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    posted a message on Orcworm Chaos 24/7. IP=ORCWORM.CO.UK:1
    New Donation System In Place!

    Check out the packages at: http://store.buycraft.net/chaos/category/63
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    Server Name : Orcworm Chaos Server
    Minecraft Server IP : Orcworm.co.uk:1
    Website : orcworm.co.uk
    Slots: 50
    Owner: Orcworm

    Okay. So obviously, you’re here on the server section looking for a great, unique, and friendly server that is free to play. We here at Orcworm.co.uk:1 understand that and have been administrating our server since alpha. With this experience comes the understanding of what a player wants and we have provided an optimal environment for this. We have selected various plugins that optimize the experience of the player, including McMMO, Factions, and many others.


    With our dedicated server, running with 16GB RAM, and an Intel i7 processor you will hardly have any lag while playing on our chaos server. The orcworm.co.uk server has been around for over a year now and we don’t plan on going anywhere. We have a great team of administrators ready and willing to help any player new or old.


    Our community is very friendly, largely populated, and full of a variety of different people from across the globe. We have been around for a long time, and this results in a vibrant community. We would love for you to join in, and help our community be even more active and interesting. We have a forum site at orcworm.co.uk which is loaded with interesting posts that vary from Minecraft to other games.


    This server has a perfect environment for Player versus Player combat. We don’t call this server ‘Chaos’ for no reason. This server has various factions that compete for land all the time, and this results in a giant PvP environment with many factions competing to be top. If you think you are up to it, come join us and see if you can handle the level of PvP going on.


    For those players who like to build up infrastructure to support their faction instead of hardcore PvP we have added McMMO. This allows users to gain levels as a reward for hard work. With these levels comes extra powers that make the game more enjoyable and rewards those who work hard in each skill section.

    Why should I join?

    Ah, Of course. The famous question IS included! WHY should I join?
    You should join Orcworm Chaos to become part of a growing community that’s being populated by the second. We have 100 slots, and are expanding very quickly. We’ll be upgrading to 200 Slots very soon. If you want non-stop PvP, with fair staff, a good economy, epic plugins, all in one cocktail, Orcworm Chaos is your server.

    Technical Stuff (Server Specs.):

    CPU: Intel i7-2600 @ 3.4GHz
    RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz
    SSD: OCZ Vertex 3 120GB
    HDD: 2* Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM 3TB 6GB/s RAID 1
    OS: Debian 6 x64
    Location: Germany
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    posted a message on [Public] Orcworm's 24/7 SMP Server [PVE] [PVP]
    Updated to 1.0!
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    posted a message on [Public] Orcworm's 24/7 SMP Server [PVE] [PVP]
    Server is updated to 1.8.3 etc. We are still running great, we reccomend you comeon and check out some of our builds :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on [Public] Orcworm's 24/7 SMP Server [PVE] [PVP]

    Server Status:

    :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: Server Information :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red:

    Server IP:

    Website: http://www.orcworm.com

    IRC: irc.quakenet.org - #Orcworm-SMP (A webchat link is also available on the server site)

    Player Cap: 100

    Host: http://www.hetzner.de (Dedicated server in German data centre)

    24/7 - Restarted when needed by staff.


    PVE: Yes

    PVP: Yes

    Items: No kits, no free items, this is Minecraft how it was meant to be played

    Banned Items: TNT :tnt:

    Major Plugins:
    Log Block
    Private Warp
    Magic Carpet
    World Guard
    World Edit
    Minecart Mania
    And Many Many More

    :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: Server Rules & Guidelines :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red:

    - Griefing, hacking, duping and glitching is not allowed, no-one should have an unfair advantage.

    - Be respectful towards other members.

    - Items are earnt, not given.

    - Players earn gil (the currency) by killing mobs and trading with players. All players start with 500 gil.

    - For a list of full rules please visit http://orcworm.co.uk/rules.html

    :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: Ranks & Miscellaneous Information :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red:

    The ranks on the server are as follows:

    Owner (Orcworm)
    *=Some users have custom tittles but they are still blue
    The map is saved every 15 minutes and is backed up every 2 hours.

    CPU: Intel i7-950 @ 3.07GHz
    RAM: 16GB DDR3 1600MHz
    HDD: 2* WD 7200RPM 1.5TB RAID 1 + 120GB SSD
    Bandwidth: 10TB / Month on 100mbit line
    Misc: Running Debian 6 x64 & Java 7
    Location: Germany

    :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: Some Pictures of Builds :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red:

    Statues that are outside spawn:

    The Orcworm Statue:

    Our Spawn At Night:

    :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: What You Should Do Upon Joining :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red: :Red:

    Upon joining you should read these two important groups of signs:

    The Rules:

    The FAQ:

    After that you can walk in any direction, we have 4 bridges each heading in a different direction, or you may go to the spawn floor and buy some items and head over to the rail station to travel quickly to one of our four major cities.

    Station Entrance:
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    posted a message on Ex Admin, looking to join a server
    You probably found one already, but if you not check out orcworm.co.uk. Before you join check our membership base by reviewing our website at orcworm.com, and then you can head over to the forums and post an introduction.
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    posted a message on Terrania VS Minecraft
    Minecraft is way better, who wants to play 2d minecraft?
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    posted a message on Like or Hate New cobble textures??
    Change can be scary, but change and shaking things up is good.
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    posted a message on 1.7 Bug Discussion
    When I used a piston on a torch my game crashed D:
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    posted a message on Are cobwebs going to start appearing on maps?
    That'd be god like to have soon. Webs ontop of stacked fence [he add stacking] would look like barb wire fences :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Worst update
    Worst thing to do would be to remove some sort of feature we already have. Maybe never adding a cat would be bad.
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    posted a message on Don't you just hate _0.1 updates?
    Why would you not like them? They fix fatal bugs!
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    posted a message on To all Update 1.7 haters.
    Hay I like that he is making it more realistic. This update is good, I don't see any problems with shears.
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    posted a message on What do you think is the best improvement in the 1.7 update?
    Shears ftw, I love the ability to get leaves :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on Is this a new feature, or am I going nuts??
    Yep I had a complaint about this, this makes playing minecraft in the dark even more fun :biggrin.gif:
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