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    posted a message on [MC.CANDARO.COM] {1.5.2} [PvP] [Factions] [MobCatcher] [iConomy] [Minigames] [MobArena] [McMMO
    not your average "get 10bil in one hour" factions server! actually have to work hard to stand out and show your greatness. 9/10, would bang!
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    posted a message on ♕Herocraft - Minecraft RPG Server Multiplayer - THE ORIGINAL RPG SERVER (2010)! - [Heroes-Townships-PVP/PVE-RPG]
    1. In-game name: Jekallz
    2. Location and Age: Central USA - 16
    3. Previous Bans from other servers: None atm.
    4. Referral(s): None :(
    5. Have you voted for Herocraft: Not yet, but will once I am whitelisted :)
    6. Have you subscribed to our Youtube channel?: I will, promise <3
    7. How'd you hear about Herocraft? Minecraft forums
    8. Do you agree to the Herocraft EULA and ToS?: Yes, they seem reasonable enough.
    9. Special Key: HCJ7
    10. Reason(s) you should be accepted: I can't force you to accept me, and I don't really know of any qualities that would that would stand out to you and say "Accept him now!!". But I'm just an average dude playing minecraft looking for a good server to join, and I stumbled upon this post :)
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    posted a message on Republica [1.7.4!][Towny][McMMO][PvP][Economy][Events][Anti-Grief][Anti-Cheat][Dedicated][16GB]
    IGN (In Game Name): Jekallz
    Age: 16
    Steam (optional): Only to friends :)
    Referred? By whom?: Minecraft Forums referred me xD
    Where did you find the server?: Minecraft forums !
    Reason for joining: Im tired of all the bad Faction/Towny servers, on a quest for a good one.
    What you do best in minecraft: Anything really xD
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    posted a message on Good ol' Vanilla - A Community to call Home Whitelistd Survival
    Quote from Akademix

    Amazing. If you guys are going to be on for the next 1-2 hours i will fire it up and we can exchange info there. I will need to make a steam group and skype account so we can contact each other.

    I know of the stresses of hosting a server can be like and have gone through my share of troubles.

    All i hope to achieve with this server is a casual server for us to play that doesn't strive to have the most plugins or players.

    Just want it to be fun :)

    Completely understandable. However, it is about 1 am where I am. I work at 11am so I should be going to bed soon-ish.
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    posted a message on Good ol' Vanilla - A Community to call Home Whitelistd Survival
    In game name: Jekallz
    Timezone: USA Central
    Age: 16
    Length of time playing Minecraft: From about the time you spawned in a mossy cobblestone room...Like pre alpha XD Per day i play 5+ hours.
    Have you ever hacked before: I've never felt a reason to. No.
    Have you hosted a server before: Small ones with my friends playing vanilla/building large scaled projects.
    What brings you here: I want to go beyond my small group of friends playing vanilla and get to know some other people while playing a relaxing game like survival minecraft. I want to clash with other people's play styles and see what we can create from it.
    Are you able to be active during the building phases of this server: I certainly will try. If by active, you mean online, then yes. If you mean the actual building, then yes. I think I know a good amount about redstone, though I learn something new everyday.
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    posted a message on 1.6 - Stronghold Relics - Medieval Faction Warfare
    IGN: Jekallz
    Age: 16
    Faction: Lord Barclay
    Did you really read the rules? To the best of my ability.
    Please write a brief two paragraphs about your character or their past. (Please No dead / missing parents)
    Well, my character's name is Jekallz, or formally known as Sir Jekallz. An average man about the age of 20. 5 o'clock shadow pretty much all the time. Growing up on a farm as a young man, he has a well toned body. His parents are proud owners of a decent sized farm and a thriving in a dream they created. Sir Jekallz is now on a quest for bigger and better things. Seeking to join the ranks of Lord Barclay, we join our young hero on his journey to become a well respected man in the world of the Stronghold Relics.
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    posted a message on Terika MCPM [Pixelmon] [1.5.2]
    IGN: Jekallz
    Stop saying "It will be released shortly" You said that may 25th and its June 13th. Give an exact date or stop saying "shortly" that is very misleading. But anyways I would love to join if the server ever actually gets released.
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    posted a message on [Snapshot 13w24a][Whitelisted][Very Small Community]
    Game Name: Jekallz
    Skype Name: I'll let you know when/if i'm accepted :)
    RL Name: Preston
    How old are you: 16
    Will you be active on the server: Depends on when everyone else plays, I'll play whenever you guys play.
    Every been banned, if so why: Besides when me and my friends are messing around, I have never been banned.
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    posted a message on Anyone Interested In Joining A Small Community On A Vanilla Server?
    I would love to join! :) IGN: jekallz
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] [Custom ModPack] [Recruiting] Under Construction (That is the server name, we are under construction currently though.)
    • Name: Preston
    • Age: 16
    • Skype: this-isnt-sparta
    • Previous Experience as Moderator: Plentiful
    • IGN: Jekallz
    • References: I doubt you could contact any of them, not even I could accomplish such a task.
    • Are you able to monitor and pass on any messages addressed to me if I am not online at the time? Sounds simple, so yes.
    • Do you have experience resolving conflicts between players? I would say so, yes.
    • Are you able to keep order in chat and keep players from fighting, muting if necessary? Of course!
    • Do you have experience working with others in a team environment? Enough to last a lifetime...
    • Why do you want this position on this server? Although being moderator is fun and all, I really would like a lower position on the server, and maybe move up to mod as the server grows.
    • Why are you better than anyone else applying for this? No one is better than anyone else, people just have different talents. I would be a good choice because I respect rules and honor peoples privacy and their "code". I am also very productive and my participation is at its highest.
    • How can you prove to me that I can trust you? Well, trust comes with knowledge, and knowledge requires time, so the only way you could really ever trust anyone is knowing them for a long time. For example, I took the time to read your forum, and make a post, even though it is a new forum. I know what you're trying to accomplish, and I trust that you will actually have a chance at getting it done. Which is why I'm applying :D
    • Thanks!
    Quote from 1133431

    Note to self: Never trust a site that says it supports the html bbcode tag.

    Haha XD good job site! Way to troll the Minecraftians!
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    posted a message on ♛♛♛KingCraft//Factions//Creative//mcMMO//KitPVP //Paintball//PVP//NO LAG//♛♛♛
    IGN: Jekallz
    i have 2friends with me too:
    IGN: Collinsn26
    IGN: Bansheesaver
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] [PVP | NO LAG | FACTIONS | MOB ARENA | 200 SLOTS] IRONCROSS FACTIONS V2.0!
    woah what happened?
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    posted a message on SkyblockME :) ~BRAND NEW 1.5.1 ~ [FREE RANK :)] {Apply Now} [Website] [Anti-Grief] [24/7] [No Lag] "The Way Skyblock Should Be P
    If it's okay, my friend is going to apply on the same post as mine, as his forums account is glitched.

    Minecraft Username: Jekallz

    Age (Optional): 16

    Why do you want to join Sybilcraft?:Me and my friend are

    looking for a good server to start our minecraft

    adventures on.


    Minecraft Username: Bansheesaver

    Age (Optional):16

    Why do you want to join Sybilcraft?:Same reason, but

    mine more build oriented, i love to build stuff with my

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