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    Oh sorry if it came off like I wanted Mojang to add this to everything. I more was just wanting to get the idea out there for some personal fun. Make the game slower, not to change any way people can play the game. I feel nothing in game should be changed just more that this is a challenge that someone could do with a friend to enhance their play experience.

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    I've played Minecraft for many years, and was starting to get a little bored of the base game. I always felt Minecraft was sort of just a race to the top armor, and tools, and well it is but a friend, and I came up with something to slow Minecraft down a bit. Not many have sought to do this in the base game, but I've seen many mods with a similar concept. Turning Minecraft into a quest oriented rpg. Honestly I would love for people to critique the rules, and possibly make it harder, though were not done with the challenge ourselves. I feel this would give people a new energy for wanting to play Minecraft in a new, and inventive way without downplaying the finesse given to us by Mojang. Here are the first 3 ages sorted out:

    Age 0:

    Obtain 32 seeds without farming

    Obtain 32 beef

    Obtain 64 logs

    Age Wood:

    only wooden tools, and a set of them

    5x5x5 house

    3 stacks of cobble

    Full leather armor

    Wheat farm set up

    Cow, and sheep 6 in each pen

    Full interior (crafting table, furnace)

    32 coal

    Full Barn

    32 bread

    3 stacks of wood

    Bow, and arrow with 32 arrows

    Three stacks of wood

    Age Stone:

    Only Stone Tools, and a set of them

    Stack torches w/ area lit up

    2 stacks of stone

    6 stacks of wood

    4 stacks of cobblestone

    Stack of coal


    Mine down to 12

    Half stack of iron ore

    Armor stand with extra set of leather

    Stack of food

    Build designated with two smokers, and two furnaces

    These are the steps to go to the next age per say. They are meant to slow down the game, not make it impossible to have fun so please keep that in mind for future developments.

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