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    posted a message on [1.8]Minecraft Hunger Games[Accepting Contestants!]
    Have you ever wanted to stake it out in a massive arena with other players, and stay alive the longest? Well, now is your chance! Based on the book series The Hunger Games, me (Jaymus3/Jaymus584) and my friend(Epiclorax) are consteructing an arena full of traps, mountains, supplies, and other challenges! This time is our first hosting, so we will only accept six conestants this time, but next time we may be able to accept more (we are limited by computer speed, if anyone out there is generous enough to host the server for us, we would really appreciate it and we would make you a gamemaker!) Here are the rules:
    1. Me and Epiclorax are the gamemakers, which means we get to send in delightful surprises, which can be good or bad. The only way you can become a gamemaker is by making a huge contribution to the setup (Examples: Hosting, wiring, trapping areas, working on map, etc.)
    2. You may not leave th walled-off area. Anyone who does will automatically be disqualified and replaced.
    3. You may not attempt to dig outside of the bedrock or out of the arena. Anyone out of the arena is disqualfied.
    4. If you die, you're done, and your standings will be posted here, along with who killed you.
    5. This server will be hosted from 8:00p.m. central standard time to 10:00p.m. on Fridays (unless someone else hosts, then it may be different.)
    6. My screen will be recorded and posted here at the end with footage of all of the contestants.
    7. If you cannot attend the first session for the games(I will notify all contestants and backups through message) you will become a backup and your backup will become a contestant. Note that if both of you do not show, you are disqualified.

    Here is the current progress:

    Map: Close to done!
    Traps: Desgining, probing, working
    Wiring: Almost done!

    Backups(For when the contests cant make a session. NOTE: If both a backup and contestant can't make it, that person is disqualified. They also get to choose from a list of items what they want to send to their ally, but they don't get to choose when.):

    TigerGym14(Don't know if that is user or not(Undecided))

    To apply to be a contestant or backup, you can either message me through here or just reply to the topic. NOTE: We will only accept U.S. contestants. Make sure your message contains your username.

    P.S. I realize something similar to this has been done in the past, but they are very infrequent in their project, so we will try to be much more efficient. We also accept mineshafter accounts, but you need to notify me first that you have a mineshafter.
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    posted a message on [1.0.2][1.7.3]Jaymus' Ore Pack (RS Based)
    This mod was single-handedly made by me, and is my first mod made, so any bugs you find please report immediately, although i found none.
    This Mod Includes:

    11 new ores based upon RS, but fun for non players These ores include:

    Tin Ore
    Copper Ore
    Bronze Ore
    Steel Ingot (No ore, crafted)
    Black Ore
    White Ore
    Mithril Ore
    Adamant Ore
    Rune Ore
    Dragon Ore

    You can make tools using any of these ores, they operate as normal ores, and should work wonderfully.

    Better Ingot textures (please no hate comments about them)
    All textures updated.
    Tin and copper making Bronze Ingots
    More materials
    Armor Support (Have the armor down, need to make you able to view it on player)

    NOTE: The more people use this mod, the more updates I will make. Please comment your feedback on the mod, so I can make better mods in the future.

    No modloader required!
    This mod works with the Too Many Items mod also, so you can give yourself any of these tools or ores.

    Make suggestions on improvements I could make.

    Extract all files to the minecraft jar. Delete META-INF. No modloader required. Should run!


    Steel Ingots are made using the following recipe:



    Made ores softer and easier to dig.
    Added ore spawn in map.
    Fixed dig rate of stuff and strength.
    Fixed steel crafting.
    http://adf.ly/2GJX5 [1.0]
    http://adf.ly/2GJYf [1.0.1]
    http://adf.ly/2GKBi [1.0.2]
    Dropbox link will be added soon
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