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I am a huge Pokemon fan. I don't even know how long ago I was first introduced to it. It may have been when I was two years old, but it's kinda foggy.
My collection is mainly comprised of the games, but I have some figures, plushies, and cards.

-Games I own
Diamond version
Platinum version
Firered version
Emerald version
Black version
Black 2 version
XD: Gale of Darkness
Ranger: Shadows of Almia
Ranger: Guardian Signs
Explorers of Sky
Red Rescue Team
and Soul Silver version

I am also a Nintendo fan. The reason that they're games appeal to me is that they aren't all just "KILL UB3R N00BZ H3AD5H0TZ", and that they have much more creativity involved in them. I mean really, compare Halo to Mario. Which is more creative? Fat Italian plumber who can shoot fireballs and rides a green dinosaur, or space cops who shoot aliens. I think I'm going on a rant here, so I'll get off of that subject.

Now I had said that I am a dedicated Pokemon fan. Because of that fact, I need to dedicate a whole section to my favorite Pokemon.

I love all Grass-types, even Parasect. My favorite one out of all of them is Serperior (Jalorda is it's Japanese name.)
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