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    posted a message on PumpkinQuest.net: 24/7 Vanilla Public Exploration Anarchy Server


    Anarchy returns. We're back with 1.17, and a new map. Open to all.


    We went offline for years, but now were back! Simple anarchy Vanilla Minecraft map with a fresh map. Will you survive the player raids?


    - New Map

    - No laggy/fancy spawn building

    Check out our website for the most up to date news and information!PumpkinQuest.netForumshttp://forums.pumpkinquest.netJust started a new map today(07/01/13). Everything is fresh, player files and all. We all all on equal footing again as we start our new adventure. I'll be on later this evening after I get home again. Happy Minecrafting!This server started as an experiment but has attracted many regular players. Thus far, over 12731(old map) different people have visited this server and more visit every day. This server is open to the public and anyone may join.This is a plain vanilla server with a few anti cheating plug-ins. I intended to keep it that way. Please, do not ask me to add this or that plug-in. I will not be adding anything. All items are to be worked for and will not be given out by any Admin. The Admin are also not permitted to spawn items, for that would be an unfair advantage.While most anything goes, there are a few ground rules to keep things running smoothly.

    1. No Hacking. Any Hacking will be banned immediately or on valid report to an Admin.
    2. Don’t build on or very near to spawn. Your things will be destroyed by the passing griefers and you will mostly likely be taken advantage of. Setup someplace safe and work from there.
    3. Don’t whine or complain when someone takes your things. This will happen and it is allowed. Everyone is not to be trusted. Use your head; this world is unsafe and unkind to newcomers.

    Good Luck.Please report any problems to me here on this forum.Thank you.
    Total Players Visited: 12731(old map) as of 05/27/2013
    Domain: PumpkinQuest.net
    IP (If you prefer):


    1.7 and you!

    The map and all your stuff will remain for the 1.7 update tomorrow. So, you don't have to get all bummed out about loosing all the cool stuff that you have made. I'm not sure how this is going to make the map look when new and old terrain meet. Hopefully the updates that led up to 1.7 prevented some of the bad things that previous updates caused, like the sheer cliffs and stuff like that.


    Oh hey, would you look at that, another update! It looks like 1.8 is around the corner and everyone wants to know the answer to that big question. "Will there be a new map for 1.8?", and the answer to that question is a simple one. No. We will keep the current map and all the builds as they are. The map seems to be doing well. If you desire new terrain generation, simply take a hike in any direction. Eventually the map will start generating new terrain!


    1.8 is up and running. Server is a little dead at the moment of this post, but I am trying to do a little promotion. So, we will see it that helps.

    Any questions or concerns, leave them here.


    1.8.1 is up and running.

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    posted a message on New Public Direwolf 20 1.5.2 v1.1.6 All Mods Hardcore 24/7 PvP
    This is a public feed the beast server with Direwolf20 v1.1.6 mod pack. To connect follow these steps carfully.
    1. Download Direwolf20 v1.1.6, which is not the "recommended" setting

    2. Click Edit mod the mod Pack
    • Enable all the mods
    • Delete the config folder to get the ids to allign with the servers ids by going to where you have your FTB launcher installed and selecting the correct mod pack. Mine is under \FTB\Direwolf20_1_5_2\minecraft
    • Exit and restart the launcher and you should be good to go
    Then you should be able to connect with out mismatch ids. If you have an issues let me knowSimple Rules
    · No Hacking. Any hackers will be banned immediately upon valid report to an Admin
    · Do not advertise your server on ours; we do not advertise ours on yours
    · Do not ask admins for items/TPs or beg to be admin. This will result in being banned
    The server address is PUMPKINQUEST.NET:25566Our Mumble address is forums http://forums.pumpkinquest.net
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    posted a message on New Public Direwolf 20 1.5.2 v1.1.6 All Mods Hardcore 24/7 PvP
    Quote from ToxicCloud

    In-game name: ToxicCloud

    Age: 16

    Something about myself: Im a minecraft veteran, I've been playing since early alpha. I love playing with minecraft mods, especially the ones you can use to build complex machines and stuff. I want to get whitelisted so i can play with others who also like mods. I also want to play with friends, one of which probably is making his whitelist request as im typing this.

    Do you work well in Minecraft communities?: Yes i like to think so, i like to trade ideas for cool designs and team up to create awesome stuff.

    What I will bring to the server: Why, my creations of course! Alot of cool systems and maybe some turtles.

    Do I agree of the rules?: Yes.
    Have you actually read all the rules?: Yes.

    Quote from Thecazeman

    In-game name: Thecazeman

    Age: 16

    Something about yourself: I love to play pc games with my friends

    What will you bring to the server?: me and my friend's good partnership

    Do you work well in Minecraft communities?: Well i think so...

