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    #1 In-Game Name
    - Jalexxx

    #2 Country and Age (this is for our demographic purposes)
    - 15 America

    #3 How did you hear about us?
    - Just saw it on the forums

    #4 Why do you want to Join DarkTide?
    - I want a server that's somewhat under control, but I can still fight and all that good stuff

    #5 Did you read and understand the rules?
    - Yep
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    Quote from DrBursty »
    Have you read The Prince, you've perfectly applied his thoughts to minecraft. Bravo! [quote=]My lord! I enjoyed reading all of that! Book'mark'd. Your ideas are FANTASTIC. If we had a server with real castles and such' date=' AMAZING![/quote']

    Machiavellian politics are the best kind of politics!
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    Well, I agree that snow was a good feature, I don't think it's the biggest issue at the moment. But I'd love to have it back!
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    Quote from ThePixie35 »
    airborne base a good choice

    An airbourne base will of course be very secures, with its height prevent attacks, but then doesnt it also prevent defense and resupply? Having a base in the sky provides dominance, but its very strenght is its weakness. Where as if you go in the opposite direction as well, so creating two bases in the same set of land, you can ensure saftey. With the air bourne base providing the offensive attacks, a carefully hidden subterranean base will provide security, with buliding materials, weapons and transport links. Only by using both together would they be any use.

    Although, we both seem to have shown our tactics...

    You can have a ladder that goes up to it, then if your invaded, you can pick off people one by one with bows when they try to climb
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    Quote from ReaperOfDeath »
    Nyah. I checked it out. I've been banned before, off 2 servers for profanity, it won't happen again, but no-one can trust me after that :3

    I assume you we're talking about the voxelbox, and you weren't banned for profanity, you were banned for being whiny and annoying

    Edit: Also, they're closing the Art of War server
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    Quote from rainbowgasm »
    Quote from Charlie7552 »


    , DUH!
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    I think you should include a little bit more on the Politics of war, such as:

    1. How to make alliances

    Alliances should be make in one of three different circumstances:
    1. There is no fighting, and you wish to ally with a clan
    2. Your fighting, and winning, and want to ensure your victory
    3. Your losing, and want to try to turn the tide

    Now, most of the time, you should only make alliances in scenario number 1, because you have time to talk out the alliance, and what that alliance means, but I'll get to that part in a second. Scenario number 2 should be used sparingly, mostly because it must be done as fast as possible. The only reason you should use number two is to crush your opponents morale, in case they seem to want to fight till the death. Option number three must be used as a last ditch effort only. Because it's the most desperate, the people your asking have the advantage, therefor they could ask any favor they wish in return for their help.

    To make a proposal to ally, first see who has the upper hand. By which I mean, who is more powerful, you or them? If the former is true, your in the position where you can ask things in return for your alliance, and depending on the state of the people your asking (fighting or not) you can ask for a lot. If the latter is true, and they want something for the alliance, look to see if it's worth the risk. Are they known for keeping up their side of the bargain? Are they strong enough to simply take the gifts and annihilate you?

    2. Dealing with the people you've allied with

    Now that you have an ally, here's some of the things you should be considering:

    -Goodwill and Power

    These two things are critical to your relationship with your ally. Goodwill means how much you and your ally get along, and if they perceive it as high, you can be sure they won't attack you. Power is how intimidating you are compared to your ally. Even if you're weak, make it appear as though you could destroy them. Maximizing these two things will ensure that you won't be betrayed by your ally.

    -Never trust your ally

    This is an important thing to remember. When I say "Don't trust", I don't mean to attack them, or to be hostile in any way, but remember that they could do the same to you at any second. Be mindful of any unusual behavior on their part, and to not reveal any highly secret information about anything.


    Trading with your ally is a good way to show goodwill. Have a trusted officer from your group go and talk with them, to see what items they have to offer. Repeat this once and awhile to keep the lines of communication open.

    If your ally calls for help, be mindful of when to answer. You can't just send out troops for any small quarrel. Only be prepared to fight if the need is truly great. If they're about to be defeated, even with your help, make it look as though you continue to fight, but quietly move your troops back. This way, you can minimize fatalities, and maximize goodwill.

    If you need help, ask once the threat becomes real. If you call them when there's only a small skirmish, you can have a "Boy who cried Wolf" effect on your ally, and they'll be slower to react when a real threat comes.


    Yes, it'll sometimes come to that with alliances. Before betraying your ally, consider these things first:
    1. Could they beat you if you attack?
    2. Is betraying them going to hurt your reputation with anyone else?
    3. How well have they performed when fighting with you? (i.e. do you have good enough reason to betray them?)
    4. Ask yourself one more time, do you really want to?

    If you decide yes, the first thing you want to do is espionage, which is easier, since it's your ally. Send a trader to poke around, find out whats going on. You also might want to try sabotage in key places, such as their store room. Once it's time, secretly mobilize your troops, and march off.

    3. Propaganda

    A key point in all wars, propaganda is used to break up your enemy's morale, or to boost your own. To do this, have a spy go to a main city or base of the opponent, and put signs with messages such as

    "You can't win! (enter clan name here)'s troops march for your capital as you read this!"
    "(Leader of Enemy) betrayed (your clan)! He deserves to die!"

    etc, etc, etc.

    To do this with your side, simply tell (partially true) stories of how their army is weak, and how easily you'll defeat them. Example:

    "They're living in little wooden huts, with only stone tools to protect them! We can march and defeat them!"
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    The Mountain Climber

    -Find an epic map, or use popular seeds such as Glacier or gargamel
    -Find a giant mountain and establish a base camp
    -Make multiple small camps on the way up, and put a sign at the summit, commemorating your climb
    -Repeat on any other mountains (or floating islands) you find
    -refrain from making 1x1 towers all the way up, unless absolutely necessary
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    Doesn't anyone want to make a server like this?
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    1. Dig two blocks into ground
    2. Place chest, cover with dirt
    3. ????
    4. PROFIT
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    Sorry guys (read edit)
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    I'm gonna give this a bump :biggrin.gif: At the moment, I'm looking for a good server to do a Pirate on. For now I'm sticking with Viking.
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    Quote from MintberryCrunch »
    so i would love to play on the server you guys have but when i try to login its keeps showing logging in and then timed out ?

    Hmm... Maybe the server was down?
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    Quote from elricsfate »
    Quote from Jalexxx »
    I've been wanting to play on a server using "Persona Themes" from this thread. Unfortunately, my computer is too slow to support a server, so I was wondering if anyone else would want to?
    It's great idea, and I'd love to get it started!

    Do you plan on paying for the server?

    Er, I'd rather not pay for server hosting.
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    Quote from Ridgedog »
    Quote from minernic »
    Also, i was wondering, would this server benefit of having craftbook?
    Meh, prolly not, since most builds are abandoned after completion :tongue.gif:

    I assume by "build" you mean town/city, and if that's the case then I swear I don't know of a single build on the entire map that I would consider "complete"

    someone prove me wrong... i'm sure there is something?

    To be honest, I'm not sure when "build" has ever referred to town/city... Usually it just refers to a building. But yeah, I don't think we have any completed towns or cities. Although, is there still work being done at the citadel? I'm not sure about that...
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