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    Great ideas everyone!! I'm doing my best to keep up on updating the main post so hopefully we'll have a big collection in the end. Keep it up, this is awesome :RFlower:

    K-Ras! Make a server!

    I am far too computer illiterate to do that, trust me, haha. Someone else should run it, if people really want it. I don't usually play Minecraft during the week anyway because I'm in university and have classes and whatnot :Notch:

    Darn. Well, you should at least make a request post on in the server section (I think there's a subforum for server requests)
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    Quote from aitren »

    Come on aitren, you misspelled bed...
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    *right clicks chest from outside the lava pillar*

    *Begins to steal stuff*

    *creeper blows up*

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    Quote from K-Ras »
    Great ideas everyone!! I'm doing my best to keep up on updating the main post so hopefully we'll have a big collection in the end. Keep it up, this is awesome :RFlower:

    K-Ras! Make a server!
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    Edit: Moved Chapter one back to OP
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    Excellent beginning. Reminds me of my own story. One thing, however, maybe you should make the paragraphs a bit longer, because it's not always good when there are just lines of text. Also:

    Quote from zuned1 »

    But there will always be something wrong, eventuallly... >_>

    Don't listen to him. He can't see past his own story. Just keep up great work, and good luck :biggrin.gif:

    Thanks for the tips :biggrin.gif: Chapter one will be out shortly, I have some great ideas as to where this story's gonna go...
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    Someone! Host a server for this sort of thing!
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    This is so great it should be stickied.

    Is there some way we can request it to be sticked? =3 I'm still so unfamiliar with these forums.

    I sure hope so; it deserves it.

    It needs more replies before it gets stickied
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    I've known this for a while :biggrin.gif:
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    I've only seen one, back in Alpha. He was in a little 1x1 tunnel through a wall ^-^
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    Quote from zuned1 »
    Dude. That was pretty beastly.

    Good writing. So far, I can't think of anything wrong with it. :wink.gif:

    But there will always be something wrong, eventuallly... >_>

    That was rather ProQuoDuo.

    Thanks for the feedback :biggrin.gif: I'll start writing Chapter One tomorrow, probably
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    oo, came up with a sort of "point system" for the monster hunter:

    Slime: 1 point
    Zombie: 1 points
    Spider: 2 points
    Zombie Pigman: 3 points
    Skeleton: 3 points
    Creeper: 4 points
    Ghast: 5 points
    Spider Jockey: 10 points
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    Sorry everyone, I have good news and I have bad news.

    The bad news is, I'm discontinuing writing this, sorry to those of you who enjoyed it.

    The good news is, that I'm going to turn it into a work of real fiction (with some minor changes, to make it less minecrafty). If it turns out to be good, I might consider sending it to WoTF (Writers of the Future). In any case, I'll post a link to the story when I finish.

    Wish me luck!

    -Original Post-

    Hello Everyone, I decided it might be fun to try out some Minecraft fanfiction. I've done some writing beforehand, so we'll see how it turns out. Anyway, here we go.

    Other Chapters:

    Chapter One

    Chapter Two


    Thale ducked through the opening into an unexplored cavern. Dodging falling rocks, he raced along the side of the it. Breathing hard, he jumped a vein of coal into a dark cave. His lungs burned as he sprinted over the increasingly hot rocks.

    I'm was running low on torches as it is, he thought bitterly, wasn't the reason I risked this because of the lava?

    He heard the clanking behind him, and knew he wasn't going to make it. He dumped a bucket of water into the cave behind him, dousing the torches and giving the illusion that he hadn't ran through here. The clanking stopped momentarily. Then began again, getting closer with each second.

    Thale's heart sank, and his legs begged for this torture to stop. He pushed himself ahead, groaning as he saw a vein of diamond on the wall as he sprinted past.

    The cave branched off, and Thale had hope again. He took the right path, taking him down deeper into the core of the earth. He was in luck, there was lava in this cave. His pursuers wouldn't be able to track him by his torches anymore.

    He heard the clanking getting softer in the distance, and his heart soared. He began to sidestep along the edge of the lava pool, and began to run again into the depth of the cave.

