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    posted a message on some blocks are just too hard to get :/
    I agree with this, those four blocks are unfairly hard to get.
    The problem with mossy stone brick and cracked stone brick isn't that you need to tear apart a stronghold to find it, in my opinion, it's that there are only three strongholds in a world. As such, once the three strongholds have been torn apart, you completely run out of new sources of mossy stone brick and cracked stone brick.

    I do, however, agree that we can't make it too easy to get things. As such, my suggestion for the blocks is as follows:
    Moss Stone: Moss grows onto cobblestone like grass onto dirt, but only at low light levels.
    Mossy Stone Brick: Moss grows onto stone brick like grass onto dirt, but only at low light levels.
    Cracked Stone Brick: Cook Mossy Stone Brick in a furnace to burn off the moss
    Chiseled Stone Brick: Craft 2 Stone Brick together (like with Chiseled Sandstone/Quartz)
    For all but Chiseled Stone Brick, you need to have found a dungeon in order to craft them.
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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.6 New Features & Snapshots Compilation - All you need to know about horses!
    Oh, this is fantastic. This sounds like it'll be one of my favorite updates ever.

    Baby zombies are adorable.

    Hopefully, though, monsters will have higher droprates than 5%, since it seems like they're already going to be fairly rare, I don't really want to have to find a couple dozen armored zombies for a single piece of armor.
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    posted a message on Marble
    I definitely support the idea of marble having all 16 colors, like wool.

    It should spawn in rare, large (~40 blocks?) veins all of one color.
    It should be craftable into slabs, stairs, and bricks.
    It should have the same durability as cobblestone.

    As a decorative block, it should only need a Stone or better pickaxe.
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    posted a message on More In-Depth Trading
    I think that it would add another level of depth to the game if villagers would trade different items or offer different prices according to the situation.

    The Builder

    A sixth villager type would be added, rarer than farmers but more common than other types, with the following trade offers:

    • Wood - 20-30 blocks for 1-2 emeralds
    • Smooth Stone - 20-30 blocks for 1 emerald
    • Sandstone - 16-20 blocks for 1-2 emerald
    • Smooth Sandstone - 6-8 blocks for 1 emerald
    • Stone Brick - 6-8 blocks for 1 emerald
    • Glass - 3-5 blocks for 1 emerald (Librarians would no longer sell glass)
    • Flint - 2-3 for 10 Gravel and 1 emerald (Farmers would no longer have this offer)


    Offers would be slightly reworked- what items are being offered would function the same way as it does now, but prices would not.

    So, villager prices would vary according to the village's size and location.
    The following resources are worth 2 emeralds in Desert villages, and 1 emerald in Plains villages:
    • Wood
    • Raw Beef
    • Raw Pork
    • Raw Chicken
    • Apples
    • Melon Slice
    • Cooked Chicken
    • Steak
    • Cooked Porkchop
    The following resources are worth 2 emeralds in Plains villages and 1 emerald in Desert villages:
    • Sandstone
    • Smooth Sandstone
    Additionally, traded quantities of items would vary:
    • Larger villages would buy and sell larger amounts of resources at a time - so a villager in a village with 5 houses might buy 14 wool per emerald, while one in a village with 30 houses might buy 20 wool per emerald
    • Desert villages would buy/sell fewer resources per emerald than plains villages
    • Wheat and bread quantities would vary according to the number of farmland blocks within a certain radius of the villages
    • Villagers who are traded with more frequently will reduce the price of more expensive offers
    • Diamonds would be bought 1 diamond per emerald, the current rate is extremely unfair
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    posted a message on The Second Armour Class
    Chainmail is sold by villagers. Problem solved before the thread was posted.
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    posted a message on Gold Nuggets as Currency?
    Gold has uses other than as currency.
    Emeralds were created to serve as currency.
    Therefore, emeralds make a better currency item. QED.

    Gold was historically used as money because it was rare and not good for much.
    Emeralds are rare and not good for much in Minecraft, Gold is more common and more useful.
    Why not pay an iron price instead of a gold one, while we're at it? Gold is more like iron than it is like emeralds, in game.

    Also, @"Realism" argument, just because humans chose to us a particular rare mineral as their preferred currency doesn't mean that testificates would do the same.
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    posted a message on New Gravel Texture.
    I honestly preferred the older texture, this feels more like small cobblestone than gravel...
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    posted a message on Ore reimplementation
    I completely lost respect for you at "infinite uses".
    Copper and tin are both really soft and not good for making tools on their own.
    Tin golems sounds stupid.

    And once you suggested putting gems in as a power boost ability, I kind of felt like punching you.
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    posted a message on [New world type] Mining Planet
    Quote from GUMMANDO

    The jobs are essentially the same, with only a different suffix behind the first three letters. Both still study the earth. It's the same difference.

    Geographers study things like continents, geologists study rocks. There's a huge difference. It's like saying that a sociologist is the same thing as a doctor, both study people.

    Anyhow, bedrock exists for a game reason. It must remain unbreakable and at the bottom of the map.
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    posted a message on New Biome: Stone Forest. [Images Included] {Announcement!}
    Yeah, that's beautiful. It'd be sort of like a basin (y'know, those weird patches of stone that sometimes appear), but far more interesting.
    Completely supported.
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    posted a message on New ores [with no mod]
    Quote from Someguyfromcrowd

    No, Creative isn't very happy. I heard it was suffering from depression.

    Bipolar, actually. All the best geniuses have bipolar.

    -Ruby Necklace: No, enchantments and item tiers have made combat as complicated as it need be without a complete overhaul.
    -New weapon/armor tiers: With the possible exception of Obsidian, no new tiers are needed.
    -Marble/granite/etc: Yes.
    -Colored torches and water: what?
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    posted a message on Purely Decorative Block Brainstorm Thread
    Marble. Unlike most suggestions for marble, and more like real life, it can come in many colors, like wool. It would have the durability of stone, but be fairly rare, spawning in fairly rare veins of 20-40 blocks of one color of it. So in order to get a large amount of marble in one color for your big, decorated house, you'd need to wander fairly far afield.
    Additionally, it could be crafted into columns, in the same color as the original block.
    (Column recipe: perhaps three marble blocks like so, for three column blocks?)
    :: :stone: ::
    :: :stone: ::
    :: :stone: ::
    Marble stairs and slabs would also be nice, but more awkward to add.
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    posted a message on Obsidian tools.
    Don't bring your damned "reality" into a Minecraft thread, obsidian-is-sharp-but-fragile-people!
    Obsidian in Minecraft is an incredibly hard substance. Therefore, its biggest virtue should be high durability.
    My conception of obsidian tools is that they'd be as good as stone, but with very high durability (considerably more than four times that of iron, at least, thereby making it have higher durability than the best renewable pickaxe (Iron with Efficiency III).

    I also sort of like your idea for its mining Obsidian slowly.

    Also the point about enchantments is good, it fits in with the rest of the idea, no particularly special uses, just durability.
    Sort of make it the boring-but-practical pickaxe, great to have for big mining projects, instead of the more popular awesome-but-impractical "like gold but better" design.
    Have it be designed to be used for digging out a tunnel or harvesting a load of resources for a building project.
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    posted a message on MOAR BOSSES
    ...No. No more bosses. Super-powerful mobs, like the Ghast or Enderman but even tougher, sure. Actual boss monsters, definitely no. The End is my single least favorite aspect of the game.
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    posted a message on New Achievement Idea!
    Any diamond block based achievement would have to be something like "make and place a diamond block", not "make 40 diamond blocks".
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