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    posted a message on Beehive honey level bug?

    Quick question, is there anything UNDER the hive? Having a similar issue, going to try not having anything under the hive and see if that helps.

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    posted a message on Arcadia Online SMP - Mature Whitelisted Vanilla Survival Server - [UK Hosted] [1.14.3]
    Minecraft Username: Jeheace

    Age: 36

    Discord: Jeheace#4540
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    posted a message on Would truly appreciate some assistance.

    Would truly appreciate some assistance.

    I'm attempting to summon a mob who is wearing a spawner that actually works.

    /summon zombie ~ ~1 ~ {ArmorItems:[{},{},{},{Count:1,id:mob_spawner}],CustomName:Spoon}

    That part is simple enough. But the spawner has no data...

    How would I go about adding data to the spawner to make it spawn things when the zombie is in a dark area?

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    posted a message on Add "Can Wear Armor" Option for Slimes
    Quote from Notunknown»

    I believe that the idea is to allow slimes to wear helmets for custom maps, rather than allow slimes to spawn wearing helmets, which would have a multitude of uses, like spawning a Slime wearing any block.

    Yes. Custom maps and dungeons is what this is planned for.
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    posted a message on [WORKING]Chest Minecart Catch, Empty, and Return mechanism[WORKING]

    After some looking about, I was unable to find a mechanism to Catch, Empty, and Return Chest Minecarts. So, I tinkered around a bit and found a solution that fits my needs.

    What I used was THREE Power Rails, ONE Hopper, One Double Chest, One Redstone Torch, One Comparator, Three Repeaters, Redstone Dust, One Minecart, Several Rails, and a FEW Blocks.

    Parts consist of:

    Dock: Powered Rail leading to Rail with Hopper beneath, Hopper moving items to Storage.

    Storage: A set of Double Chests being fed by the hopper.

    Launch Cart: Cart on short track used to bump into and relaunch Chest Cart

    1. Cart docks over hopper

    2. Items enter Hopper

    3. Hopper emits signal

    4. Signal passes through comparator and into a block that has redstone torch attached to side and a redstone repeater behind it.

    5. Torch turns OFF, Repeater turns ON. This moves the Launch Cart from position 1 to position 2. This may bump into the Chest Cart, but during my tests this did not cause any issues.

    6. Cart is empty, Hopper is empty, signal stops

    7. Redstone torch turns ON, Repeater turns OFF

    8. Launch Cart is sent back to position 1, bumping Chest Cart and moving it onto Powered Rail.

    9 Chest Cart is launched away!

    Image 1: Dock

    Image 2: Dock Circuit

    Image 3: Launch Cart Circuit, Launch Cart

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    posted a message on Add "Can Wear Armor" Option for Slimes
    Quote from Notunknown»

    Also: Mainhand and Offhand. These items would be in the middle of the slime (the core would need more transparency).

    Then slimes could spawn containing random items which they can drop on death.

    Perhaps 'Held' items could stick OUT of the slime, Left/Right hand protruding out of the Left/Right side of the Slime?

    As a note, I believe that Slimes DO have equipment slots, but the items are not visible.

    Basically, I want the Helmets to be visible.
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    posted a message on Add "Can Wear Armor" Option for Slimes

    Hmm... You killed the one wearing the helmet, so the helmet may have dropped. BUT who is to say that one of the OTHER slimes didn't pick it up? And then put it on?

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    posted a message on Add "Can Wear Armor" Option for Slimes

    My suggestion is to let Slimes wear Armor. To be a bit more precise, I am suggesting that Slimes be given the ability to wear HELMETS.

    This could be an option that is toggled on and off, and would read as "can wear armor=(0 or 1)".

    It would be OFF by default, but would give the option to spawn in special slimes that HAVE helms on. This would open up a LOT of possibilities.

    Slimes with Helmets. Meh. Boring?

    Players being chased around by INVISIBLE SLIMES WEARING SKULLS!?! WHAT!?! AWESOME!

    Or even Invisible Slimes disguised as a CHEST hiding in a temple... Just WAITING for the players to happen upon them.

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    posted a message on Move Effects Countdown from Inventory?

    Is it possible to move the Effects Countdown for potion effects and what knots from the Inventory View over to the Players View? It would be nice to see how long my effects are going to last with out having to go into the inventory.

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    posted a message on Structure data now comes from /assets/structures...

    Does this mean that we may be able to add custom structures or structure edits using resource packs?

    After viewing the files location, seems there are only two structures in the file, End Dungeons and Igloos.

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    posted a message on [HELP] I need help with SafeCity plugin [HELP]

    I have been searching for documentation on the plugin, SafeCity, and the commands for it. Please, if you are able to help, it will be most appreciated.

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    posted a message on some of my paddacks are gone

    Did you back up your world prior to updating to the snapshot?

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    posted a message on Looking for help making custom items in upcoming 1.9!

    I am wanting to prepare for 1.9, and a large part of this preparation will be making custom weapons in Vanilla Minecraft. But I have no idea where to start.

    Are there any guides already out there or is there any advice that ya'll can impart on me to help me get started?

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    posted a message on 'Work in Progress' Book, By Searge...

    Ok, so while I was exploring the End in the 15w38b snapshot, I found one of those awesome End Towers. Near this End Tower I spotted an Ender Ship. I went and checked out this Ender Ship for some nifty loot, but ALSO found a Hopper placed where (I believe) the beacons were in previous snapshots.

    In that hopper I found a book titled 'Work in Progress' written by Searge. Inside, all it said was 'We will have something else here soon...'

    I found that to be a very nifty find. Anyone else find these?

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    posted a message on Looking for a server!

    Sounds like you'd enjoy the server I've been playing on for the past few months.

    Give Enova a try!

    Forum: http://enova.enjin.com/

    i.p.: enova.gamename.net

    Haven't had any major faction disputes since I've been on, only some personal drama that's been cleared up.

    We're always looking for new players!

    We've got Factions, Safecity, and a few other plugins.

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