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    posted a message on [V4.5] [1.6.2] [Forge] [SMP] Jammy Furniture Mod!

    Welcome to the new Jammy Furniture Mod

    Please read the new blog post!

    Please put the .zip into the mods folder.

    For more information and recipes please visit the website:

    Minecraft 1.6.2, v4.5 : Download(mediafire)

    Old downloads
    Minecraft 1.5.2, v4.4 : Download (mediafire)

    Minecraft 1.5.1, v4.4 : Download (mediafire)

    Minecraft 1.5.1, V4.3 : Download(mediafire)

    Minecraft 1.5.1, V4.2 : Download(mediafire)
    Minecraft 1.5.1, V4.2 : Download(mediafire)
    Minecraft 1.4.7, V4.1 : Download (mediafire)
    Minecraft 1.4.7, V4.1 : Download(mediafire)
    Minecraft 1.4.6/1.4.7, V4.0 : Download
    Minecraft 1.3.2 : Download
    Minecraft 1.4.2 : Download
    Minecraft 1.4.4 : Download
    Minecraft 1.4.5 : Download

    Any problems tweet me @Jammy780

    Terms of Use
    Terms of Use
    This mod "Jammy Furniture Mod" (plugin, a patch to Minecraft source, henceforth "Mod" or "The Mod") is sole property of the Mod author "Jammy780" (henceforth "Owner" or "The Owner"). To use the mod you must follow by the rules;
    1. Do not decompile or modify the source code unless advanced permission has been given from The Owner.
    2. Do not claim the work as your own.
    3. Always link back to this main forum post on minecraftforum.net
    4. Only download the mod from the main forum thread or the official website (http://www.jammy780.co.uk/jfm)
    Mod Packs
    If you wish to create a mod pack containing my Mod then you may do so, however you must;
    1. Always link back to the main forum thread on minecraftforum.net
    2. Always link back to the main website (http://www.jammy780.co.uk/jfm).
    3. Never make money from my Mod.
    4. Always private message The Owner of the usage of the mod, even if the mod pack is not finished.
    5. Always private message The Owner once you have compiled and released your mod pack.
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    posted a message on [V4.5] [1.6.2] [Forge] [SMP] Jammy Furniture Mod!
    Quote from Mr_Crayfish

    Looks like you have got some great plans. I look forward to the future of your furniture mod :)

    Thanks :)
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    posted a message on [V4.5] [1.6.2] [Forge] [SMP] Jammy Furniture Mod!
    1.6.2 is out - sorry for the delay everyone :(
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    posted a message on [V4.5] [1.6.2] [Forge] [SMP] Jammy Furniture Mod!
    Quote from Blue001

    Posting my response to Jammy's tweet on here, no room on twitter to answer fully. lol.

    My full info for your consideration while determining bug causes.

    Minecraft 1.5.1
    MCPC+ server, build 397 (yes this has bukkit stuff built into it)
    Jammy Furniture 1.5.1, v4.3

    I tried dl'ing a new copy of the mod and seeing if I had a corrupt dl or something, but it is still happening.

    I'm curious. I used the config file to change my item ID's for JammyFurniture to prevent an ID conflict issue with Biomes o Plenty. Could the code somehow not be understanding the changed ID's when removing objects?

    Also... I'm curious about why you call the blocks "Wood_1" and "Wood 2" in the config file instead of cupboard 1 and cupboard 2? I mean, if you call it that in the code, sure, that's fine, but the commented out part could still show the user the name of the actual objects in case they are in there looking for them specifically. I was very confused when looking in the config for the objects in question for that reason.

    And just in case, all the other mods running on my client/server combo.

