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    posted a message on [👻] Shattered Aurora [👻] SMP [👻] In development [👻] Jr.Mods, Mods, Admins Wanted [👻] Owner Needed! [👻]
    Nickname: Jake
    Age: 20
    IGN: Darkaim27
    Discord: Darkaim#9205
    Timezone: PST
    Rank you wish to have (May not get immediately): Admin

    Past staff experience: I used to run a server back in the days of Minecraft 1.2 called KateVille, I ran it with some friends and we had about 500 registered players and about 80 constant players.

    Reason you are interested: I haven't helped a server in a very long time and I thought it would be fun to do it once again.
    What type of vibes do you get from our envisions? I like the idea that we are all a sort of "sudo-family" I've always wanted to have a server where everyone is friends with one another and friendly. Obviously this isn't 100% possible but, having the majority of the player base be friendly and cool with each other is totally something I'd love to support

    Fill out this daily time schedule:
    Monday: 1pm - 12am
    Tuesday: 12am - 12pm
    Wednesday: 1pm - 12am
    Thursday: 12am - 12pm
    Friday: 1pm - 12am
    Saturday::1pm - 12am
    Sunday: Unavailable
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    posted a message on New Hermit Craft Style Server

    My ign is Darkaim27 and I'd love to join the server!

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    posted a message on Snails Village 1.13.2 - Looking for players! [Whitelist] [Vanilla] [Discord]
    • IngameUserName: Darkaim27
    • Age: 20
    • Your TimeZone (I would prefer you being from Europe, so I will see you more often! You dont have to though): USA
    • Reason to play: A Hermitcraft-like SMP server sounds like fun!
    • How long to you plan on playing: Until the server dies
    • Your questions for me: I'm assuming Optifine is allowed?
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    posted a message on 1.13.2 Vanilla-Survival-Whitelisted-18+ Community oriented
    • IGN- Darkaim27
    • Age- 20
    • Play Style- Redstone
    • Why you want to join- Top of the server list and it honestly sounded like fun to play a community driven SMP server.
    • What you would bring to the community- I really like to have fun and joke around, as well as my Redstone skills are on point.
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    posted a message on 1.13 Vanilla SMP [Whitelist]

    In-game-name: Darkaim27

    Country: USA

    Age: 20

    Full Discord Name: Darkaim#9205

    What made you choose this server?: TBH it was the first on the server list and it sounded fun

    Brief description of you: I am a very outgoing and sarcastic guy and I really want to get back into Minecraft so that's why I'm applying to this server.

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    posted a message on BRAND NEW 1.13 SMP SERVER | MinecraftGO | Whitelisted Sever | HermitCraft like server | 24/7

    In-game name/Minecraft username:




    What is your strengths in Minecraft?:


    Do you read the rules? Do you agree to the rules?:

    They are very fair rules that I can live by

    Why do you want to join?:

    Sounds like fun, I haven't done one of these in a while

    Youtube URL (if you have one):


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    posted a message on ✶ MysticMC Network ✶ Factions Server ✶ Staff Recruitment ✶ Skilled Developers ✶ All Staff Roles Needed ✶

    What is your current IGN?

    What is your current timezone?


    What is your current year of age? (Note: must be 14 years or above to apply)


    What languages do you speak? (Note: Must be fluently speaking)

    English, Spanish, and Japanese

    Are you able to record? (Note: If so, which software)

    Yes, OBS

    Do you have a good quality mic? (Note: Specify the type of mic)

    Yes, Turtlebeach R11

    Do you have Discord? (example: InfiniTea#0507)

    Yes, Darkaim#9205

    Staff Related
    Any past experiences in being a Staff Member?

    Yes, I used to run a server called Kateville back in Minecraft 1.2. It was a very popular server and I just ran it with my friends, I have also been apart of many different Faction servers where I was either a Moderator or a Helper.

    How many hours a day would you contribute to the server a week?

    3-5 Hours easily

    What skills do you have in relation of benefiting us?

    I am very friendly and I love to get along with people and make new friends.

    Talk about a moment when you had made a mistake in your role, as responsibility. How did you solutionize the situation? What did you learn?

    I had thought that there were a group of hackers on a faction server I used to help moderate, and instead of talking it over with the staff and seeing if I could get some evidence, I outright temp-banned the group. (Keep in mind I was 14 when this happened) I apologized to the community and peers for making that mistake and I was removed from Mod position for a week. I learned that I needed to think rationally about situations instead of jumping the gun.

    Why do you choose to apply for Staff on the MysticMC Network?

    Well, to be honest, Minecraft is kinda dead so I thought this would be fun.

    Why should we choose you over others?

    I'm mature and I have server experience as well as I have been playing Minecraft for many years.

    What are your hobbies outside of Minecraft?

    League of Legends and working

    Any additional information you'd like add?