    He found a small stream about fifty meters ahead, and found it to match up another lava pool. Thale gasped. He had what he was looking for. Obsidian. It's darkness gleaming in the harsh light of the lava pool. He blocked off the obsidian from the rest of the lava, and dropped the satchel from his left shoulder.

    Thale took out his diamond pickaxe. He held it with great pride. The pick was a gift, and if he was to lose it, his head would be on a Sun Patrolman's spear not an hour after he did. He began to mine the black rock, tentatively at first, not wanting to damage his pickaxe, but then with more strength.

    The rock didn't break easily, but once it did, Thale took it and greedily hid it away in his satchel. He repeated on the next block. Thale grinned at his treasure.

    He had mined a dozen of the black hard stones when a grey rock fell from the ceiling and struck him in the back. He grunted, and threw the palm sized rock into the black of the cave ahead. It echoed in the darkness, as it fell. A minute later, he heard a rumble.

    And another.

    A louder one this time.

    Thale began to panic, and picked up his satchel as he began to leave. The rumbling continued, as Thale started for the cavern he had come from. He heard a rumble again, louder than all the rest.

    Thale's face whitened, and he began to sprint toward the cavern, because this time, the rumble was accompanied by another noise.

    A faint "clank... clank... clank..."

    The cave ended as Thale ran through the cavern. He started to run through the cave he had entered through, as an arrow pierced him in the back.

    Thale screamed, and his shoulder burned with pain, but he kept running.

    I mustn't look back... I mustn't look back... Thale told himself. But how far away are they? What if they're only a few meters away? What can I do? They're right there!

    Thale looked back, and before he could register what he saw, he slammed into the wall of the cave. He was dazed, and began to see stars. His lungs began to burn as he sucked in the polluted underground air in huge gulps. His shoulder blazed with pain where the arrow pierced his thin leather armor.

    The clanking ceased. Thale, laying on his back, tilted his head to where the noise was.

    "Ok, you have me, you bastards." Thale coughed out in a raspy voice.

    The men stepped off their caveriders, their gold colored armor clinking together as they walked toward Thale. The caverider made a reptilian hiss in the presence of a stranger, it's snakelike eyes squinting at the light of the torches.

    "Thale Manedarg" the man in front said in a commanding voice. "You are charged with..." the man stared at the spilled contents of Thale's satchel, "twelve counts of possessing illegal items, one count of accessing an off-limits cave system, and one count of resisting arrest." He gave Thale a condescending glare, "How do you plead?"

    Thale tried to spit in his face, but it only came out as a pathetic gurgle. He just glared at the captain, his chest pounding.

    The man met his gaze. "According to Sun law, the punishment for these crimes is life imprisonment, but I know you, Thale." He turned away. "I know what you've become."

    The man took his blue tipped spear, and stabbed it through Thale's chest.

    Chapter One

    Zare slammed the wooden door behind him as he walked into the office of the Commander. His office was heavily decorated with exotic trinkets, and the door frame appeared to be made of Lapis Lazuli. The Commander's desk was a rich mahogany, and had many different varieties of squid inks next to his quill.

    "Just what the hell do you think your doing!" Zare yelled as the Commander, looked up at him in surprise. He appeared to be writing a letter, and it seems had dozed off. The Commander was in his late 60's, with graying hair, and reddish cheeks.

    "Well, a little nap never hurt anyone, my dear boy." The old man said, chuckling

    Zare hit his fist on the table. "You know damn well what I'm talking about! How could you cut our funding?" He said, as he wiped some sweat from his forehead.

    The Commander raised his eyebrows. "Cut your funding? I hadn't heard about any such cuts." He took a sip from the cup of water on his desk. "Now Zare, you've always been one of my favorites from the Explorer's Guild, but god dammit, you need to learn to control your temper! I'll look into getting you your funding back, but you need to remember your Guild isn't run by the Sun, and you shouldn't need to rely on us"

    Zare let out a long sigh. "I apologize, Commander, sir,"

    "Call me Hari." He interjected

    "Hari." Zare paused, "I don't know what came over me." He put his hands in the pockets of his brown work pants.

    "It's quite alright." Hari took a minute to put the letter he had been writing in an envelope, and down the mail chute. He went to the chest with his files in it, and pulled out the one for the Explorer's Guild. He began to flip through it's contents. "Now, according to this, we've been bringing your funding lower for months... Why did you finally come to me now?" He asked inquisitively. "A big project coming up?"

