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    Quote from IStealyourRAM»

    Quite many actually. Most of them are only requests from people here though.
    I probably will redo some block/item textures and maybe redo the CTM Addon since some textures in there are already over a year old.

    But for now ill just finish the last stuff the new 1.9 snapshots will bring because i have to concentrate on my job the next month (i wont stop working on my texturepack though but i wont have 24/7 time for it obviouvsly :P )

    Oh ok then. Good luck! This one of the most simple but effective 1.8 texture packs I've seen. Hope it progresses further!
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    Quote from IStealyourRAM»

    Thanks i really appreciate it.
    And yeah i removed the animations from the recent version (not uploaded yet though) and im planning to add them as an separate download/addon. ill just have to see. :)

    Yeah, I would absolutely love animated textures to be part of the pack! It would be nice as an addon as well, so people who want it can get it!

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    Hey guys. I thought I would post a thread talking about some of the most useful redstone machines made for survival mode. Not all of them are resource friendly but can be build successfully in singleplayer survival mode (no command blocks as you cannot get them legitimately).

    (Remember these are in no particular order and there are many different variants so I will use the most generic and most commonly known ones)

    1. Automatic chicken cooker/farm

    There are many of these farms invented by players. The basic idea is to have a bunch of chickens that sits on top of hoppers (either in cauldrons or not) and they lay eggs. The eggs then get channelled down the hopper chain and into a dispenser, which either runs using a hopper timer or a comparator based signal that shoots the eggs onto slabs with lava above it. Baby chickens' hit boxes are smaller than half a block and therefore they sit on the slab and when they grow, you can either drown them to get raw chicken or cook them in lava for cooked ones.

    2. Auto-smelter

    There are many auto-smelters out there and they are all based off on the same principle. If a hopper is placed on top of the furnace facing into it, any item in that hopper will be put in the unsmelted items slot (assuming they can be smelted that is). A hopper facing into the side of the furnace will place fuel into the fuel slot and a hopper underneath the furnace will take items from the smelted slot and feed it into a chest.

    3. Mob farm

    The basic principle of mob farms is a large, dark area with spawnable platforms upon which mobs spawn on. Along the side of these platforms are vertical trapdoors which mobs mistake for a block and walk across, meaning they fall into canals with flowing water which pushes them into a central drop shaft where hoppers are placed underneath and collect the drops as they die. These can be modified to filter out spiders as they can cause clogging. These farms provide huge amounts of bones, rotten flesh, gunpowder, arrows, glowstone and other witch drops from the occasional witch and string and spider eyes if there are spiders.

    4. Witch farm

    Probably one of my favourite farms ever. These are build in witch huts which are generated in swamps. Designs vary, some of them using shifting floors to send the witches down deep holes are simply killed by iron golems on hoppers which collect drops. Make sure that the surrounding areas are unspawnable to maximise rates. Iron golems may need to be replenished every once in a while. Great for getting huge amounts of witch drops, the most precious of them being glass bottles, gunpowder and glowstone dust.

    5. Pigman farm

    My ultimate favourite farm. Different designs include a huge spawning platform above the nether bedrock ceiling (achieved by using enderpearls to glitch through and then dark oak wood to get back down). Pigmen spawn on the platform and then, using 1.8 pigmen AI in which if one pigman is aggroed onto the player, all pigmen in the surrounding area do as well. These pigmen will also drop experience points when they aggroed and even if they aren't killed by the player. You can funnel them into crushers to collect drops and minecarts to provide the afk aspect. These farms can produce CRAZY amounts of gold, rotten flesh (which can be traded for emeralds) and gold swords (which can be burnt in lava for you entertainment).

    6. Villager farm

    As of 1.8, villagers will farm crops within their radius and eventually throw crops back to other villagers in the area. Exploiting this new AI, we can build infinite villager farms. These will the baseline for any success colony as librarians (white coats) can trade paper for emeralds, books for emeralds and enchanted books for emeralds. There is a chance to get any book from librarians, meaning unlimited books without having to enchant.

    7. Iron golem farms

    Iron golems will spawn naturally in villages with over 21 (I think but don't quote me) doors and 10 villagers. They will not spawn in water unless absolutely forced to so eliminating spawning platforms around the area will make sure no iron golems spawn outside of the farm. Water can channel golems into a drop shaft, killing in in lava and the iron and poppies collected in chests. If you want the ultimate iron farms, I suggest you check out Tango Tek's Iron Titan or the Iron Foundry.

