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    posted a message on [OLD THREAD] The Sanctuary SMP

    4 Days left until Season 3 starts!

    Be sure to apply before then if you want to be there when the server launches!!!

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    posted a message on [OLD THREAD] The Sanctuary SMP

    Hey I_am_Duktor,

    Please fill out the form if you would like to join :)




    What is your favourite thing to do in Minecraft?:

    How would you see yourself contributing to our community?:

    What makes a good Minecraft community to you?:

    Are you familiar with Discord? Are you comfortable using a microphone in a chatroom?:

    Tell us a little about yourself, an example would be other games you like to play or how you chose your IGN:

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    posted a message on [Pre-Release 1.1]OmniTools

    New version available!

    Pre-Release 1.1


    Changed some Item Names

    Added 4 new Achievements

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    IGN: Jebbuh

    Age: 17 years old/young

    Country: The Netherlands(Timezone: CEST +01:00)

    What is your favourite Build Style?: Classic(medieval), industrial, futuristic/modern

    Why you want to join the community?: I have been looking for a good Minecraft server/community for a long time and one of the moderators reached out to me and gave me a link to this post. I want to have fun playing minecraft with others to make amazing farms are cool looking buildings.

    What makes a good Minecraft community to you?: I like to help out others, so if someone needs help or asks a question I will be ready :P I am funny sometimes so I would also have some fun with others. And I can be very active and provide an active new friendly member to the community.

    Tell us a little about yourself: I like to play minecraft on servers with others, but finding one has proven to be rather difficult :/ Besides that I am friendly, funny and creative. I know a lot about minecraft, which is useful when making farms or technical builds :) I hope I get considered to be added, Thnx!

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    posted a message on [Pre-Release 1.1]OmniTools
    by Jebbuh

    OmniTools adds a total of 10 new tools to your game.
    These tools are called Omnitools and combine the pickaxe, axe and shovel into one, with a hoe variant also being available.

    Hello, and thanks for looking at my mod. I am currently working on OmniTools and would really appreciate any feedback, so if you find any bugs or have suggestions for the mod please post them below :)

    Currently the mod is in Pre-Release 1.0, to see if there are any bugs and to ask you for suggestion on things you would like to see in this mod. Please check the planned features before replying!



    10 different Omnitools, one for each material type Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold and Diamond with every type also having a Hoe variant.

    Omnitools combine the effects of the Pickaxe, Axe and Shovel into one allowing you to mine almost every block efficiently with one simple tool!

    They normal variant has 3 times the base value of it's normal durabilty and the hoe variant 4 times.

    Recipes for every Omnitool

    A custom creative tab with every Omnitool!

    4 New Achievements!:

    Planned Features:

    Adding Sharpness/Smite/Bane of Arthropods onto the Omnitools using an anvil

    Achievements Added


    Spotlight by SuntannedDuck2(No Commentary)


    You can make use this mod in videos for creative or informative purposes. Just don't forget to credit or link me :)

    You may use this mod in modpacks as long as you credit or link the me.

    You may NOT repost this mod or claim it as your own!

    Any questions don't hesitate to ask me :D

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    posted a message on ✦ The World of Apollo ✦ [1.12] [Vanilla Survival] [Graylisted] [Strong Community]

    Name: Jeroen (It's Dutch)

    In Game Name: Jebbuh

    Age: 17, I know you have the 18+ rule because you want mature players and I also saw that someone else who was 17 got accepted. So I wanted to give it a try too :) I am pretty mature, but everyone would say that probably. I can someone times be a bit annoying if I make a lot of bad jokes or something like that but if people don't like it and say that I would stop doing it. I would try to be mature and I am 90% of the time.

    Country: The Netherlands(Timezone: CET +01:00)

    Favorite Aspect of Online Play: The community. The reason I want to join a server to play minecraft is because other people really add something to the game. They build awesome creations, you can talk to them about one of your passions(Minecraft) and generally they know a lot about the game mechanics. An other reason I prefer playing on a server is to share my creations with people, I love to see other people their builds and help out.

    Least Favorite Aspect of Online Play: Swearing, I don't like it when people swear. It is okay if it is done sometimes or for good reasons but I don't really like it. Also finding a good and active server has proven to be really difficult with years of searching already behind me :/

    Extra Notes: I really hope I get considered to be added to this awesome community. And if I don't get accepted please let me know so I don't keep hoping that any moment I could get added. Thanks for reading my application and I hope I painted a pretty accurate picture of myself :D

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    posted a message on NULL

    Minecraft IGN: Jebbuh
    Age: 16 Years
    Gender: Male
    Timezone: +01:00 CEST
    Favourite Minecraft Youtubers: Ethoslab, Xisumavoid, Vintagebeef
    Playstyle (e.g. Builder, redstoner, etc): Collector/farming, I like to collect a lot of different items and build farms for them :)
    What version you started playing(specify if its Beta, Alpha, etc.): Alpha 1.3 or something
    How well of a builder are you?: Pretty decent ;D
    Building style: Medieval and modern
    What you believe you could bring to the community: Interaction and fun :D I like to help people and maybe prank them >:)
    Approximate hours a week you would expect to play: Depending on how active everyone else is probably 3+ a day and more in the weekends like 6+
    Skype(you can send this in private message): jeroenheidennl

    Why Should We Consider You?(atleast 30 words): Because I have been looking for a good community server for ages and I can usually work well with others and just have fun and help them if they want. I also like to have other people around so I don't get bored and maybe work on projects together! That is probably 30 words but idk xD Well I hope you will add me!

