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    Quote from collectics

    *snippitysnip* (am i doing it right?)

    It's ok. I was jk'ing (story was true though). While I'm here...

    and it burns,


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    A Game & Watch Studios Production:

    Hello and welcome to Escape from the Psychotic Lab by Jaxler1! Now before you go groaning, "Ugh, another EscapeCraft clone," heed my words. It is a bit different from other maps in the genre. This map is more parkour-heavy than most escape maps, and it contains many elements not often seen in maps of its kind, such as an ender pearl section, teleportation maze, pseudo-boss rooms with difficult enemies, and more! Will YOU make it back home to your family? Or will you die a painful death to the hands of the traps and trials of the Pyschotic Lab?

    Note: The parkour in this map is really hard. I would recommend playing t3c parkour map for practice. Estimated run time: 15-20 min. or more. Supports two players maximum. Rules are found in the book in the spawn room.

    Feedback is much appreciated! This is my first map, so please tell me if you like it. Also, if you find any bugs within the map, leave a post on this thread and I will fix it in an update. If the map gains enough popularity, I'll make a sequel.



    v1.0.1 for 1.6.2: http://jaxler1.edublogs.org/
    v1.0 for 1.6.2: http://jaxler1.edublogs.org/


    Collectics: 7/12
    Dreknathal: 4/5


    Youtube LPs (make a reply and I'll add yours):

    Early Beta footage:
    Featured Co-op: & ,
    Single Player Runs: ,

    P.S. There are Easter Eggs hidden around the map. Find them all for a surprise.
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    I'm starting to get the impression that the thread is dead... I haven't seen any updates in eons. Just sayin...
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    Quote from collectics

    Escape from the Psychotic Lab by Jaxler1
    Creativity: 2. Although there were some clever puzzles, half of the map was hard parkour challenges that I didn't like at all. Boss fights stick out from the puzzles and ruins the atmosphere somewhat. The story: Escape from a laboratory/testing facility. Why do people use this plot all the time? (Portal) It's overly redundant and requires minimal thinking to ponder the story and its ending.
    Difficulty: 2. There was a gradual difficulty curve throughout the map, something I did not expect. However, the parkour are all extremely hard and should be easier or removed entirely.
    Detail: 1. The rooms are all square with iron blocks for the walls, floors, and ceilings. Very, very little block variation. It was not pleasing to my eyes. :/ I know you are going for a test facility feel, but how about using quartz blocks or other white materials to make it feel more like a laboratory?
    Gameplay and Experience: 2. I liked some of the puzzles in the map but the parkour should be removed and replaced with some more brain teasers or boss fights. Also, you should add some more detail to the building itself to make it look better. All in all, this is a decent map that you should play if you are looking for a good brain teaser, but consider it below average.
    Overall Score™: 2+2+1+2 = 7/12. Below Average.
    Diamonds to you. I look forward to your next map. :)

    Ok thanks for the advice! A few notes:

    1.) The sequel is going to change the story drastically. It will be called Return to the Psychotic Lab, and have the main character rescuing his kidnapped family members (mentioned in the ending).
    2.) Quartz blocks had not come out until a month before I released it, so that was on my mind, but I just couldn't change it.
    3.) I agree with just about everything else you mentioned

    Thanks for the review. :)

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