About Me

I enjoy server administration, as such you can ask me about most things regarding how to set up servers and manage them. There're other aspects of servers that I'm versed in as well with permissions and rank implementation as well as Spigot and BungeeCord using a VPS. Plugin configurations can vary a lot, and some are extremely complex. If you want any help with that, I'm your guy!

There's also a fairly long history of clan leading in my past. If you'd like to discuss setting up clans, ranking, thread layouts, recruitment and more I can help put you on the road to success with some very handy tips and tricks I've found out over the past several years. Always keep your eyes on the prize, clans aren't just for Minecraft. They're groups of people that you've brought together to bring forth into the gaming world, anything's possible!

My favorite game is Dishonored.


Writing, History, Networking, Coding, Administration.

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Minecraft Sabretori Xbox SOL Nimbus Steam snowlus

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Skype jehziro