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    posted a message on MCKeys ~ Play Minecraft Without a Mouse!
    I was bored, and I didn't feel like working on a different mod that is currently in development, so I decided to go play some minecraft. I didn't feel like grabbing a mouse, so I took one of the features of my other mod and made it standalone. I spit it out in about half an hours work. It is now:

    Usage is Simple, at the moment. Its not particularily customizable Unfortunately. If the reception is good, I may add customization. My goal is to keep it as simple and user-friendly as possible. :3

    • No need for a Mouse!
    • Customizable Look Speed!
    • Uh... Thats it
    • Know how to install mods. There are a plethora of youtube tutorials and other guides. Go Link Removed.
    • Currently Only Supports Arrow keys to Look. If there is the demand, I will add custom keybinds.
    • Custom look speed. Type into chat ".look speed #" where # is your custom look speed. Default is 5.
    • If you are really bored: Type ".look up/down/left/right" to manually look. Useful for fine tuning (or if you're masochistic. ._.)
    Just unzip and move it into your minecraft.jar. It really is that simple. You might have to delete the META-INF folder as well.

    Click me to Download!
    Not-Exactly-Hidden Link

    Boring Legal Stuff
    This mod (plugin, a patch to Minecraft source, henceforth "Mod" or "The Mod"), by the terms of http://www.minecraft.net/copyright.jsp is sole property of the Mod author (Jarwain, henceforth "Owner" or "The Owner"). By default it may only be distributed on minecraftforums.net, mcmodcenter.net. It may only be mirrored or reposted with advance written permission of the Owner. Electronic Mail is fine if you wait for a response. URL shorteners or other attempts to make money off The Owner's Mod are strictly forbidden without advance written permission
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    posted a message on Minecraft 3DS
    There is a MC clone released for the DS. Its for those fancy downloadable modded game chips. But yeah, if there wern't legal issues, I'd support
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    posted a message on Give Adventure Mode the ability to place blocks.
    Quote from Phantom_Zelon

    ...I agree with Mr.Diamonds. The point of adventure mode is not breaking blocks or placing blocks... I mean you have a big flaw right there. You can place blocks but not break. Therefore if you place a block, oyu cannot remove it.

    If you don't have any blocks to place, its essentially the same as not being able to place blocks. If you don't want a player to place blocks, don't give them blocks to place.

    If you do, however, then there you go. Let the map-maker give them blocks to place as they wish
    Quote from Withnothing

    Take out half the purpose of adventure mode? Nahh, then it would be easier to skip sections

    Elaborate how, please. "Use a lever to open a door that you're not supposed to open yet" THEN DON'T GIVE THEM A LEVER. Or materials for one, for that matter.

    Quote from Diamondexcalibur

    What About Options For Adventure Mode? Like Placable Mode Or Something? :P

    I like having options. xD But like I said, if you don't have blocks, you can't place anything.

    Quote from Cream147

    Clearly normal adventure map rules is that you can place blocks at the mapmaker's discretion. This is obviously hard to implement into the code, but something like the "/allowblock 13" mentioned above would work just fine. Of course this raises the question of whether you should be able to pick up the block you placed. If you place it in the wrong place then you could end up stuck if you can't, but if you can, you may be able to use levers multiple times that the mapmaker doesn't want you to - but then again maybe the mapmaker should just prevent this in his design. We'll see how they approach it.

    Quote from Addyizor

    what if you misplaced it by accident?

    I can see how the /allowblock command would work. But I think you shouldn't be able to pick up items you placed. So if you misplace it, you're screwed. xP Just be a little careful and it won't happen. Keep it off of your hotbar, move it only if you have to place it. And don't use direction sensitive materials. ._.
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    posted a message on Give Adventure Mode the ability to place blocks.
    Quote from kod_utanam

    Interesting idea. But also, placing blocks is disabled on purpose: in Adventure Mode player must not be allowed to alter map in any way. Though this rule prevents some interesting adventure functionality.

    So, in my opinion, special command must be implemented to allow certain blocks to be placed or destroyed by player in Adventure Mode. E.g. you type something like /allowblock 13 and voilà: you can now place or destroy gravel in Adventure map.

