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    In game name: BBDuM_7
    Age: 16
    What is your timezone?: -5 eastern U.S.
    What times can you guard?: Monday - Friday (1445-2000) Saturday & Sunday (1000-2400) "I will not be on the entire time i have listed before, these are just the possible times i will be on.
    Do you have experience with prison themed servers?: Yes, i do have a lot of experience with prison themed servers. I used to play on convicted before i came here. I was also a warden on another prison server that i made with my friends so i know and understand how they work.
    Do you have any experience guarding?: Yes, i have a lot of experience guarding. I was a guard on convicted for the last few months before i quit the server.
    What makes you the best selection for guard?: I believe i am the best selection for guard because i love this server and hope it keeps on growing. To ensure that it keeps growing, the new players must be encouraged to keep playing, but when there are diamond armor frees going against the B3's stone swords... well you know the outcome. I am also good at PvP (whenever i am not lagging).
    Have you read ALL the rules, guard and prisoner?: Yes i have read all the rules and understand my responsibilities if i become guard.
    What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will need screenshot proof of it if you decide to resign?: My current rank on this server is B3. I know that is low, but my main account (minerbill3745) is free on this server. "Do I really need proof saying that I am B3?" Here is the pic showing that minerbill3745 is free <--(This is not the account i am applying for guard) http://tinypic.com/v...?pic=5xmng3&s=6
    Any additional info: Cyan is AFK. I truly love this server. All of the staff members are friendly and unlike most servers I have been on, they will actually listen to players. I cant wait to be guarding with the other guards and watching the server grow. Thank you for reading this sexy guard application.
    Quote from Wabbitz


    In-Game Name: ozzycow54
    Current Rank: Free
    What Is Your Timezone: CMT
    Age: 16
    How Long Have You Been Playing On The Server: 11 months, I've been here since the second day.
    Have You Ever Been Banned/Muted?: Yes.
    If So, Why?: I've been muted for caps and been troll muted by other Moderators. I was banned a LONG time ago but I've already resolved that with the Wardens xD. I've also been numerously troll banned.
    What Makes You The Best Choice For Moderator?: Where do I begin? I should be good at this whole application thing, but it's been awhile xP. Well, I'm one of the only older players besides RockerDJSmash (old as in being on the server in the first opening week) so I know the community EXTREMELY well. Related to the community, I know the Wardens very well and I'm very good friends with all of them. I'm usually always on TeamSpeak if I'm on the server too. I don't make enemies on DDTS. Ever. I like to keep a friendly tone with most of the players and sometimes joke around with em', but I never really mean things in a hateful way. Let's talk about my mass amount of previous experience now: I was Moderator for 8 months out of my 11 month (and still continuing) run on DDTS. I was the fastest to warn and ban, and all of the Moderators can tell you that themselves. I always followed the rules no matter what (once again, I have read the rules numerous times for fun xD). I never hacked or abused my Moderator power, and I was always there to help players. After Verminophobia got Warden, I quit and resigned from Moderator. That was one of the worst mistakes I ever made. I did it because I felt I was wasting time being bored on MineCraft with nothing new to do (new opportunities would've come with Warden) and since Verm got Warden I felt kind of unwanted on DDTS. It was a stupid decision. I left a community I loved behind. People wanted me back, so I came back after a couple of weeks. I'm on daily now for 2-4 hours, and even when I was taking time off of Soap, I still remained friends with the people I talked to on Skype and TeamSpeak a lot (including Verm, he really did deserve Warden; probably more than me too). When I came back, I was welcomed back into the community as if I had never left, and I thank you guys for that. Now, for more experience; I always stay active on the MCPrison forums. I was a Moderator on a couple of Xbox Modding forums back in my day, but that was before I got MineCraft, so I am a wizard with IPBoard, BBCode, and just forums in general. I was the assistant plugin coder for Soap, but I haven't gotten any projects in a long time. My grammar is always perfect (unless I make it ­bad on purpose), as I am a grammar Nazi. I know all of the server's plugins very well, and all of the commands too (a long time ago, I was OP on 2 different servers, and Moderator on a couple of others [I left them for Soap and because most of the people on them were dicks], so I know most of the commands). I also never let any offense slide for anyone. Even if they are a really good friend. The job comes first. I never pick favorites or show favoritism to anyone (AHEM unless your name is Mikey Schaum AHEM). I will always strive to help players no matter what. My temper is extremely hard to spike, but I'm serious in any appropriate situation. My knowledge of the server and MineCraft in general is huge. I have a great sense of humor and can take a joke, but I know what takes it too far. I've been a generally popular member on the server because of this and many other reasons. I loathe players that frequently do not follow the rules on purpose, or even don't read them at all. I think every new player should take time to read the tutorial and the rules when they join, I also believe in working hard. I did not want to receive any donations as I was ranking up when there were higher prices, no Player Markets, less jobs, etc. It ruins a lot of the fun you could have and the stories you could tell on the server. I am quick to learn and adapt to new and reasonable aspects of DDTS and MineCraft, even though I might have strong opinions of something, if they aren't wanted, I keep them to myself. A part of me lives for helping DDTS; this should already be proven because I was staff for 8 months and also am an Uber Donor. Wow, the app is long at this point, but I feel like I can't stop typing (HANG IN THERE MIKEY, REMEMBER, IF YOU READ EVERYONE POOPS YOU CAN READ THIS). I promise I won't abuse my power, I've seen the outcomes of the staff that abuse power (I've seen a lot of occurrences where abuse is met by the punishment of a ban or demote). I can easily handle pretty much any situation you put in front of me (I've seen almost everything during my time as Moderator [xD "The Moderator Test"]). I can honestly tell you guys that if I get the job it will come first just as it has before. I'll do everything I can to make sure I'm helping the server.
    Any Additional Info: AYF smells, and Cyan is AFK. If you guys find it in your hearts to give me a second chance, I'd kiss you (but most likely, you aren't Megan Fox, so that whole kissing thing probably won't happen). It isn't the same anymore when I'm not playing as a Moderator. I still owe you guys. I messed up badly by quitting. It won't happen again, I promise. I can confidently say that I am one of the most dedicated players DDTS has, and I hope the Wardens acknowledge this. So, take me back? If you do, I won't let you guys down, I swear ;)