    "Oh... Well, I-" He began.

    "Take a seat lad." The Commander offered him a light brown wooden chair.

    "Ah, um, yes. Thank you." Zare stuttered as he took a seat. "Well, yes, there is a bit of a project coming up." The Commander urged him on. "It's to... Cave system #438. It's to the west, I believe." Zare hoped the Commander wouldn't know the cave's local name.

    "Are you talking about Hellgate?" He raised an eyebrow. Zare winced. "That cave hasn't been explored, or even opened, since the Purification. According to folklore, a mighty demon lurks in it's depths." He said sternly. "I don't know if I want your Guild going there."

    Zare blushed. "Sir, please, I'm sure you can make an exeption, and-"

    The Commander laughed, cutting him off again. "Oh, of course you can go ahead with it! I'm only joking." Zare breathed a sigh of relief. This expedition had taken months of planning and hundreds of gold to even get the supplies. "I have the highest faith in you, boy. Your Guild is the best Exploration Guild out there. Wasn't it you who climbed Demon Peak just last year?"

    "Oh, yes" Zare nodded vigorously. "But trust me, this expedition will surpass that one by a long shot."

    "How so?" Hari didn't look convinced.

    "Oh, well not only with the credit for exploring one of the oldest cave systems, which is pretty stupendous, Hellgate has been around since the Arhi people lived here, but imagine the diamonds and the ores! Hundreds of them! We'd be rich on that alone." Zare explained. "And the Obsidian, and-" Zare caught his tongue. His face reddened. "I wasn't going to, I mean, I wouldn't-" He stammered.

    "Ah, fear not, my boy, I won't tell on you." Hari said with a wink. "Do you see this figurine of a spider?" He picked up a little black spider, Zare nodded slowly. "When I bought it, I was told it was black glass..." He began, "But then, I accidently dropped it off a balcony, while on vacation. Do you see? Not a scratch on it." Realization dawned on Zare's face. "This, is Obsidian. And it figures too, shady fellow I bought it off of."

    Zare stared in amazment. "Can- can I hold it?" Hari nodded as Zare picked it up. "It's beautiful...."

    Hari snatched it back from him. "If you go down in that cave. Do not bring back any of this. For one, some... Less forgiving members of the Sun than I, would have you flayed for it." Zare nodded. "And, it almost seems to have a dark energy that comes from it. It seems almost evil, in a way..." Hari sighed. "There was a reason that people destroyed it in the Purification." He said grimly.

    "I understand, sir." Zare said, "I promise I'll leave it where it is, if I find any." He stood up. "I'll just be going then, sir." He started for the door.

    "Yes, I suppose it is getting late." He yawned. "I'll look into your funding, and good luck on your expedition!"

    Zare didn't respond as he walked out. His mind was racing with the image of the dark, smooth spider.

    Chapter Two

    Chapter Two

    “Zare?” Ait waved a hand in front of Zare’s face. “Anyone alive in there?” He said, grinning. Zare just stood there, staring for a moment, then turned to face him.

    “Oh, ah, yes.” He murmured. He stared at Ait for a moment before turning back to the landscape before him.

    It was breathtaking. Sweeping mountains, their peaks reaching just about the clouds, overlooking cutting river valleys, and jagged canyons. Huge overhangs gave refuge to small bands of zombies and other monsters, and Zare saw a huge tunnel, boring deep into the mountainside. That was their destination.

    He stepped down from the viewing platform he had been on, and looked back toward the train station they had come from. He could see the small town of Bakhu behind it, and more mountains in the distance.

    He turned his attention back to Ait. “Well, do a double check on the equipment, and make another headcount, we don’t want anything, or anyone for that matter, left behind.” He gave Ait a stern face, and hefted up his backpack.

    Ait rolled his eyes, “Oh come on Zare, we’ve been planning for months. We have all the provisions we need for this expedition. And as for people getting left behind, there’s only six of us.” He gave Zare a punch on the arm, “Don’t worry, it’ll go fine. We have enough swords and pork chops to last us a good month down there.”