    Thank you for taking the time to read my application

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    posted a message on SMP [WHITELISTED] [1.12.2]

    Minecraft Username: Guardian_pro

    Discord Username: Darkaim#9205

    Age: 19

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    posted a message on Endure sever - 100% vanilla - 100% uptime - long time running server - 16+

    IGN (in game name): Darkaim63
    Age: 19
    How long have you been playing Minecraft?: Since Infdev
    Average amount of Minecraft played weekly: I haven't played regularly in a very long time, but I'd love to get back into it and was hoping that this would be the opportunity to do so
    Describe yourself as a player and why you would fit in to Endure: I am very friendly and I get along with people very well. Love to join communities and help out.
    Do you play any other games? If so, name a few: League of Legends, Overwatch, Doom, and Sea of Thieves

    Edit: I guess my account was compromised, so my IGN is "Guardian_Pro", sorry about that.

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    posted a message on XCraft looking for Mature/Active Staff! need [builders] [developers] [mods] [managers]

    Applying for: Moderator

    IGN: Darkaim63

    Age: 17

    Skype: darkaim63

    Prior experience: I used to run a server back in the days of Minecraft 1.1-1.2, the name of the server was KateVille and it had around 200 members and it was pretty successful at the time!

    What do you think you can offer our server: A fun, friendly guy that loves to help others and make the server a fun experience for everyone!

    How active could you be: Pretty much every day for about 3-4 hours a day, that might change on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday because those are the days I work, and the timing changes each time.

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    posted a message on RedGapples Factions I Need Developers I Need Builders I Need Moderators I Need Staff

    Moderator Application:

    ~IGN: Darkaim63
    ~Real Name: Jake L.
    ~Age: 17
    ~Experience: Used to own a server named KateVille back in the days of Minecraft 1.1-1.2 and it was a fairly popular server with around 200 players.
    ~Why should we choose you? As stated about, I ran a server for a while so I know the basic Minecraft community and what should be expected of me to fulfill.

    ~Have you ever been banned from a server (don't lie)? Yes, from a Hunger Games server for 30 minutes lol.
    ~How can you help the server? Just make sure no fights break out and be supportive for everyone to make this server a fun a experience.

    ~Will you be able to give suggestions so we can improve the server? Of course! When the time comes! There are many things I like to do for example, do prices of items and tweak the gameplay to make it fun and interesting!

    ~How many hours a day will you spend on the server? probably 3-4 hours a day, except on the weekends because I usually work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

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    posted a message on Practicalities [0.6.2]

    Are you going to update it for 1.9?

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    posted a message on ✯Searching for Mature/Active Staff Members✯ ⚔STILL SEARCHING⚔

    IGN- Darkaim63

    Age- 17

    Experience with creating or administrating servers? I used to run a server called KateVille back in Minecraft 1.2 and it was pretty successful, it has about 200 players at the time and that went on for like a year.

    How active can you be? If I like it a lot, then pretty much everyday

    Are you currently managing or a staff member of a different server? (Y/N) Yes, I'm the community manager for CypeNetwork.

    What can you bring to the table? I'm a really fun guy to be around with, although I'm very shy and I don't really like talking all that much. But I also really like to help others with other problems in game or in real life.

    Anything else you'd like to share? Thank you for taking the time to read my application.

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    posted a message on | Novae Terrae SMP | 1.8 | Smallish Community | Mature | 14+

    IGN:[/b] Darkaim63

    Age:[/b] 17

    Skype:[/b] darkaim63

    Strengths in Minecraft:[/b] I'm really good with redstone and I love helping other in game. I also really like to play survival but I don't like to play alone you know?

    How often will you play on the server?:[/b] If I like it, I'd probably be on for maybe 2-3 hours a day, I'm still in school but I'm also working so It depends on my work schedule.

    Twitch or Youtube Channel?:[/b] I have them both but I don't use them that often.

    Have you read and accepted the rules?:[/b] Yes! Banana!!!!!

    Any more info I need to know?:[/b] I do NOT like talking on skype, I'll type but I do NOT like people hearing my voice cause I hate it.

    Tell me a joke :D :[/b] My dog used to chase people on a bike a lot. It got so bad, finally I had to take his bike away.

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    posted a message on //- Skyland Survival -\\ | Unique Survival Server | **Looking for builders and other active staff members! | (Not Skyblock)
    Name: Jake[/b]
    Ign: Darkaim63[/b]
    Have skype?: yes[/b]
    Skype Username: darkaim63[/b]
    Have you registered on the website?: Yes[/b]
    Why do you want to be staff?: This server looks pretty neat and I want to help it grow![/b]
    What are you applying for?: Well whatever position you feel that I would be best at.[/b]
    Skills in the position you're applying for?: Well I'll tell you that I used to run a Minecraft server back in Minecraft 1.2 called KateVille, it was a fairly popular server that ran for about a year, but we got caught up with school (admins and I) and decided the end the sever. I have been a dev for another server before and I've been pretty much all positions you can think of haha. But those servers usually shut down after awhile so that's why I don't have those positions anymore. [/b]
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