    Well, that's pretty much it. I love you guys and I'm going to go play on the server now :D
    (I think this app was better than my first, classified one :P )

    JEEZUS that is a long application
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    posted a message on Don't Drop the Soap! | Prison Server | 1.5 | 155 Slots | No lag | 24/7 |
    In game name: BBDuM_7
    [center]Age: 16
    What is your timezone?: -5 eastern time
    What times can you guard?: I can guard from the hours of 2:45pm - 6:00pm on weekdays and almost anytime on the weekends
    Do you have experience with prison themed servers?: I have played mainly on 2 prison server (this one and convicted)
    Do you have any experience guarding?: I do have experience guarding. I was a guard on convicted. "Cyan is AFK"
    What makes you the best selection for guard?: I would be a good choice for guard because i like helping those that are new to the server. I am also good at pvp and pay attention while i am guarding.
    Have you read ALL the rules, guard and prisoner?:I have read all the server, guard, and prisoner rules
    What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will need screenshot proof of it if you decide to resign?: My rank is B3
    Any additional info: I have enjoyed guarding before on other servers and i look forward to guarding on this server. My main account on this server is rank B0, so I do know the prison layout well. Thank you for reviewing this guard application
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    Quote from Hyperbeam567

    1. Minecrat Username:Hyperbeam567
    2. Reason you were banned: No idea, i think it was troll ban.
    3. Time you were banned: 3:45 PM Eastern
    4. Who banned you: Dachimp
    5. Reason you should be unbanned: First of all, i logged on, said "Hi." And then Dachimp said "Hi hyper, enjoy my ban" and was banned 2 seconds later. I should be unbanned because WHAT DID I DO? This is the 2nd time this has happened, and the SAME PERSON.
    6. Additional info: I got banned for doing ABSOLUTELY nothing.

    first of off. you say you didnt do anything wrong, when you did make a post that had only negative comments to the server. also you said you were going to quit. and lastly you annoy everyone and complain a lot....
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    is anyone able to connect to minecraft.net or is it just me?
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    I have seen a good bit of bans for people using "x-ray". I will judge and see if you actually did use x-ray and give another opinion. If you were banned for the use of x-ray, and did not have it on, please repost your ban app below here and i will see if you could get unbanned.
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    Quote from Jonothug

    It's looks great but how much is B rank and will there be any chance you can vote for money?

