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    The National Security Mod - DefenseCraft, OffenseCraft

    Protect the empire you have created on your Minecraft world or Server, introducing The National Security Mod!

    This is actually two mods under one name, DefenseCraft, and OffenseCraft. I would like these mods to correlate to the real world as much as possible.

    The reason for which this mod would be made, would be to give Minecraft players the resources they need to properly and realistically protect their base from missiles, airstrikes, and security breaches etc to allow it to run effectively. Below is information explain what each mod would entail, and what they would comprise of.

    Section 1 - DefenseCraft

    This section will be comprised of blocks, items, apparatuses etc for the purposes of defending your base.

    Section 1.A - Blocks

    CCTV Camera - This block will allow players to remotely monitor areas of their base. When the CCTV Camera is first placed it will be stationary. The player will right click on the camera opening a GUI where they will set a certain frequency with the option to lock it. (Locking the frequency will make it private stopping other players on the world from accessing the cameras feed.) Next they will place a CCTV Monitor.

    CCTV Monitor (tier 1) - This block will allow you to access the feed from the CCTV Camera. After placing it, you right click it, opening a GUI where you will set a frequency the matches the CCTV Camera. Then you will be able to view live feed from the camera on the monitor.

    CCTV Monitor (tier 2) - This is exactly the same as the tier 1 CCTV Monitor except you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control the aim of the camera.

    CCTV Monitor (tier 3) - This is exactly the same as the tier 2 CCTV Monitor except when you place it, it takes up the space of 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, or 9x9 blocks (not three dimensional, but more like Minecraft paintings). In each square face will be displayed a a live feed from the CCTV Cameras you choose. (You right click on the CCTV Monitor opening a GUI where you choose what CCTV Camera frequency will correlate to each block face.

    Laser Tripwire Transmitter - This block will look more like a single Minecraft fence when placed except it will be two blocks tall. It will transmit two lasers (one on the bottom block, another on the top) which will be received by the Laser Tripwire Receiver. (The laser will have an optional setting: invisible, or view-able) Imagine you have a laser spanning across 50 blocks, there will be a setting that will allow you to output a redstone signal on a side of the block dependent upon what side of the lase is breached. For example, if a player passes through the first 25 blocks on the left side, a redstone signal will be outputted on the left side of the block or vice versa if the laser is crossed on the second 25 blocks on the right side. A diagram will be included in the future to help you imagine this.

    Laser Tripwire Receiver - This block will receive the laser from the block above and emit a redstone signal when a player passes through the tripwire.

    I have multiple other ideas including but not limited to GPS Trackers, radars, missiles, guns, inventory scanners, airspace control, walkie talkies, phone lines, telecommunication towers, satellites, and even a NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command) system as well as many ideas for OffenseCraft. I will put all these ideas up if I find people who are interested in the making of this mod.


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    I think this is a great idea, I am only just starting to learn Java so I cant be of much help yet, but i would like to be in the future.

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    Emergency Services Mod - Fire,Police,EMS,HazMat

    Protect your Home, Protect Your Empire

    Introducing The Emergency Services Mod --------------------

    Hello, I have an idea for a new mod called The Emergency Services Mod. This mod will allow you to protect your house, and the empire you have created in your minecraft world. Adding Police Stations, Fire Stations, HazMat Units etc. this mod is perfect for those who have built a Minecraft base, or developed a living area in your world.


    This section will allow you to create Fire Stations through an instant structure block that is outfitted with both fire engines and and "Fire Crew" NPCs. Kind of like The Sims, if a fire is detected in an area defined by the player, the "Fire Crew" NPCs will get inside the fire truck and drive it to the building that is burning. When they arrive, they will attach a hose to a "Fire Hydrant" (placed by the player in certain areas) and walk inside the burning building and extinguish the fire. Then, they will drive back to the fire station awaiting the next fire.


    This section will be spawned with an instant structure block that will create a compound fit with a range of emergency vehicles and helicopters. An item the called the "Emergency Response Controller" which when right clicked pointing any where will open a GUI where the player gets to deploy certain services to a coordinate they enter. The GUI will have options such as what vehicles gets deployed and in what quantity. Those vehicles will include Police Cars, SWAT Cars, K-9 Units(dogs inside), Field Operation Cars, Police and Army helicopters etc. (more to be added)


    HazMat Team

    This section will once again be spawned by an instant structure block. This is included for mods such as IC, IC2 and ReactorCraft, in the event of a nuclear meltdown with one of these mods, the palyer (using the Emergency Response Controller) will deploy HAZMAT Teams to clean up the nuclear waste, and pick up the debris. They will also enforce and stop the player from going any where near the reactor for the next 5 minutes.

    A list of emergency vehicles will be added in a future post.

    I am open to comments, suggestions , and criticism. I am looking for coders, and people who can make textures.


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    Quote from CheesyWeesy2»

    What version of Bibliocraft are you playing?

    Are you playing in MInecraft 1.6.4, 1.7.2, or 1.7.10?

    I am running 1.6.4. But I have a bad feeling that you are going to tell me that the painting press comes in a later update. Thanks for the response.

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    Hello, I recently installed the custom paintings resource pack to add my own paintings to Minecraft via Google images. But I can't access any of the paintings, because when I search for the block 'Painting Press' in my inventory, its not there. (I have both the resource pack installed in the resource pack folder, and also the BiblioCraft mod in the mods folder.

    Thank you

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    Thank you grimallq, I can't thank you enough. My dilemma has been solved and corrected due to you. I would like to stay in touch, as you have been extremely helpful. Without you, I would still probably be getting angry at Minecraft for shutting down on me :).

    Thank you again, and have a nice day,


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    Quote from grimallq»

    See the edit above,

    My guess is you're looking at some really, reaaaaaaaaaly old tutorials.

    So, if that is the case, would you be able to tell me what mod adds the battery box ? I have done some research, and it looks like Electrtic Expansion, but I can't find that version for the minecraft I am running - 1.6.4. Thank you, you have been a lot of help.

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    I did some research and found out that Minecraft PC Version is coded in Java and Minecraft PE is coded in c++. If I was to get access to the mods coding by the author, could I use a converter to change that programming from Java to c++ and then somehow implement the converted programming into MCPE so I can use that mod on it?

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