    8. Auto wheat, carrot, potato and bread farm

    Again we exploit the fact that villagers farm their crops. Wheat farms are simpler to build, as it requires only minecart with hopper, eight stacks of seeds (to fill the farmer villager's inventory so they don't pick up crops) and some simple redstone items to build the unloading station. The farmer villager (any villager with a brown coat and nothing else) will farm the wheat but not pick it up. The hopper minecart will then pick it underneath the farm block and transport it into a chest. Carrot, potato and bread farms rely on farmer villagers throwing crops at their villagers. A farmer villager with a clear inventory will farm carrots potatoes and wheat and when they detect a villager in the vicinity, they will attempt to throw carrots and potatoes at them but if you have the second villager behind fences, the farmer cannot throw the crops over and therefore can be picked up by hoppers. They will turn wheat into bread as well.

    9. Tree farm

    The simplest of tree farms use dispensers to dispense bone meal onto a sapling and then pistons push them into a row, making it easy for the player to drop the down. But more complicated ones require a wither to be trapped in a wither cage and they will shoot at wood from saplings bone mealed up and hoppers can collect the drops. (Kinda killed the explanation but look on youtube for more)

    10. AFK Stone generator

    Great for collecting stone for huge projects and uses the fact that BUD Switches exist and that flowing lava that pours onto still water will turn into stone.

    11. Wither skeleton farm

    Not really the most resource friendly farms but will reward you will so many bones and coal and the occasional wither skull. Wither skeletons will spawn in nether fortresses and if you max out spawn platforms (build platforms of spawnable blocks above the actual fortress), they will spawn very quickly and aggro onto the player. Then you can funnel them into a kill chamber and hit them with Looting III swords for their drops.

    12. Blaze farm

    Very easy to build. Blaze spawners appear in the nether. Max out spawning areas and put a central funnel so they will descend into it. Then, but using either a piston crusher or snow golems, you can weaken them enough so they are one punch kills. Blaze rods are useful for smelting as they can smelt 12 items while coal can only smelt 8.

    13. Potion lab

    Again, designs vary but the basic concept is that droppers will send items along in a chain into a brewing stand which will place the ingredients in the right order and brew potions. Hoppers facing into the top of the brewing stand will feed ingredients into the ingredient slot. Hoppers facing into the side of it will put bottles of water into the three slots at the bottom and hoppers underneath with taking potions out.

    14. Guardian farms

    In 1.8, guardian temples were added and the new blocks, prismarine, dark prismarine and prismarine bricks were added. Guardians, when killed, will drop many prismarine shards and fish. They spawn in areas that is in water and used to be the temple. Then, using lava or drop shafts, they can be killed and their drops collected by either hopper minecarts or hoppers. Another variations focuses primarily on the experience aspect of guardians and therefore measures the drop of guardians so they are low and then allows the player to use potions to kill the using splash potions or their fist.

    15. Simple skeleton, zombie, spider or cave spider farm

    Basics of these farms are simple. A mob spawner for each of these mobs will spawn two-three every ten seconds as long as the player is less than sixteen blocks away. Then, using water canals to channel them down into a hole which drops them twenty three blocks down, putting them at one hit kills. These farms are good, starting-off source of experience and drops but later on, I suggest moving to more efficient experience strategies.

    16. Sugarcane farms

    These farms usually are quite compact and can be easily slotted into any base. There are too types, the first being semi-auto as you would need to flick a button for them to activate pistons that push grown sugarcane either into hoppers or a water stream, feeding it directly to the player. The second variety uses a Block Update Switch (BUD Switch) which is a switch that when a sugarcane grows next to this switch, it activates a redstone signal that powers pistons to break all grown sugarcane. These farms are great as they are unlimitedly stackable and will provide paper to trade with villagers for emeralds.

    17. Automatic fish farm

    Compact and resource efficient, these farms allow the player to get rare drops from fishing (enchanted bows, books and fishing rods) without having to do anything. In order to use these, you need to hold down the right click to cast the fishing rod continuously and in order to achieve this, hold the right click down and unplug the mouse (it is compatible with desk tops but no laptops).

    18. Automatic cow farm

    Simple and compact, this farm allows players to infinitely breed cows and then funnel the baby ones in a separate compartment to be burnt in lava when they grow. This is a good source of food but is rather slow as it requires time for baby cows to grow and rather burns through wheat supplies. These farms can be modified for pigs and sheep and using a fence post, for rabbits in 1.8.

    So, there is the first 18 farms I can think of straight off the top of my head. Hope you guys enjoyed the basic concepts of these farms (I did in 1.8 so future updates may prevent certain aspects of these farms to fail) and if you have any other singeplayer farms, list them down below. Remember, the farms are always survival friendly and cannot use things obtained from creative mode or cheat mode. Thank you!
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