    It says they cannot alter the map in any way, and even if block placing was enabled, a person still would not be able to alter the map, unless the map-maker intends it. YOu can't place a block unless you have it, you won't have it unless the mapmaker gives it to you. You can't alter it to cheat, and you can't alter it accidentally.

    Quote from Mrdiamonds

    Ah, that's were redstone comes in. You find the hidden switch, walk in, flip another switch? I still don't see why it should be added, because redstone and the command block get most of the things.

    You didn't understand my example. Say its a puzzle map, each room is a different puzzle. You have to open the door to proceed. Some rooms have a hidden chest with a lever, allowing you to skip that room if you want. If you don't want, solve the puzzle and you can use the lever for a future level. Thats a map I'm kinda working on, except I can never get around to finishing it. >.>
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    posted a message on Give Adventure Mode the ability to place blocks.
    Quote from Mrdiamonds

    I don't see why. The door thing, you could just use a command block teleporter.

    Its not the same though. If you want a player to bypass a level if they found a secret hidden chest with a lever in a previous level, otherwise they have to do some complicated task, command blocks may not fit the job. Far from it.
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    posted a message on Im up for some new REDSTONE
    Quote from GoldTools

    They would be called Plugs, and they would come in Blue, Yellow, Green, White, and Cyan. They work exactly like redstone. To make a plug, get redstone, an iron ingot, and a dye of that color to create a plug. That is MY idea.

    I would say to nix the iron ingot. I mean, you don't need iron to make colored wool, do you?
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    posted a message on Flying potion! All the information on it in this topic!
    For those that are saying that its an advantage in PVP, oh it is. But so will invisibility potions. If both players carry around that flying potion, or several of them, things get fun.
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    posted a message on Give Adventure Mode the ability to place blocks.
    You should be allowed to place blocks in Adventure Mode. It can't break an adventure map's functionality, because a player would not be able to obtain the block to place it, unless the map-maker intended it.

    I don't understand why you can't place blocks in adventure mode. Adventure mode is for custom maps where you can't break things, right? Leave it so you can't break blocks. Make it so you can still place blocks.
    It should not affect any well constructed map, because how will the player obtain these blocks in the first place? They can't break them after all. TNT traps should be used sparingly, there are more efficient/effective traps.

    Creepers might be the only way to unintentionally obtain blocks, but they can be avoided.

    "But why allow people to place blocks in the first place?" You may ask. Well there are some maps that give you buttons, levers, etc. to open doors with, but they may require you to switch between modes. That's hardly fun, now, is it? Allowing block placement would give the game a little more realism, while making it easier for a mapmaker to do interesting things. I've quoted something from Kriptini which does a much better job at giving examples in favor of this.
    Quote from Kriptini

    I agree with the OP 100%. Not being able to place blocks kills all sorts of possible puzzles.

    I made an adventure map back in the day where a player dropped into a long pit with a bunch of spiders. When the pit detected a player inside of it, pistons moved blocks in a way that caused the wall to slowly move towards the player, eventually crushing him. The player had to kill spiders to obtain string and then craft wool blocks to get out of the pit before he gets crushed.

    If adventure mode prohibits block-placing, then awesome mechanics like these will be impossible.

    Another example: I made a puzzle dungeon where players needed to obtain redstone torches, which were "keys" used to unlock the final door by placing them in "shrines" which were connected to logic gates behind a wall that the player couldn't see. These logic gates unlocked the exit once enough keys had been placed.

    Again, if block placing is not possible, you can't make awesome puzzles like those.

    If you truly want to be a great map-maker, you need to be open to ideas and be able to use ALL the features you're given to their maximum extent.

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    posted a message on VERY SIMPLE GUI BLOCK! (HELP PLEASE!)
    Quote from teh8bits

    I'm 15 and I made one of if not the most successful minecraft mods to date. My forums have over 2000 members and I have like 600 subs on youtube. My weebly had well over 250,000 hits before it got shut down and my mod had over 100,000 downloads. Don't pull the 15 crap on me :tongue.gif:

    See? Memory does serve. :3
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    posted a message on VERY SIMPLE GUI BLOCK! (HELP PLEASE!)
    Looks like the inventory GUI, right? Then go look for the class that talks about inventory GUI. Maybe something along the lines of inventoryGUI or inventoryWindow. Now that you've found the class you want, look at your picture. Look at what you want, and compare it to what is already there. Look at the code. Realize that it renders each square separately. Think about what that means. Realize that you can choose which blocks you want to render and which ones you don't. Figure out which lines correspond to which blocks of the inventory. Copy the code you need. Happy? Step by step dumbed down so a five year old could understand it. If it doesn't work as expected use your brain to figure it out. I never looked at the source code for dis.
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    posted a message on Yourcraft Mod Help(need coders)
    Quote from Dareth1212

    hah! I want to CODE not tamper! I want to, from scratch, create a program, so I am not making little tweaks that suck. Almost all good mods have good modders that know java. btw little fact, i coded C all my life, completely different. I have about 15 minutes a day, and at most an hour on weekends to play. I'm sorry if thats too little time for you, but i am doing other things than video games in my life.

    Then don't create a MOD for minecraft. Do something more productive, like making a C port of Minecraft. Go code that from scratch. Sure, all good mods have good modders that know java. But all they're really doing is making tweaks to the code. Introducing hooks, making some classes, making new mobs, new items. Its easy, especially with the right tutorial.

    Okay, only 15 minutes, an Hour at tops? Take that time to Code. Take small amounts of time, get little bits done. Then you deserve the 25%. There's no reason for someone to work with you for only 75%. None at all.

    And you never even gave a reply to what I said about Evenprime. :tongue.gif:
    Without decent facts and reason why you deserve the 25%, you won't be going anywhere.

    Had to insert this as well
    Quote from Dareth1212

    let me think...TEXTURE MAKING programs, mob building programs, and so many others.
    So, dont even start me on them. btw so, if I modded 75%, the person who modded 25% who I hired should get all the money?

    Texture Making: Gimp. Free. Photoshop (pirated)
    Mob Building: 3D modeling for mobs? Techne. Exports everything in java code for MC.

    So lets start this whole argument over, shall we? Be civilized, and take the time to write a reply. Ignore teh trolls and everyone else. Just tell me this:

    Why do you believe you deserve any part of the donations?
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    posted a message on Yourcraft Mod Help(need coders)
    First, what donations? You know Evenprime? Coder of the Best anti-cheat plugin, NoCheat? Almost all of those donations are from coders, hackers, and griefers.
    Second, if you don't have the time to learn how to mod and put in a few items with modloader, then you definitely do not have time for MineCraft. Adding items are easier than making a decent toggle or a flymod.
    Third, ideas are worth nothing. The final product is what the money comes from. You deserve 0% just for the idea, and graphics are easy enough. Especially 16 bit graphics.
    Learn to code. It will help you so much more. It even gives ideas on how to expand. But unless you code it yourself, you don't deserve anything.

    Lastly, VOUCH fer 8bits. ε>
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    posted a message on Looking for VPS
    Hi, I'm looking for a server with the following specifications.

    - Xen Virtualization
    - <$50 Month
    - 4GB RAM (Guaranteed Or swapped, no burst)

    I don't want anything by
    Optimal Gaming
    Orca host
    or Avante.

    Any ideas? :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Bigzom Nation Ultimate Survival Server.
    Question 1. Are you above 13 years old? N0
    Question 2. Whats your Favourite Colour [email protected]
    Question 3. Do you like servers that allow griefing? N0 gr13f3rz r [email protected]
    Question 4. What kind of bath's do you like? [email protected] 1s
    Question 5. How many servers are you banned from?42
    Question 6. Do you think Black Ops sucks? I pwn [email protected] 0pz den ah get a killz stweak that gos 10000 ppls lng
    Question 8. What country are you from? New yurk
    Question 9. On our server, creepers aren't allowed, do you like this? y35 cr33puhs r [email protected] bad gr33n th1ngz [email protected] k1ll peopulz
    Question 10. Linen or Cotton? s1lk
    Question 7. did you notice 7 wasn't where it was supposed to be? [email protected] are u tlkin abt? 7 iz aft3r 10
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    posted a message on [v3.7] AMIDST - Strongholds, Village, Biome, Etc. Finder. [1.7.4]
    Quote from Otaku

    It won't open.

    What happens when you try?

    Love the signature Btw
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