    I agree to ALL of the above listed rules: Yes
    Have you actually read all the rules?: Yes

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    posted a message on New Public Direwolf 20 1.5.2 v1.1.6 All Mods Hardcore 24/7 PvP
    Quote from Cheatyx

    ingame name: Cheatyx


    something about yourself: bored about singlepalyer and public server with thiefs, I am playing minecraft since alpha

    what will you bring to the server: fun to build automatic Systems

    do you work well in minecraft communities: sure, i love teamplay

    I agree to ALL of the above listed rules: Yes

    Have you actually read all the rules?: it's kinda logic to know what the rules are

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    posted a message on New Public Direwolf 20 1.5.2 v1.1.6 All Mods Hardcore 24/7 PvP
    Quote from theynoj25

    i cant go on the server and im running v6 if i need to update it doesnt give me the option.
    IGN: theynoj1998

    Delete the entire folder a redownload
    Quote from zebleck_1

    Jeef, could please see somehow, which one stole 40 freaking uu matter from me :( i put so much effort and time into this >.<

    You can lock chests now.
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    posted a message on New Public Direwolf 20 1.5.2 v1.1.6 All Mods Hardcore 24/7 PvP
    Quote from Catkinisis

    Is anyone else unable to create descriptive books? It shows up when I try to craft on ( book + feather) but when I try to click it, it doesn't stay on the cursor. I was able to make the linking book, notebook, and the writing desk from the same mod pack. I have looked for a solution on the ftb forumns, and I can't find any bugs related to it. Unless it has been disabled for some reason and I'm just missing the post here that explains that?

    They were disabled early on due to abuse
    Quote from Etzelek

    In-game name:xzero314 Applying for my friend


    Something about yourself:Ive been playing minecraft since alpha 1.0.1 and ive been play tekkit recently so I thought I would give this a go ive been playing on a friends server for a while but I wanted to play with more people

    I agree to the rules: Yes

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    posted a message on New Public Direwolf 20 1.5.2 v1.1.6 All Mods Hardcore 24/7 PvP
    Quote from F2B

    In-game name: fight2build

    Age: 16

    Something about yourself: I love to play minecraft and now that feed the beast is out and got confortable with it I prefer to play on a server then all by myself in singleplayer

    I agree to the rules: Yes

    Quote from parlot123

    In-game name: parlot123

    Age: 17

    Something about yourself: I love video games since i can remeber, i like doing sports and I love being with friends but like some time to play games

    I agree to the rules: Yes

    Quote from dirtydevel223



    something about myself: I did everything there is to do in vanilla so i wanted to try a mod out...i decided to try FTB,i am active,helpful and enjoy building in minecraft

    do i agree to the rules?yes i do.

    Quote from Jizem

    In-game name: Jizem

    Age: 21

    Something about yourself: Im just a regular guy from australia and i love minecraft :)

    I agree to the rules: Yes

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    posted a message on New Public Direwolf 20 1.5.2 v1.1.6 All Mods Hardcore 24/7 PvP
    Quote from Hirix_

    Well something is buggy on your server. I keep getting End of Stream or a java.lang.RuntimeException: codechicken.core.NetworkClosedException error everytime I try to connect, yet I can connect just fine to other FTB servers :\

    I got something similar when I had a bad connection the other day
    Quote from Wafflewarden

    In-game name: Wafflewarden

    Age: 24

    Something About Yourself: I love fried chicken and waffles, I despise pancakes.

    I agree to the rules: yes

    Quote from Ledojeffery

    In-game name: Monkeyman99999

    Age: 13

    Something About Yourself: Monkeys are the best in the world plus im in love with minecraft

    I agree to the rules: yes

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    posted a message on New Public Direwolf 20 1.5.2 v1.1.6 All Mods Hardcore 24/7 PvP
    Quote from Cooldude6048

    In-game name: cooldude6048


    Something about yourself: i love to play on minecraft, tekkit, and mostly ftb

    I agree to the rules: Yes

    In-game name: viperlee

    Age: 16

    Something about yourself: I'm a gamer.

    I agree to the rules: Yes or No: Yes.

    P.s. Where might I be able to download the modpack?

    Quote from G3214

    In Game Name: Grudge3214
    Age: 17
    Something About Yourself: I've been playing my own version of the FTB modpack ever since I discovered Direwolf20's videos on youtube, and have been waiting to be able to play them on a server.
    I Agree to the Rules: Yes

    Quote from SocomX1

    In-game name: SocomX1

    Age: 15

    Something about yourself: I'm a sophomore in highschool, and an avid Minecraft player! Played Tekkit before FTB launched, so I have some good experience.

    I agree to the rules: Yeah!

    Quote from ninjan125

    IGN: ninjan125

    Age: 14

    Something about my self: I love minecraft and i've played it sience it came out on alfa. And i'm looking for a good FTB server to play on.

    Do i agree to the rules: Yes i do.

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    posted a message on PumpkinQuest.net: 24/7 Vanilla Public Exploration Anarchy Server
    Quote from Arnthor

    I would like to come out and admit something, something i probably should probably admit as im feeling quit guilty at the moment.