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    posted a message on How to write text on plank?

    It's called a sign

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    posted a message on Azshara,1.9,whitelisted Vanilla server recruiting new players!

    Hello! I want to apply

    -Experience: I have played minecraft for ~5 years now and played on a couple survival servers and spend most of my time watching minecraft on youtube.

    -Building/redstoning skills: Average, but I can build something good or make something useful with redstone :)

    -Age(Doesn't matter that much,I'm pretty young myself,I'm 18): I am 16 years old

    -Skype: jeroenheidennl

    -IGN: Jebbuh

    -Explain What Are The 3 Most Important Rules Of The Server (Your Opinion ) And Why?: Respecting other players and their builds. being mature, I think its okay to not always be mature and have some fun but not if it isn't fun for others. No hacking or griefing, we don't want the server to become a wasteland of broken builds and dirt towers.

    -How mature do you define yourself from 1-10?: 6-7, because I can make some really bad jokes!

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    posted a message on Mod Req: Some Redstone + Machinery + (Farming???) Ideas

    I really like the second idea, and yes it is possible. I would suggest that you only need a couple blocks for it to work and people can build the mill themself instead of having it be a multiblock structure. Also this would making bread and other foods a lot more fun :)

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    posted a message on Looking for mod ideas or requests!

    This is not really the right place to aks this, but to get red sand instead of normal sand you need to give it a damage value.

    GameRegistry.addSmelting(Blocks.grass, new ItemStack(Blocks.sand, 1, 1), 1.0F);

    To get a block or item with a damage value you need to first give it an amount and then the damage value you want, as shown above. This will give you red sand when you smelt grass in a furnace. If you need more help pm me or make a new topic since this one is for mod ideas or suggestions :)

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    posted a message on Looking for mod ideas or requests!
    Quote from Nikipata»

    If you want more ideas I have more. Some of them require advanced coding knowledge though.

    You can always tell them. And maybe I will try to make them, since the goal of this post is to learn more advanced coding and modding.

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    Quote from Nikipata»

    I have a request for a few ores and nether fishing. Hopefully it's not too hard. Can you do world generation? These ores will need to generate in the world. Even if you can't do world gen I would appreciate if you added the ores.If it's too hard I'll ask someone else to make this.

    Experium ore. Breaking it will give extra xp than usual. Can be crafted into bottles o enchanting. Cannot be made into tools or armour. Experience sword has looting enchantment automatically when crafted. This ore is quite common below level 50

    Orrechallum liquid. This generates in the world as liquid (similar to water). When walking in liquid, slowness III and wither. When placed in a cold biome freezes to Orrechallum ice. Mining ice with a silk touch pick will drop the ice (otherwise when mined with a normal pickaxe turn back into liquid). You can make very powerful tools and armour with Orrechallum ice, stronger than diamond. You can make the radiant ice sword, damage higher than diamond (sword applies slowness III when hitting someone). You can also make an ice bow that can fire out ice arrows that slowdown the enemy.

    Storm gem. Generates very rarely. The ore texture is stone, and one storm gem in the middle. Wearing full storm armour will "make it rain" and thunderstorm always. When attacking with a sword it summons lighting. One storm gem and 8 gold make the lightning block. The lightning block provides light just like glowstone. (Yes lightning not lighting)

    Extreme Nether fishing!!!

    Special blazing fishing rod crafted with blaze rods and fire resistant string (string+orrechallum ice=string) allows fishing IN LAVA. You can catch special fish, such as the ironskin fish (smelt ironskin fish for iron ingot or consume for resistance 3 for 1 minute) ender fish (craft with Experium to make ender pearl, or smelt into ender ingots. Ender ingots make ender armour that is as strong as diamond, tools or sword. The sword does bonus damage to endermen and ender silverfish?

    The blaze fish. Smelt into blaze ingots that can create armour that when the full set is worn lights you on fire, but provides strenght (no fire resistance). The blaze ingots can be used as fuel for furnaces (smelt 32 items?) And made into tools that "autosmelt" ingots (mining iron ore makes iron ingots. The sword sets enemies on fire.

    That was all the ideas I had, I had more ideas but they would be too hard for you (I wanted a freezer with custom gui, but that's too much)

    Thanks for your idea, I am not sure if I can do lava fishing but ore generation shouldnt be too hard. I will see what I can do :)

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    I recently started modding again for 1.8 and I need something to mod. Ofcourse I have a lot of ideas myself but they are really complicated.
    So if you have and idea or request for a simple mod, this means no custom GUI, mobs or mechanics but just items/blocks/recipes/achievements. Also try to request something that isn't too big of a project.

    Here will be a list of things you can request and I will probably do



    Blocks with custom models,

    Crafting Recipes(Shaped, Shapeless, Smelting),

    Creative tabs with Background,

    Achievements with their own page,

    Simple textures,

    Ore generation,

    More to be added as I learn!

    Please try to be specific when requesting a mod or describing your idea, also I will credit you for the mod idea!
    If you have any questions feel free to ask them!



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    posted a message on [v1.0.4] Craftable Gunpowder by Netglex

    Cool mod! I know that a lot of other mods also allow you to craft gunpowder, but because this one is only about that it would fit in really well in a modpack with not too many mods :D

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