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    Quote from Malacodor

    Internet Rule 30: There are NO girls on the internet. ;)
    Girl is obviously an acronym for "guy in real life."

    Also, great design can't wait to try it.
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    seems legit
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    I have a passion for clams. It all started when I was a small boy. My family had finally saved up enough money to go on a vacation to Hawaii and the first thing we did was go to the beach. While my family was swimming, I was eating ice cream that I had just bought when I saw it, a clam. The shell was so beautiful that I walked along the beach to find more. I lost track of time and ended up 6 miles down the coast when I had noticed that the sun was starting to set. My parents were nowhere in sight. I saw a man with a straw hat and a tye dyed shirt that seemed pretty harmless and friendly. So I walked from the water towards inland to talk to him. After I explained my situation he asked me "so your parents have no idea where you are right now?". I nodded my head and said yes. He told me to follow him and I did. After about 30 minutes of walking inland, we were in what looked like a small neighborhood of brick houses that seemed to be pretty old. He was quite silent the whole time but once we had gotten to his house, he informed me that he had a phone inside which I could use to contact my parents. After I went in, he closed the door and locked it. He then grabbed my arms and forced me into his basement, locking that door too. The basement was musty, cold, dark, and smelled interesting. I do not feel comfortable talking about the rest of the story but I will say that for the next 10 years of my life, I was shipped to south africa where I worked in a sweat shop against my will.

    And that is why I collect clams even to this day, because they remind me of the last time I had seen my parents.
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    So with the new snapshot 12w17a, writable books were added and I immediately thought of this.

    Note: I was playing on single player and went into offline mode to change my name. I do not own the account "bro."
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    Diamonds? nope, just chuck testificate
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    Mo creatures
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