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    posted a message on (16x) (1.12.2) MaxPack Legacy (v2.5)
    I love Maxpaack and was upset when the creator couldn't find time to update. Thank you so much for your hard work!
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    posted a message on Pure Vanilla Server ~ New | Small | Friendly | Anti-Grief/PVP
    IGN: jaloyoloti
    Age: 21
    Location: Idaho, USA
    Why do you want to join?
    Looking for a fun, friendly server where I can interact with others while crafting.
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    posted a message on Crash after login
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    posted a message on Crash after login
    The typical crash after logging in curse but I'm a huge computer durr so I have no idea what to do so step by step instruction would be appreciated. I've had this problem before and I don't remember how it got fixed so I know it can be done. Here's the code for those of you who can decode it, thanks in advance:

    # A fatal error has been detected by the Java Runtime Environment:
    # EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xc0000005) at pc=0x527ab517, pid=3756, tid=3752
    # JRE version: 6.0_30-b12
    # Java VM: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (20.5-b03 mixed mode windows-x86 )
    # Problematic frame:
    # C [atioglx1.dll+0x3fb517]
    # If you would like to submit a bug report, please visit:
    # http://java.sun.com/webapps/bugreport/crash.jsp
    # The crash happened outside the Java Virtual Machine in native code.
    # See problematic frame for where to report the bug.

    --------------- T H R E A D ---------------

    Current thread (0x490b3000): JavaThread "Minecraft main thread" daemon [_thread_in_native, id=3752, stack(0x4a050000,0x4a0a0000)]

    siginfo: ExceptionCode=0xc0000005, reading address 0x000000be

    EAX=0x00000000, EBX=0x00000000, ECX=0x00000000, EDX=0x4a09f440
    ESP=0x4a09f400, EBP=0x52a78040, ESI=0x00000000, EDI=0x52aae0a8
    EIP=0x527ab517, EFLAGS=0x00010202

    Top of Stack: (sp=0x4a09f400)
    0x4a09f400: 529fe368 00000000 36384436 32363231
    0x4a09f410: 30305c7d 4f5c3030 476e6570 72505c4c
    0x4a09f420: 000000f0 00000065 00000000 00000000
    0x4a09f430: 00000000 00000000 527cbc8b 4a09f468
    0x4a09f440: 00000000 00000608 00000000 00008000
    0x4a09f450: 00001000 00000000 00000000 00000000
    0x4a09f460: 00000000 00000000 4a09f3c4 4a09f4ac
    0x4a09f470: 4a09f4ac 7c90e920 7c910060 ffffffff

    Instructions: (pc=0x527ab517)
    0x527ab4f7: e8 74 f5 ff ff b8 01 00 00 00 5f 5d 5e 5b 83 c4
    0x527ab507: 30 c2 04 00 cc cc cc cc cc 83 ec 30 53 56 8b f1
    0x527ab517: 8a 86 be 00 00 00 84 c0 8b da 74 1c e8 68 07 00
    0x527ab527: 00 8a 86 be 00 00 00 84 c0 74 0d 5e b8 c8 00 00

    Register to memory mapping:

    EAX=0x00000000 is an unknown value
    EBX=0x00000000 is an unknown value
    ECX=0x00000000 is an unknown value
    EDX=0x4a09f440 is pointing into the stack for thread: 0x490b3000
    ESP=0x4a09f400 is pointing into the stack for thread: 0x490b3000
    EBP=0x52a78040 is an unknown value
    ESI=0x00000000 is an unknown value
    EDI=0x52aae0a8 is an unknown value

    Stack: [0x4a050000,0x4a0a0000], sp=0x4a09f400, free space=317k
    Native frames: (J=compiled Java code, j=interpreted, Vv=VM code, C=native code)
    C [atioglx1.dll+0x3fb517] atiPPHSN+0x356267

    Java frames: (J=compiled Java code, j=interpreted, Vv=VM code)
    j org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsContextImplementation.nCreate(Ljava/nio/ByteBuffer;Ljava/nio/IntBuffer;Ljava/nio/ByteBuffer;)Ljava/nio/ByteBuffer;+0
    j org.lwjgl.opengl.WindowsContextImplementation.create(Lorg/lwjgl/opengl/PeerInfo;Ljava/nio/IntBuffer;Ljava/nio/ByteBuffer;)Ljava/nio/ByteBuffer;+10
    j org.lwjgl.opengl.Context.<init>(Lorg/lwjgl/opengl/PeerInfo;Lorg/lwjgl/opengl/ContextAttribs;Lorg/lwjgl/opengl/Context;)V+104
    j org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.create(Lorg/lwjgl/opengl/PixelFormat;Lorg/lwjgl/opengl/Drawable;Lorg/lwjgl/opengl/ContextAttribs;)V+88
    j org.lwjgl.opengl.Display.create(Lorg/lwjgl/opengl/PixelFormat;)V+9
    j net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.a()V+151
    j net.minecraft.client.Minecraft.run()V+6
    j java.lang.Thread.run()V+11
    v ~StubRoutines::call_stub

