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    It's been a while since I have played Minecraft but... memories of this mod brought me back and needless to say finding ways to get it to work seamlessly as possible with "better with mods" would be the dream, for a more hard-core experience on the survival aspect. Being able to mill flour for bread etc. I'm looking into trying to get them to work together as best as possible but would love to find about where in progress this mod is. What version of Minecraft are they thinking of developing for? Scrolled a few pages back couldn't really see any news that stuck out about updates, have I missed something guys? 😕

    there is a discord https://discord.gg/dbqEdSF and thats about it, Sirse is trying for 1.12.2 but doesn't give release dates. And a good thing too, he gave a ruff estimate a few months back and there are still people whining about him missing it.

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    Quote from BlackJar72»

    Anyway, I don't know if a file even exist that conveniently has those recipes -- if not, someone ought to make one, and if some I'd like to have a copy.

    I Remember having the updated version, and you wouldn't believe it, i actually found it. it has the section on deep iron, as well as a full guide to the obsidion forge. nothing for crossbows,but i still have the pngs from ap. more then 4 years ago


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    Try this:

    Google "How to use clip art"

    Do it.

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    Congratulations! you installed a virus from a website known to have them and bootleg mods!

    Seriously, get an antivirus. and i mean a legit one.

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    You are making an addon for a heavily-in-beta mod, that is constantly updating, and planing on making a version jump when its done? and you are basing this on that?

    You're crazy XD

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    Quote from arisalanna»

    Do you mind telling me how to create a class choice GUI? I am creating a mod with professions, such as blacksmith, and want a GUI similar to your class selection. IK it may be too much to ask to see the code for it, so is there a tutorial anywhere?

    As this is a unique mod with very few coming close to it, you're not likely to find a tutorial anywhere. But if it helps he does have a github for this: https://github.com/ZsoltMolnarrr/ClassesOfWarcraft
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