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    Hi, Minecraft Forum!

    Recently I lost all my Minecraft saves due to an unfortunate Child+Juice+Laptop Incident (I know I should have been keeping backups, I just never got around to it :unsure: ) This sucks, but as a silver lining it is quite nice to get an opportunity for a fresh start. This time around I'd really like to have just one Singleplayer Survival world, rather than starting dozens of worlds with different ambitious ideas and then abandoning them when I overwhelm myself with expectations.

    I chose to start this world in the earliest compatible version of Minecraft (Infdev 20100327), build and play in it for as long as I feel like, update to the next major version, and repeat. I might catch up all the way to the current version of Minecraft, I might not. I'm very firmly not putting any expectation on myself in that respect. I have plenty of reasons for choosing this approach, but I've been trying to write and re-write this forum post for over a week and I think I just need to accept that I can't articulate it in a way I'm happy with. In a nutshell: my two biggest problems with Minecraft singleplayer are overwhelm/choice paralysis and perfectionism-fueled FOMO. (You could consider them the same problem, honestly.) Blah blah blah, because reasons, I believe this approach will let me focus on doing just what I find fun at the time.

    There is one major hurdle which I did not expect. The specific graphics-doohickey in my replacement laptop leads to serious visual problems in older release versions of the game (around 1.0 to 1.7 iirc) that make those versions unplayable for me right now. I would link this post I read from TheMasterCaver explaining it but I'm afraid I lost the link. My solution: I'm going to ignore this problem and cross that bridge when/if I get to it. Yay! :D

    Screenshots and a little write up of my first play session will have to wait until this evening as real life responsibilities are calling. See y'all later!

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    Quote from Flaxbob»

    If you have Java, click on installations, soon new installations, scroll down to Old-Alpha rd-132328, click on it, click save and then play, you get into a flat world where you only can break and place, but that's not it, it's the steves i think look crazy. Why are they there?

    Those are "Humans" or "Mobs" (here's the wiki article about them) They exist only in these very very earliest versions of Minecraft (before it was even called Minecraft!). They were the very first mob ever added to the game, so I guess the reason they are there is because Notch was creating and testing code needed for all mobs that the game has today.

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    This is the first forum I've ever seen that hasn't banned this game :lol:

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