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    Quote from GreyWolfSC

    Yes? One is fence posts with glowstone on the end and the other is a redstone circuit and redstone lamp. Glowstone doesn't need power. What other purpose would it serve other than to make pendant lamps? You didn't specify a use case for your idea in your original post.
    I used the glowstone as a placeholder as mentioned above because that is exactly what it would look like if you were to make hanging lights with redstone poles. Currently, there's no good way to do it without making an ugly mess in your ceiling. These can be in plain sight and not be an eyesore and are more compact, perfect for tight places. I'm not near as advanced with redstone as some people here but if I can find a use for it then those people definitely can. As a beginner at redstone I found it difficult to implement that redstone torch, stone, redstone wire, stair step contraption pictured in the image. It would be much easier and more practical to just be able to place a few of one block type on top of each other and call it done.

    I have no idea why you wouldn't want this as a feature as it saves time, resources, and space.
    If they were to actually implement this feature you could still use your ugly stair-step redstone contraptions as you please.
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    Quote from GreyWolfSC

    You can send currents vertically already by stacking alternating solid blocks and redstone torches.

    (No support)
    Alright, so you're telling me that THIS is easier to do, more practical, uses less resources, AND looks better than THIS?
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    Tired of having to make those redstone stairs for you complicated contraptions? Wish there was an easier way?

    A block that's modeled after a single pillar of Cobblestone Wall but has a red top texture and red bottom texture.
    It would carry redstone currents vertically and to any redstone activated block on either of the six sides.
    The red top and red bottom textures would not be visible when they are connected vertically so it would just look like a regular pillar of cobblestone wall.

    Crafting recipe:
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    After I saw this video of a group of people ruining a server with hacks it really got me worried.
    I host a small vanilla survival server that only me and my friends from school play on.
    If my IP were released I would have a problem with unwanted players joining. Since I am unable to be on my server at all times I would not be able to ban them.

    Are there any ways to prevent the following hacks?
    High Jump
    And any other hacks I am forgetting.

    On a second note, why is it so easy to hack? Does Minecraft have no security at all? Why don't hackers get banned from Minecraft?
    I am an experienced scripter of another coding language and I never have any trouble with hacking. Is Minecraft really that poorly coded?
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    posted a message on Automatic Track Switcher
    Does anybody know any good videos or tutorials to make a track switch when a cart passes over a detector rail? I've been messing around but couldn't get one working.
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    For some reason I have been getting these weird worlds with very odd terrain.
    Here's some pictures of what's been happening.

    When I first spawned on the level I noticed a part of a tree disappearing.

    Water that has been cut off, doesn't flow over the edge.

    Water doesn't start flowing until interacted with.

    The very fine line.

    A tree cut down the middle.

    I have noticed that this only happens with randomly generated seeds. It would be nice if this was fixed.

    The only mod that I have is Single Player Commands.
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    My asshole brother reset our adapter and I had to port forward again. Nvm
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    posted a message on Connection refused: connect
    Whenever I try to connect to my server or anybody's server I get an error saying

    Failed to connect to the server
    Connection refused: connect

    How do I fix this?
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    posted a message on MrMMods (BetterLight|Grass, SimpleMap) 1.8.1
    Doesn't work. Breaks my game. D:
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    I am 99% sure it doesn't exist. I haven't seen any red music disk in the game files.
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    posted a message on Generic Error Connecting to Servers
    When I try and connect to any server it says "Connecting To Server..." and then a few seconds later it says "Failed to connect to the server Connection timed out: connect". It's really frustrating and I can't join any server. Help me please.
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