    World Generation
    Battle Towers
    Biomes O' Plenty
    Dungeon Pack
    Growthcraft Minis
    Project Zulu
    Wild Caves
    Better Dungeons

    Creature Generation
    Mo' Creatures
    Custom Mob Spawner
    Mob Spawn Controls
    Rancraft Penguins
    Special Mobs
    Primitive Mobs

    New Items
    Thaumcraft 3
    Metallurgy 3
    Balkon's WeaponMod
    Multi Colored Things
    Better Farming
    Custom Stuff
    Diamond Buckets
    Fancy Glass
    More Bows
    More Swords
    Furniture Mod < Different than Jammy.
    Carpenters Slope

    Player and User Interface
    Rei's Minimap
    Damage Indicators
    NEI (And Plugins)
    Buff Bar
    Enchanting Plus
    Painting Selection GUI (Broken ?)
    Inventory Tweaks
    Dynamic Lights
    Mob Amputation
    Mob Dismemberment
    In Game Info

    Sound and Music


    So you only get the error when you are on your server and the client is the only thing that crashes not the actual server?

    The only ID's you have changed are the Item ID's not the actual block ID's?

    I've tried with the 1.5.2 and 1.5.1 and I don't get the result on either.

    Have you tried it on Singleplayer? Does the same thing happen?

    As you can see I was in the process of writing a response, then I did some testing. Turns out when I released 4.3 I didn't actually compile the mod so the updates never really happened that's why you are still getting the crashing (that's why I thought I'd fixed it).

    I have now updated to 4.4 which should now have the fix (I double tested it!) in it.

    On the main page is a download for 1.5.1 - 4.4 and 1.5.2 - 4.4 (since I know you were using 1.5.1).

    As for the naming of the blocks, basically every block has at least 4 blocks in it. So "wood_one" contains: clock top, middle and base, table, crafting side, side and blinds. They are named "SOMETHING_NUMBER" because they are all wood blocks or iron blocks.(hope that kind of explains it, it's weird I know)
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    posted a message on [V4.5] [1.6.2] [Forge] [SMP] Jammy Furniture Mod!
    Jammy Furniture Mod V4.2 for 1.5.1 is out now! :)
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    posted a message on [V4.5] [1.6.2] [Forge] [SMP] Jammy Furniture Mod!
    Jammy Furniture Mod - Updated to version 4.1 for Minecraft 1.4.7.

    Change log for this version:

    - Upgraded to Minecraft 1.4.7.
    - Updated to latest Forge.
    - Fixed blinds massive hitbox.
    - Added a mini Christmas tree (sorry it's so long after christmas!)
    - Edited the way block ID's are loaded, if it's your first run Forge will automatically find a free ID to make it work with other mods (same with items).
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    posted a message on [V4.5] [1.6.2] [Forge] [SMP] Jammy Furniture Mod!
    Please could everyone re-download, it's been fixed now! Sorry everyone!
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    posted a message on [V4.5] [1.6.2] [Forge] [SMP] Jammy Furniture Mod!
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    posted a message on [V4.5] [1.6.2] [Forge] [SMP] Jammy Furniture Mod!
    Quote from harley9699

    Know it's your 'advertisement' or something, but I have a request: at least think about taking the "JFM" off of the frig and freezer? Everything else is so cool looking. :D
    OH! 142: what used to be your cabinet side is now a wooden button, right? Just fyi. (a single wood block)

    Already done, I've tried to remodel a lot of the blocks I thought were crap. :)
    Quote from AngryGroudon

    How long do you rekon it is going to take because it is a great mod plus my sister needs that mod to be updated

    Quote from absorr

    In SMP, the config file is not working. The config is config/JammyFurnatureMod.cfg correct? Because it does not work, it still uses default IDs.

    Thanks for letting me know :)

    Quote from blackoutx98

    Is this going to be updated for 1.4.2? And are you adding more stuff to this mod? It's seems quite cool :)

    Yes and yes

    I haven't got an ETA for new release but not long, I've only got a couple of blocks to add, then it just features which shouldn't take long. I'm working lates a few nights so won't be able to do much, but still trying my best :D


    Wall of blocks:

    New sofas:
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    posted a message on [V4.5] [1.6.2] [Forge] [SMP] Jammy Furniture Mod!
    Redesigned Arm Chair in four colours, will be the same for the sofa too :)

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