    After work i got drinking a bit one night and my mates were playing minecraft (on pumpkinquest), so i joined them in adding to our already well established settlement (i had soooooo many chickens) but after a while i became bored and was seeking some excitement so I went poking around in the nether on my own (as you do) and decided to start auto tunnelling (all you have to do is hold w press alt click back on the game and you'll auto walk, then if you unplug your mouse you'll automine) after 2000 blocks or so i surfaced into a nether fortress (rather luckily) and after exploring the region i unexpectedly came across a cobble stone bridge, this bridge had rails on it and lead in two directions, so i choose a direction and was on my way.

    This direction lead to a overworld portal that lead to a iced over lake, and in the distance there was a Christmas tree, upon approach i saw that the xmas tree had things hanging from it that obviously (at the time) had to have been hacked in somehow (diamond ores and the such like) sooo in a rather destructive/revengeful mood i pulled out my fire-lighter and burnt it down, and rather excitedly (and pretty drunk by this point) decided to explore its depths. The place from what i saw was obviously not legitimately built and once i had found a full stack or so of TNT i began rigging up the place to blow. Only after blowing half the place to hell did i notice that this was actually your "bunker", i saw signs indicating places where you, def and moppu lived, but being in the mood i was in i carried on blowing the place to hell (this includes your separate area at the other end of the tracks :/ ).

    I also came across a Jesus <3 you pixel art which annoyed me, so that was also burnt down.

    Overall i had a lot of fun (at first) blowing up what you had spent a lot of time on and in the mean time gained a set of armour, sword and pickaxe that would never run out and had amazing enchantments (i believe this was from defilers vault), something no one should possess.

    In my defence, when i first saw the xmas tree and the ores and everything that had obviously been "hacked" in it just reminded me of all the times when i had legitimately built something only to have it all stolen and taken away by hackers that had joined the server for something like 20 mins and ruined everything i had (a hacker named "hippo something" comes to mind) and having been a legit player for a quite a while i just wanted to in some weird sense get some revenge on a hacker, but after seeing the signs for Jeffs place and Defilers place its obvious you weren't hacking you were actually just using creative mode on a serve that you run, which is absolutely completely right as your the ones running the server.

    And i really don't have any idea about minecraft hackers as your server is the only server ive ever really played on, all i know about is xray, extended attack reach, speed, flying and the ability to spawn items are considered as hacking.

    I did however blow up your personal place for the fun of it, drunk or not i should have done it and im sorry.

    I'm sorry i burned the xmas tree before finding out who it belong too and I'm sorry i continued to blow and burn everything up after i found it was your place, i griefed for the point of griefing at the time.

    If you want to ban me i totally understand because what i did was wrong and i accept that, i don't however believe many other people could have found where you were living, as you might know i single handedly found the previous maps "kesstopia" village just by exploring on my own (but that did take me a good month something which many greifers will not stick to) and i didn't grief that, unless you count me build half a wizard tower then leaving due to boredom as griefing. I seem to have a knack and toleration for travelling long distances.

    But please don't shut down the server because of me and my destructive actions (if infact that is the reason), reopen it and rebuild (ill even help)the server has been busy over the past couple of weeks (ive had 9 people that i know come on to the server at once). The servers inhabitants do get griefed quite a lot, and i wouldn't mind overall but ofter the griefers don't have a place to be griefed back themselves :/ I do however, go to coordinates x-189 z1500 and you'll see a house me and my mates have built with a full farm and ranch.

    TL:DR I griefed you xmas tree bunker Jeff, im sorry :sad.gif:


    Well, I am glad that someone came forward. I'm not really mad now that I know how it all happened and that it happened legitimately. It was just the last straw. I assumed that due to the extreme destruction that had inflicted it had to be a group of hackers. Not to mention that it was so far out of the way that you either had to be crazy to get there or have speedhacks to get there quickly.

    That Christmas tree was not made legitimately and against my wishes. I wanted to build it legit, hence the tree farm under the glass roof and the entire base was to be devoted to building it. But, a friend of mine came on and built it in creative mode before I could say anything about it. To be honest, I really liked it, so I let it stand, along with the Jesus. The Jesus pixel thing was funnier than anything else, so I left that as well.
    As far as burning the tree down, this is now the third and final time it will be burned down. I will not be replacing it this time. It was first burned by a rage filled Trashbag disappointed in some new comers to the bunker. Second, by a rage filled Dizzyku who, by my misunderstanding, had his belongings destroyed in a dispute about a misplacement of my belongings. Having his things destroyed, he had nothing left to lose and destroyed the tree. Then with a nice "F*** you" left the server and never came back. This more or less tricked my interests and left the server nearly empty of players for a month.

    Very recently I had been playing under another one of my spinoff servers and had lost interesting in the main server entirely. It had become more trouble than I was getting enjoyment out of it, so I simply typed /stop and that was the end of it.

    If you all would really like it back, I will certainly do that. As far as this map goes, I am thinking of starting a new one when the next update comes out. The addition of jungles is pretty significant and I think we would all like to experience that.

    Now, in regards to keeping the player files, which I will leave up to you, we can do one of two things. The first things is starting a new map all together, a fresh slate with no player file migration. The second option is to keep the player files and locations. So, when the new map comes you would have whatever you store in your inventory and you last location on the old map. We can make a vote on it in another post or leave a comment below.
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