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    Maybe for uncooked food (especially raw meat - why do you have those set to take longer to decay than cooked meat?), but in my opinion it would just be annoying to have to keep track of where you left all your food or it would rot. This seems like something best done with a mod, because I don't think it's a feature all (or even most) players would want to use

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    Because I'm sure raw meat takes longer to decompose in real life as well.
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    This is ridiculous; as if hunger needs any more micromanaging, and what happens to food that naturally generates in chests? The times you give aren't even that long; one day is 20 minutes and I typically play for 200 minutes or 10 days; so the baked potatoes I eat are only good for 2 days, or just 40 minutes until I must return home to get fresh food?! Even steak only lasts 120 minutes. That's just insane and totally ruins exploration! I assume you think spending only 40 minutes playing is normal but I bet a majority of players spend a lot more time than that.

    Indeed - consider that the most game-breaking "feature" of 1.8 is that you MUST enchant new items since you can only repair them a limited number of times - this is the exact same issue here since I'd have to return home to enchant, instead of spending 6-8 hours at a time (i.e. food would have to last for up to 24 days - even your "salt" won't be enough unless I am to eat cake, pumpkin pie (salted pumpkin pie?), or raw meat; and why does raw meat last longer anyway? It usually has bacteria that will speed up decay (hence why the package usually tells you it must be thoroughly cooked) - oh, I know - because it is worse in the first place, so you are INTENTIONALLY adding micromanagement!) enjoying the game (I do not return home after each play session). This is so much (along with other changes) that I've forever resigned myself to never playing on any version after 1.6.4, at least not without mods (1.9 has fixed that with the addition of the Mending enchantment, but has similar issues).

    NOTE: "downgrade to an older version" is NOT an excuse for many people.

    Should I increase the time taken for foods?

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    I like your idea. It would be cool if foods expire.


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    Making soccer based puns is now my new goal.

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    Basically, foods will decompose after some time if left in chests, item frames, or in the player's inventory. The decomposed food will all result in a new item: Rot. Rot, when eaten, will fill one hunger point but give the player nausea, poison II, hunger II, and weakness I for 2 minutes. The rot can be used as a very weak fertilizer. 10 rot used on a crop will only advance it by one stage.

    The decomposition bar, which is dark green, is like a durability bar but it only affects foods.


    Below is a list of foods and how long it takes for it to decompose.

    Cake: 28 days

    Cookie: 5 days

    Rotten Flesh: 1 day

    Raw fish: 8 days

    Clown fish: 8 days

    Puffer fish: 10 days

    Raw Salmon: 8 days

    Pumpkin pie: 18 days

    Apple: 9 days

    Raw Beef: 12 days

    Raw Chicken: 12 days

    Raw Mutton: 12 days

    Raw Porkchop: 12 days

    Raw Rabbit: 12 days

    Poisonous Potato: 1 day

    Melon: 5 days

    Potato: 4 days

    Baked Potato: 2 days

    Cooked Beef: 6 days

    Cooked Chicken: 6 days

    Cooked Mutton: 6 days

    Cooked Porkchop: 6 days

    Cooked Rabbit: 6 days

    Rabbit Stew: 3 days

    Mushroom Stew: 4 days

    Bread: 5 days

    Cooked fish: 4 days

    Cooked Salmon: 4 days

    Carrot: 5 days

    Spider Eye: Does not rot

    Golden Carrot: Does not rot

    Golden Apple: Does not rot

    Enchanted Golden Apple: Does not rot



    Players can slow down the time taken for foods to rot by putting it in a freezer.

    Freezer Crafting Recipe:

    S S S

    S C S

    S R S

    S = Snow block

    C = Chest

    R = Redstone

    The freezer is powered by redstone and will slow down the time taken for foods to rot by an additional 10 days. The food must remain in the freezer for it to work, and taking food out of the freezer and putting it back in will have no effect on the food.



    Players can also slow down the time taken for foods to rot by crafting it together with salt. Salt is obtained from the ground at iron level, and it comes in veins of 3 - 5 blocks. The salt ore can only be mined with an iron pickaxe and above. The salt looks like iron ore but the brown iron colour is replaced by a white colour. When mined, the ore will drop 2 - 4 salt. Salt is crafted together with foods in a crafting table. Each salt will increase the time taken for foods to rot by 1 day, but each food can only be crafted together with salt 3 times. The texture for salt is the same as the texture for sugar, so the texture for sugar will be changed to look like small white cubes. (Sugar Cubes.)


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    This is a great idea and it would make me feel rewarded for completing an achievement.


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    Can you give me a link to the command?

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    Hello everyone,

    Is there a command that spawns a motionless fireball from a spawn egg that a player can punch to make an actual fireball?


    Is there a way to give a random item the power to shoot a fireball when left-clicked? (Using commands)

    Thanks in advance! :)

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