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    Hey, I found a weird glitch regarding the skybox that I think your mod causes.. Here's a video. Basically, there's this one spot right next to spawn that's about 1.5m x 1.5m that causes the sky to go red xD
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    $1.80 for a bluetooth dongle.. Not $10+ :wink.gif:
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    Quote from jon99977 »
    Oh man, I'm sorry I completely forgot about this! I was too busy trying to figure out WHAT THE **** NOTCH IS DOING TO MAKE MINECRAFT TICK! (cough) The minecraft code is as confusing as heck. I'm sorry about forgetting it, but the code is too messy to make any linear progress.

    If I find the .class file that is involved in making the colours change, I'll make a mod right away. But I probably won't update it unless you pester me.

    The .class files are the obfuscated java files, Notch did that so that his source code wasn't revealed so easily. You'll need to use MCP (I believe it's called that) which can decompile the .class files into usable .java files. Just search the forums for MCP or something like that, it's basically a minecraft modder's toolbox.
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    Quote from Telgar »
    I do believe he fulfilled the requirements in this context.

    Thank you, Telgar. I honestly had no idea it previously had a completely different meaning. :tongue.gif:

    OT though, today when I opened INVedit I noticed there was a little "Update Available" button in the top right corner, which wasn't there yesterday. I'm assuming this is for complete beta support.
    Hope this helps :smile.gif:
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    Quote from AuroraKing »
    Can we just end the debate about whether INVEdit is good or not? Here, I'll finish it by saying this:

    INVEdit is good. I use it. I just don't use it on a daily basis to build stuff.
    You shouldn't use INVEdit extensively, it takes away from the fun of the game.

    That is all.

    Oh gawd, just keep on contradicting yourself, why don't you? Jesus christ, make up your mind! According to your first few posts INVedit is horrible and ruins the game, but now it's good and apparently you use it?
    Was this whole argument a moot point?
    I hate trolls. FFS
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    Quote from leemoslin »
    i dont know if this is true but isnt noclip just steam?

    Nah, I can remember Quake III Arena had noclip, along with Call of Duty on PC if mods/hacks were used.

    OT though, I have never seen a noclip mod on these forums for the past 3 months I've been here. Maybe make a [REQ] topic for a noclip mod?
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