    Zare breathed out, “Monsters aren’t what I’m worried about.” Ait fell silent then. The threat of lava went without saying.

    Ait brightened. “We’ll be perfectly safe!” He unzipped his backpack. “And look what I bought with some of our leftover profits from the last expedition.” He opened the biggest part of the pack, and out of it pulled two diamond swords. “Fresh from the craftsman. One of the new generation too, deadly sharp.”

    Zare gaped. “How could you afford this? This is a really high-end model. I’ve seen high ranking Sun officers who couldn’t offered this.”

    Ait winked. “I’ve been saving up for a while now, and it seemed like a good thing to have on our big expedition.”

    Zare started to walk along the gravel road leading from the viewing platform. The style of houses here was very quaint. Small cabins, with little fireplaces, and inns with lounges to take a nap in.

    This place must make a killing off of tourism, thought Zare with a smirk. There had been near to fifty tourists on the train ride here, and he thought he saw quite a few geologists, which intrigued him. This place is said to have “Sacred Significance” among the Order of the Sun, and it’s well known that geologists aren’t well liked by them.

    They arrived at their destination. A small inn called the “Fireside”. It was a well furnished inn, with nice birch bark walls on the outside.

    Zare and Ait walked onto the second floor, which was totally rented out by their Guild. They threw their packs down onto the floor of their small common room.

    “Yoo-hoo! Anyone else home?” Ait called out in a sing-song voice, and let out a laugh. Ait was small for his age, and was perfect for crawling through tight places. What he lacked in height, he made up for in personality. He was always the one who helped lighten things up if the journey get’s hard.

    The rest of the team made their way out into the common room.

    First came Jom, who was the team’s heavy worker. He was built like a lumberjack, and had the ego of a rich king. He earned it, though. Once, he literally punched his way out of a flooding cave system, through eight solid layers of rock, into a dungeon. He punched his way out of that, too.

    Next out was Onin, who managed all the tech and science for the team. He was apprenticed to a tinker before joining their Guild, and could create whatever kind of redstone machine you might want. His love of science continued to get him in trouble with the Sun, especially when he talked about his other Dimensions theory.

    Lela came out of her room after a minute or two. Lela was tall, but agile, and was a quick thinker under pressure. She had auburn hair, and deep blue eyes. She was quiet most of the time, but when given a subject she was passionate about, it’s hard to shut her up. She was proud of being the only female on the team, and isn’t afraid to kick someones ass to prove she earned it, too.

    Lastly, came Thaelis. Thaelis was the only Weaver on the team. He was proficient with Fire Weaving, and was apprenticed to be a Sun Weaver until he turned rogue a few years back, for reasons only he knows about. Thaelis is averaged in almost every respect except for his abilities, and his personality. He could heat your coffee with a snap of his fingers, and with the same motion, could burn your eyebrows off. He always spoke his mind, and was quick to anger some times, but he was good at heart.

    And thus, the whole team was assembled. The huddled around in a circle as night fell, and began to discuss their plans for the start of their journey.

    They talked of the wonderful things they could find. A lost underground city, a huge vein of diamond, or even magical artifacts.

    They also spoke of the evil’s that could occur. Monster hordes, cave-ins, a lava spill. And God knows what else lurks in the dark. Ancient evil’s that were meant to be lost in the endlessness of time, found again only by chance.

    Little did they know of the evil that would be awakened, and the atrocities that would unfold.

    Edit: Please, if you liked it, didn't like it, or have a comment, please post!
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    Quote from SuperZac »
    Quote from mimicimim »
    Technically, yes. With enough tnt simultaneousely exploding, you could. That, however, would need 600,000 within six blocks in any direction. Even if you could do that, Minecraft wouldn't be able to handle it.

    Oh, and that video is faked, if I'm thinking of the same one. How did some stone survive if some bedrock didn't?

    That video is real, the crater is perfectly dome-shaped. Only a small circle of adminium had been blown away, at the base of the circle.

    It's called using mods to delete a dome of blocks... It'd be easy using VoxelSniper
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    Quote from Lanceoh12 »
    What does it take to destroy adminium without mods or anything?

    i saw a video of a guy using a giant sphere of tnt and blew up a whole to the void,
    is that possible.

    thankssss. :Pig:

    No. /thread
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