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    posted a message on Lit Torches While Holding Them
    I think that if torches, in real life admit light WHILE your holding them they should in the game. What if your in a cave but only have a couple torches? Then, if they did make light while holding them you wouldn't have to place your couple torches early and have the rest of your cave journey in the dark.
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    posted a message on Super Power Giving Items
    What if you had magic or mechanical boots that allow you to
    have super speed, jumping and other things. Like super jet
    packs or capes found in temples, or built by hand. They would
    Have life bars, fuel and special slot. Gauntlets that allow you
    to destroy stone or other things.

    Post your crazy suggestions
    for special utility items!
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    posted a message on My theory of the truth
    Oh... oh god. Were monsters! I feel terrible!
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    posted a message on NeW MOb iDeaS
    What do you think would be a good new mob?
    Hostile, tamable, friendly, or even NPC!
    Go nuts guys!
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