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    Quote from FGpisces»

    He said he will try to add all DF's from anime and manga

    i think he wanted to know what fruits would be in the next update...
    and so do i lol :P
    screenshots pls?.... but just show us the attack icons, maybe the fruit model..but don't tell us the name...then we have a quessing game and the one who got them all right will get a price! (not really)
    I NEED to know if you're planning on adding new npcs, i freaking love new npcs dude! and for the love of god...make them acctually spawn somewhere
    *cough Mihawk cough*

    P.S - ....yes i do know you want to save mihawk for quests...but i want to fight him, the pacifista and lucci legit you know...
    P.S.S - this was originaly suposed to be a short post but you should know by now that im incapeable of that sort of thing...
    P.S.S.S - mod is still awesome, keep up the amazing updates
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    so i noticed you added the smoke effect when flying with moku moku no mi!
    and i must say..it looks amazing!
    Now adding this to every logia fruit is now almost a must!

    Gasu Gasu is simple, the same thing as moku moku only with pink particles.

    Mera Mera, A few fire particles trail behind you when you spring and jump? would be cool

    Magu Magu, kind of same ish as the mera mera id have to say right?

    Pika Pika, some kind of light ray particles, again when sprinting and jumping

    Hie Hie and Yuki Yuki, snow particles when sprinting and jumping (notice how pretty much every particle will be when jumping or sprinting)

    Doku Doku (i know this ones not a logia) Have a dripping effect of purple drops just slowly dripping of an idle doku doku user. with dripping i mean like: when you place a block, then water ontop of that block, water will drip through) be creative with this one

    Kage Kage and Yami Yami should have void particles just pulsing out their body

    Suna Suna, sand ish particles when sprinting and jumping?

    ...now for the hard one Goro goro, i though long and hard on this one! and there's no way i could think of that would add lightning effects that would look natural without a little tweak to the fruit itself. Now with that said here's what i came up with: In the anime Enel has the power to use his lightning to Zap around at lightning speed correct? yes. that could be solved simply with a new attack like the teleport attack on pika pika, however i know that there wont be 5 attacks on a fruit. So with that said, i see thoose lightning teleports that enel do as a kind of superjump at lightning speed. are you still with me on this one? great! give the goro goro a slight jump boost, aswell as giving it the triple jump! (basicly able to jump 3 times before having to land on the ground to rejump)
    Now finally you can add lightning effects! add a mini lightning thingymadoodle when a a goro goro user jumps more than once. this will (hopefully) give of the illusion that the goro goro user is turning into a lightning for a split second to "jump" 3-4meters into the air, up to 3 times.

    This could turn out to be amazing, or not...it could even be impossible to code...i don't know...only god wynd knows...
    If you like this idea it would be cool to see in a future update..and with that im done
    (sorry for long post again :S)
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    <--- New guy here..
    Anyways me and a couple friends have been following this mod for quite some time now... and with the "recent" some logias can fly update we came up with what we beleive is a really awesome update!
    Whenever a logia fruit user flies, *like a moku moku no mi user* is it possible to make it so that their lower half spews out particles? so that it gives off an effect that makes it look like your body acctually is the element you're using. so then using the moku moku and you fly it will give of grey smoke cloud particles! or pink/purple ish particles for the gasu gasu no mi.

    In me and my friends oppinion this would be amazing... yet...it's not that BIG a deal as the mod is infinite fun either way :D
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