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    Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NtdWust295qQP0u-H7RK3Q1RbxXVDjdD/view?usp=sharing

    Always back up your world before trying a new datapack!

    Chain world was a 'game' invented by Jason Rohrer. He had a USB with a minecraft world on it that was passed on to somebody with the hopes that they would play on the world for a while and pass it on to somebody else. That chain world died, now with good hopes we will start it anew...

    A chainworld now is a singleplayer world that is exchanged between people, which allows for asynchronous 'multiplayer' when friends have busy busy schedules. I find it a good meditation to relax in singleplayer, but still feel like I'm adding to a world that's lived in. Each player has an hour to play (future updates may allow for larger time limit choices), until it teleports them up to the lobby to wait the next player. Hide treasures, set traps, make some pranks before the time limit is up!

    Inventories, positions, and some custom achievements are shared.

    It's especially interesting when branches of worlds pop off. Different realities and takes on the same terrain and resources. A base of the building could form a clock tower or a town hall.

    Neat image from the last go at one of these worlds: https://imgur.com/t098HQK

    Now if you wanna try it out with me, hop on here! https://old.reddit.com/r/ChainWorldReturn/

    If not, the download's at the top and some more details are below, throw it in a discord and play within a friend group!


    README Text:

    In Order to work:

    * Make sure to move all of these files you download into your data pack folder, not within a subfolder inside of it.

    * Upon first loading this into a world, type /reload (you don't need to do this every time the world is opened, just the first)

    How to make it stop working:

    * Disabling the Datapack will stop it

    * Do not Open to LAN (a method to turn on cheats) has been known to cause some glitches

    * DO NOT PLAY IN MULTIPLAYER - you can world up the world in multiplayer but if you do, disable the datapack so no glitches occur.


    /function chain:end_early will speed up the timer so that the current chain world ends early and sends the player up to the lobby area.

    If something glitches, and you're supposed to be in the lobby area but you are back on the ground, do /scoreboard players set Chain_Total ChainActive 1 to auto move to the next chainworld iteration.

    If the chain world ends in the nether, it tp's you to overworld coordinates. I'm working on this and sorry it's happening. Worst case if you die upon the next iteration from suffocating... you just re-download the world in and break those blocks through command/pickaxe. We'll call it a feature not a bug for now.

    Notes and Credits:

    I made this to be able to play with friends with schedules that do not mach each-others. We have school and jobs, so this was a nice way to still play together, in a way.

    Chainworld Datapack created by Kai Medina

    Origins of the Idea: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/the-...

    Coordinate Scoreboard TP Datapack by emeraldfyr3

    Thanks to the Castle server, made this for yall :)

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