About Me

I'm a transgirl (and by extension, catgirl), a writer, but most importantly, a long-time lover of games. I mainly love open-world games and RPGs. Maybe why I love Bethesda games so much. I've been playing Minecraft since I was a young child. As for my writing, I'm working on an "advanced-technology fantasy" (for lack of a better name) novel about a man outcast from society after the death of his parents, his discovery of an ancient artifact only his home's protectors can wear and his subsequent induction as a "Carrier" to fight an ancient evil. Classy stuff, you know? Although my writing process is 95% procrastination and 5% writing. Still, if you'd like to hear more, please send a message! Maybe it'll get me pumped to actually work on it for once, who knows?

Location Shivering Isles

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