lot of technical things that make this pretty much impossible, sorry :sad.gif:

    Mirrors would require an enormous engine overhaul, it just wouldn't work well.

    And the boss changing forms and such would require some complex coding I believe...
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    posted a message on All dem Dimensions! Updated with another anouncement!
    Quote from snowhusky5

    You know how in the OP there is the 'new mechanics' idea? I was thinking about that, and I came up with an idea.
    The overworld would have the enchanting table, as well as redstone

    The Nether would have the potion brewer (change crafting recipe so it uses netherrack instead of cobble. Also, to obtain bottles, you could smelt soulsand into soulglass, then smelt again into normal glass), and the 3 item improvement liquids

    The Skylands would have some kind of magic system. I was thinking it would be like this: An empty wand is created with a stick and some kind of rarish (gold-level rare, but only in veins of 1 or 2) gem. Then the empty wand is placed in an enhancer, made from 5 of the gem and 3 glass, in a
    :Glass: :Glass: :Glass:
    :Diamond: :: :Diamond:
    :Diamond: :Diamond: :Diamond:
    shape. The enhancer is EXP and solar powered. The higher its light level is, the faster it will go. However, the faster it goes the more EXP it will need to do the same thing. At light 15, it will need 1.5 times as much EXP for the same results as light 0, but will go 3 times faster. The interface has a single slot in the middle, with a sunlight indicator on top, and a plus button below the slot. The plus button allocates EXP to the enhancer.
    The enhancer can do two things. It can 1 charge empty wands, and 2 repair depleted tools.

    1: Wand-filling. This works similar to enchanting. The number of EXP levels given will determine how good the wand is and how many uses it has. However, you do not choose what the wand will end up doing, only how good it is and how long it lasts. The available wands are:

    You decide what they do... charging wands takes 20 minutes at light 15, and 60 at light 0, but is cheaper. Which might you want to do depends on how conservative and impatient you are.

    2: Repairing: No exact numbers yet, but I'm thinking that the more you repair a tool, the more EXP it will cost to repair it again. This goes by the number of repairs, not by the amount repaired. A 10% repair will be the same as a 90% repair in how much the next one costs.

    The Waterlands would have the teleporter. Crafted in sets of four with a material from the trenches, along with some enderpearls. Maybe all of the magic-related stuff in minecraft would need an enderpearl to craft? Anyways, all you have to do is place two. Upon placing one, you will get a GUI for what to name it. When right-clicked, it opens up a list of placed teleporters in that dimension, along with the EXP cost to teleport. Select one and click teleport. You will then instantly go to the teleporter you selected, at a cost of 1 EXP level for any teleport, plus a distance-based factor.
    For teleporting less than 8 chunks, it costs 1 level total.
    8-16, 2 levels
    16-32, 3 levels
    32-64, 4 levels
    64-128, 5 levels
    And so on, though you shouldn't really ever need more than that. 1 chunk is 16x16 horizontal blocks, by the way. 64x64 chunks is a full map (the item made from paper and a compass, not the file)

    Something to do with EXP in the Nether might be necessary, but don't make potions cost EXP, do something else.



    The minecraft community does not like magic, the minute a thread about it pops up, it gets knifed and shot repeatedly...

    Not sure about this...
    Quote from snowhusky5

    One more thing. I think it would be good to make all of the main dimension portals in the same 'nether portal' shape, and all of the boss portals in the vanilla 'end shape'

    I guess,

    Side dimensions will have varying portal shapes then.
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    Quote from HollowKnight

    I was thinking about something. Maybe as just a little theme, with no real purpose but I think it is kind of cool, we could have it so that some adaptation of pigs appear in every dimension. Regular pigs, zombie pigmen, winged pigs, and sea pigs. As in that weird squishy thing that lives on the sea floor, but we could make it white and give it a pig face. I think it would be neat but its not important, just throwing it out there.

    We could do that.

    It would be pretty funny actually.
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    Quote from Flameofice

    Now that I think about it, yeah, there should. Perhaps mobs get tougher, with flaming skeletons, armored zombies, etc.? Perhaps a tougher version of Hardcore mode?

    Thine made a thread about this a while ago, but I haven't seen him in a while...
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