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    posted a message on What is the stupidest thing you've done on your survival world?

    A few months ago I finished exploring my first woodland mansion. Happily returning home, my mom called me. When I came back to finish flying back home I accidentally threw my diamond sword... Note I was quite high in the air so I didn't use up more fireworks for my elytra.

    It took me a few seconds to realize it's gone and I yelled "NO" and I dive-bombed into an island trying to find it... and I didn't have a totem in my off hand... So yea...

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    posted a message on Furnaces and Stone Tools

    It is a bug. What device is it?

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    posted a message on Survival server - what do you prefer?

    No grief, no PvP, just a server made to have a great time.

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    posted a message on Join my Survival Realm!

    Hey, guys! I'm creating a survival realm that's going to be staying for a LONG time. It's also pretty easy to join!


    - No cursing.

    - No spamming.

    - Keep the chat PG.

    - This is a friendly realm. Flames and insults are not allowed.

    - Have a GREAT time!

    - Do not grief.

    - Being inactive for a while can result in a kick.


    - Your PC Minecraft Username:

    - What days are you active on?


    The realm will be up 24/7.

    See you there! :D

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    posted a message on [NEW] Realms server looking for chill smp players

    IGN: Jay29

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    posted a message on 17w15a Can't discard items by dragging them outside the GUI area.

    Huh, that's kinda weird... Better report to Mojang at

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    posted a message on 1.12 news and updates (source: Twitter @jeb_)

    New snapshot out for 1.12. One step closer to 1.12!

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    posted a message on Is this even possible?
    Quote from Fyqcraft»

    What TMC said. I myself have found many dungeon chests with two name tags in them.

    Interesting, I've played since I was nine and I've never found two nametags in a single dungeon chest. Aw, I thought I was lucky..
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    posted a message on What are some stupid ban/kick/jail reasons you have seen or experienced?

    I got banned from a terrible realm for not caring if I got banned from it.

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    posted a message on Minecraft 1.12 Update Opinion Thread

    Concrete: I honestly think this would help a lot of people in pixel art, and other builds like realistic stuff. These blocks are awesome because stained clay barely follows it's name. Rating for Concrete Blocks = 10/10. Good for builders like me!

    New Wool Pallets: I have mixed feelings for these. They look awesome but the old ones looked awesome as well. Rating for new wool = 6/10. Some of the new ones look good but some of them are... strange.

    New Banner Pallets: I don't see the difference and I really don't care. Rating for New Banner Pallets = 7/10.

    New Sheep Pallets: The new sheep wool is nearly hard to notice for me but overall, I'm liking it! Rating for new Sheep Pallets = 9/10. Old ones are just a tad bit nice.

    Inventory Saving: I'm not a fan of this. I sometimes play on creative realms and I'll see myself not liking it. You can't shift and hold space to fly at the same time anymore if you save an inventory. Rating for Inventory Saving = 2/10.

    Terracotta Blocks: These look moderately nice, but I won't see myself using this especially in survival. Rating for Terracotta Blocks = 7/10. At least stained clay in mesas have a use if I want terracotta in survival (which I highly doubt I will).

    Magma Block Fire: Nice little change. Rating = 10/10

    Zombie Pigmen and Beds: Again, nice little change. Rating = 9/10

    Painting Choosing: I thought they did this before, but maybe I'm wrong. Rating = 7/10. Good enough for decorators.

    Dye-able Beds: This feature was requested so many times, but now they add it! So now I can dye my bed light green! Now I'm hoping that that banner designs can be applied to them. Rating = 10/10.

    Parrots: Honestly, I'm so excited that they added another bird to Minecraft! Cookies have a better use, parrots imitate hostile mob sounds which sound funny ... but the two things I don't like is that you can't breed them, and jumping causes them to fly off of you. Rating = 8/10. Awesome, but could be better.

    Advancements: I have mixed feelings for these: I like it but miss the achievements. But what really caught my mind was that you can make custom ones and custom rewards, which, of course, I'll try to do fair rewards on my survival world. Rating = 6/10. I love these now but the achievements are a good memory in my heart.

    Crafting Book: I haven't learned the quirks of this thing completely, so I'll get back to you in a second.

    Pillager Mob: I really think there's going to be a pirate mob yet Dinnerbone says it won't. Maybe there'll be a pirate ship structure filled with pillagers (pirate villagers) and their treasure is gold. There'll also be parrots and a captain! What are your opinions? Pumped for a new illager!

    I will edit this when all of the 1.12 features are out so I can give my opinions on them.

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