    --------------- P R O C E S S ---------------

    Java Threads: ( => current thread )
    =>0x490b3000 JavaThread "Minecraft main thread" daemon [_thread_in_native, id=3752, stack(0x4a050000,0x4a0a0000)]
    0x490b2800 JavaThread "Timer hack thread" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=312, stack(0x49480000,0x494d0000)]
    0x49183400 JavaThread "TimerQueue" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=3556, stack(0x49770000,0x497c0000)]
    0x4911e800 JavaThread "Keep-Alive-Timer" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=640, stack(0x49720000,0x49770000)]
    0x4911e400 JavaThread "Image Fetcher 0" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=3904, stack(0x496c0000,0x49710000)]
    0x003b6400 JavaThread "DestroyJavaVM" [_thread_blocked, id=2352, stack(0x009c0000,0x00a10000)]
    0x49070400 JavaThread "AWT-EventQueue-0" [_thread_blocked, id=3660, stack(0x493f0000,0x49440000)]
    0x4903f800 JavaThread "AWT-Windows" daemon [_thread_in_native, id=440, stack(0x49310000,0x49360000)]
    0x4903e000 JavaThread "AWT-Shutdown" [_thread_blocked, id=1784, stack(0x492c0000,0x49310000)]
    0x4903dc00 JavaThread "Java2D Disposer" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=3560, stack(0x49270000,0x492c0000)]
    0x48ce9400 JavaThread "Low Memory Detector" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=2740, stack(0x48f30000,0x48f80000)]
    0x48cda800 JavaThread "C1 CompilerThread0" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=2176, stack(0x48ee0000,0x48f30000)]
    0x48cd9000 JavaThread "Attach Listener" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=988, stack(0x48e90000,0x48ee0000)]
    0x48cd7800 JavaThread "Signal Dispatcher" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=2388, stack(0x48e40000,0x48e90000)]
    0x48cca000 JavaThread "Finalizer" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=1852, stack(0x48df0000,0x48e40000)]
    0x48cc5800 JavaThread "Reference Handler" daemon [_thread_blocked, id=1016, stack(0x48da0000,0x48df0000)]

    Other Threads:
    0x48cc1800 VMThread [stack: 0x48d50000,0x48da0000] [id=564]
    0x48cfcc00 WatcherThread [stack: 0x48f80000,0x48fd0000] [id=2672]

    VM state:not at safepoint (normal execution)

    VM Mutex/Monitor currently owned by a thread: None

    def new generation total 157248K, used 81454K [0x02a90000, 0x0d530000, 0x17fe0000)
    eden space 139776K, 58% used [0x02a90000, 0x07a1ba68, 0x0b310000)
    from space 17472K, 0% used [0x0b310000, 0x0b310000, 0x0c420000)
    to space 17472K, 0% used [0x0c420000, 0x0c420000, 0x0d530000)
    tenured generation total 349568K, used 0K [0x17fe0000, 0x2d540000, 0x42a90000)
    the space 349568K, 0% used [0x17fe0000, 0x17fe0000, 0x17fe0200, 0x2d540000)
    compacting perm gen total 13312K, used 13185K [0x42a90000, 0x43790000, 0x46a90000)
    the space 13312K, 99% used [0x42a90000, 0x437705e0, 0x43770600, 0x43790000)
    No shared spaces configured.

    Code Cache [0x00a10000, 0x00bd8000, 0x02a10000)
    total_blobs=1083 nmethods=842 adapters=175 free_code_cache=31737600 largest_free_block=8512