    B rank costs 22K and we will have a system where you can vote for money soon
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    Well guys, i am positive i am leaving this server. I might be on some just to talk with some old friends, but other than that, i wont be on.
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    GUYS, you dont need a friend to send you a back up of 1.2.5 to degrade your minecraft from 1.3.1. Just follow these steps.
    1. Open start menu and type in %appdata% and hit enter.
    2. open your .minecraft folder.
    3. right click on your bin folder and then click the option, properties.
    4. click previous versions and click on the second to top .minecraft listed (click it once). then click the button restore.
    Make sure you are not running minecraft or it wont work.
    Once it is done restoring (takes about 1 minute) enjoy and have fun playing 1.2.5 minecraft.
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    Quote from Galuzer

    I don´t know how it is possible to BRAKE out of prison, so you are definitely the first.

    I have found 5 ways to break out of jail on convicted. I told a warden and had them all patched :3
    Quote from Flossy2000

    Is anybody selling a cy1 top floor plot???
    I will pay very good money msg me if u are thinking about it please....

    flossy, i bought a cy1 top floor plot (another one at least). I will have you added soon.
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    Quote from iAmKdkane

    Some of the other frees, and I were wondering when the server goes to 1.3 could the Wardens Protect our pvp arena we're making when we're finished. Today we built a small little arena and we fought. We had a lot of fun and wanted to build a better/bigger one in 1.3. Some of the frees who are in this are Mrshaver, JeeKTan, MrLobby, Tenobrus, Vip_AdvHaunted, Engine, HipHop.. etc

    This sounds like a really good idea. It is a place where you can pvp fight with your friends without being hit by little c prisoner nubs that punch everyone.
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    Quote from bedanco26

    1) IGN: bedanco26

    2) Your age:15

    3) How long have you been playing the server? (Minimum of 3 days) I have been playing on this server for 4 or 5 weeks and was told by it from Shaybrums.

    4) Have you read the Server, Prison, and Guard Rules? Yes, NOAKII, I read them over 3 times and I also did the tour at the beginning with all the warps.

    5) Any experience with the prison genre? I do have experiance, I've played on some before (they all sucked) and then I found out about Convicted, which is the best one!!!

    6) What is your time zone? My time zone is U.S. East Coast. (PA)

    7)Why Am I the best choice for guard. I am the best choice for guard because I will always follow rules. Make sure that all rules are followed. Also I will make sure our prison runs the way it should. That means NO breaking the rules or jailed. I will be my best even at my worst I will make it my best. I will... be the BEST!!!
    Not only that. I also am a pretty good PvPer. I have killed many of others and sometimes guards. I will not give anyone items or kits. I do not use nodus, x-ray, or valor. I don't hack :). I would like to help out our server and be a guard. I will also always listen to AlphasGuards and Wardens... especially Noakii!!!
    I play a lot on this server, and I am always checking the forumns. My goal at the moment is to become a guard. So i hope this app will do it!

    8) What is your current rank? Do you understand that we will require PROOF of your rank when/if you retire from guard? A(saving up for ELITE ) I do understand that proof is required and I hope that You take my Application into consideration.

    Thank You




    Wardens: -- Guard: jktimes12, Galuzer, Benderswag Prisoners: shaybrums

    good app. recommended
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    Quote from ninjastar13

    Current rank on the server:elite
    Reason you were banned:broke out of prison by glitching
    Warden/Alpha that issued your ban: Froot
    Approximate time of ban: 12:15am u.k
    Why you deserve to be unbanned: this is the first offece ive done and i should of been warned first with a kick or some thing first, and its not like i was griefing or hacking i was only using my brain. (i will show how i did it to help stop future jail brakes if wanted)

    could someone (alpha mainly) please tell me something on this, is it a temp or a perm ??

    i am not an alpha, but i am a full guard, and i can say this is a perm ban. Abusing glitches is against server rules.
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    Quote from JasonJ25

    i understand u alphas have a job to do and i know most dont abuse, but there are those few who do, i've been threatened by an alpha before just for seeing why a tunnel was being mined but no player (now obviously they were invisible) now i fear digging in those quarries :/ i only dig when the amount of players are at the lowest

    A lot of people are afraid to dig in the quarries a good bit of alpha guards are ban happy when it comes to x-ray (not saying any names). Your best chance is to just mine in a pattern. Even then, you can still be banned for x-ray. I was banned for "having x-ray" when i was mining in a pattern.
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