    Dynamic libraries:
    0x00400000 - 0x00425000 C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\javaw.exe
    0x7c900000 - 0x7c9b2000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdll.dll
    0x7c800000 - 0x7c8f6000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll
    0x77dd0000 - 0x77e6b000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\ADVAPI32.dll
    0x77e70000 - 0x77f03000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\RPCRT4.dll
    0x77fe0000 - 0x77ff1000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\Secur32.dll
    0x7e410000 - 0x7e4a1000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\USER32.dll
    0x77f10000 - 0x77f59000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\GDI32.dll
    0x76390000 - 0x763ad000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\IMM32.DLL
    0x629c0000 - 0x629c9000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\LPK.DLL
    0x74d90000 - 0x74dfb000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\USP10.dll
    0x7c340000 - 0x7c396000 C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\msvcr71.dll
    0x6d7f0000 - 0x6da9f000 C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\client\jvm.dll
    0x76b40000 - 0x76b6d000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\WINMM.dll
    0x6d7a0000 - 0x6d7ac000 C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\verify.dll
    0x6d320000 - 0x6d33f000 C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java.dll
    0x6d7e0000 - 0x6d7ef000 C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\zip.dll
    0x6d000000 - 0x6d14c000 C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\awt.dll
    0x73000000 - 0x73026000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\WINSPOOL.DRV
    0x77c10000 - 0x77c68000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvcrt.dll
    0x774e0000 - 0x7761e000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\ole32.dll
    0x773d0000 - 0x774d3000 C:\WINDOWS\WinSxS\x86_Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls_6595b64144ccf1df_6.0.2600.6028_x-ww_61e65202\COMCTL32.dll
    0x77f60000 - 0x77fd6000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\SHLWAPI.dll
    0x5ad70000 - 0x5ada8000 C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\uxtheme.dll
    0x74720000 - 0x7476c000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSCTF.dll
    0x755c0000 - 0x755ee000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\msctfime.ime
    0x7c9c0000 - 0x7d1d7000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\shell32.dll
    0x6d230000 - 0x6d27f000 C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\fontmanager.dll
    0x6d600000 - 0x6d613000 C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\net.dll
    0x71ab0000 - 0x71ac7000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\WS2_32.dll
    0x71aa0000 - 0x71aa8000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\WS2HELP.dll
    0x6d620000 - 0x6d629000 C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\nio.dll
    0x71a50000 - 0x71a8f000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\mswsock.dll
    0x76f20000 - 0x76f47000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\DNSAPI.dll
    0x76d60000 - 0x76d79000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\iphlpapi.dll
    0x68000000 - 0x68036000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\rsaenh.dll
    0x769c0000 - 0x76a74000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\USERENV.dll
    0x5b860000 - 0x5b8b5000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\netapi32.dll
    0x76fb0000 - 0x76fb8000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\winrnr.dll
    0x76f60000 - 0x76f8c000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\WLDAP32.dll
    0x64000000 - 0x64021000 C:\Program Files\Bonjour\mdnsNSP.dll
    0x76fc0000 - 0x76fc6000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\rasadhlp.dll
    0x662b0000 - 0x66308000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\hnetcfg.dll
    0x71a90000 - 0x71a98000 C:\WINDOWS\System32\wshtcpip.dll
    0x493a0000 - 0x493b1000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\ctagent.dll
    0x73f10000 - 0x73f6c000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\DSOUND.dll
    0x77c00000 - 0x77c08000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\VERSION.dll
    0x494d0000 - 0x494e3000 C:\Program Files\NASDAK\OmniMouse Driver\4.06\MOUDL32A.DLL
    0x6d780000 - 0x6d788000 C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\sunmscapi.dll
    0x77a80000 - 0x77b15000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\CRYPT32.dll
    0x77b20000 - 0x77b32000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\MSASN1.dll
    0x4a240000 - 0x4a2ab000 C:\Documents and Settings\Doi san\Application Data\.minecraft\bin\natives\lwjgl.dll
    0x5ed00000 - 0x5edcc000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\OPENGL32.dll
    0x68b20000 - 0x68b40000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\GLU32.dll
    0x73760000 - 0x737ab000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\DDRAW.dll
    0x73bc0000 - 0x73bc6000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\DCIMAN32.dll
    0x6d350000 - 0x6d356000 C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\jawt.dll
    0x69000000 - 0x694ff000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\atioglxx.dll
    0x523b0000 - 0x52a28000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\atioglx1.dll
    0x76bf0000 - 0x76bfb000 C:\WINDOWS\system32\PSAPI.DLL

    VM Arguments:
    jvm_args: -Xms512m -Xmx1024m
    java_command: C:\Documents and Settings\Doi san\Desktop\Minecraft.exe
    Launcher Type: SUN_STANDARD

    Environment Variables:
    CLASSPATH=.;C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\ext\QTJava.zip
    PATH=C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32;C:\WINDOWS;C:\WINDOWS\COMMAND;C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\WBEM;C:\WINDOWS\system32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0;C:\Program Files\QuickTime\QTSystem\;C:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin
    USERNAME=Doi san
    PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER=x86 Family 6 Model 10 Stepping 0, AuthenticAMD

    --------------- S Y S T E M ---------------

    OS: Windows XP Build 2600 Service Pack 3

    CPU:total 1 (1 cores per cpu, 1 threads per core) family 6 model 10 stepping 0, cmov, cx8, fxsr, mmx, sse, mmxext, 3dnow, 3dnowext

    Memory: 4k page, physical 2096368k(1111232k free), swap 3516584k(1668772k free)

    vm_info: Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM (20.5-b03) for windows-x86 JRE (1.6.0_30-b12), built on Nov 10 2011 01:51:00 by "java_re" with MS VC++ 7.1 (VS2003)

    time: Sun Feb 26 22:34:42 2012
    elapsed time: 6 seconds
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