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    posted a message on Convenient Recipes 1.6 - A simple recipe mod for MC 1.8 & 1.7

    Discontinued. Please do not ask for new features or updates.

    Convenient Recipes adds in new recipes for previously uncraftable things, such as horse armour, saddles, name tags, packed ice and chainmail armour. It also allows players to remove colour from stained clay and glass, turn wool into string, convert hardened clay into bricks, and turn glass panes back into blocks. On top of all of that, recipes for walls, fences and stairs have a higher output to ensure geometrical correctness (and make them cheaper).

    If you have any suggestions for more recipes, feel free to suggest away. Also feel free to suggest ideas for mods I could create.

    Twitter: twitter.com/_jagm_

    Installation is the same as with any Forge mod. Just install Forge and drop the ConvenientRecipes.jar file into the mod folder in your .minecraft directory. Download Forge files.minecraftforge.net


    I recommend NEI (Not Enough Items) for quick reference to recipes if you haven't already downloaded it. Alternatively, save these images for future reference.

    These recipes are enabled by default. They can be disabled in the config:

    These recipes have been changed. Their outputs can be changed in the config:

    These recipes are disabled by default, but can be enabled in the config:


    Yes, you can put this in your pack. Just credit me somewhere and put a link to the CurseForge page or this thread. This mod is licensed under the GNU GPL V2: gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html


    • Initial release
    • Wall recipes now return 18 walls instead of 24.
    • Ladder recipe now returns 14 ladders instead of 3 (equivalent to 4 ladders per plank block).
    • Added an instance because why not.
    • Moved recipe remover into pre-initialization method.
    • Added the 1.8 recipes for stone brick variations and mossy cobblestone.
    • Quartz blocks can be turned back into the quartz item.
    • Some information about what the mod is doing is now logged.
    • Added an mcmod.info file.
    • Fixed recipe derp.
    • Updated to MC 1.8.
    • Prismarine shards can be crafted with flint, fish and lapis.
    • Prismarine crystals can be crafted with glowstone dust, fish and lapis.
    • Sponge can be crafted with wool, fish and prismarine shards.
    • Now compatible with Forge rather than FML.
    • Removed duplicate stone brick varient recipes.
    • Added a configuration file for disabling or tweaking certain recipes.
    • Changed the horse armour recipes to be more like the ones from the original Mo' Creatures mod.
    • Actually removed duplicate stone brick varient recipes. For real this time.
    • Disabled the crafting of sponge and prismarine by default. Can be re-enabled in the shiny new config file.
    • Added the ability to craft records, though it's disabled by default. Can also be enabled in the config.
    • Added the ability to crafting flint from gravel and stone.
    • The mod now uses the GNU GPL license.
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    posted a message on Bow-Swords pre-release 1 for MC 1.7.10 - Does what it says on the tin.

    Bow-Swords is a mod which adds... well... bow-swords. They are a combination of both the bow and the sword from vanilla Minecraft, and are available in all five of the standard tool tiers from wood through to diamond. The mod is still in the early stages of developement - I am planning to add more types of special weapons and make the bow-swords fully enchantable. Other than that, I hope you enjoy the mod!


    If the widget for downloading the mod isn't working, use this: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/mc-mods/225357-bow-swords/files
    Twitter: twitter.com/_jagm_
    YouTube: bit.do/jagmYT



    Yes, you can put this in your pack. Just credit me somewhere and put a link to this thread and we're golden.
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    posted a message on TechStack's Heavy Machinery Mod - WIP -
    This is amazing! Keep up the great work.
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    posted a message on Modular Flower Pots - Updated Jul-04-14
    Nice little mod. Forget modular Powersuits and modular force field systems, Moduler FLOWER POTS is here :P
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    posted a message on Some Gamerule suggestions.
    Just thought that I'd suggest a few ideas for gamerules that have been on my mind for a while.

    1. /doBlockFall - Should prevent gravity affected blocks like sand, gravel, TNT and dragon eggs from falling. Could be useful for using these blocks in builds and also for making large sand or gravel doors in adventure maps and such.

    2. /doBlockChange - Should prevent blocks from changing e.g. leaves will not despawn, grass and mycelium will not spread, crops will not grow etc. I think that this would also be good for adventure maps and building.

    3. /doNameShow - Should prevents the name above players from showing. Could be good for machinimas and things like that.

    4. /doMobTake - Should prevent zombies from picking up items off the floor. Might be good for adventure maps.

    5. /doPlayerDrop - Should make it so that when a player is killed, their inventory won't go flying everywhere but they'll still lose their items. Might be useful in multiplayer adventure maps and minigames so that a player doesn't inherit the dead player's loot.

    That is all of my suggestions. When commenting, please tell me which gamerule you are talking about. Constructive criticism is welcome. Please support.
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    posted a message on Attach leads on to boats!
    With the 1.7 update hinted as an ocean update, I think that the developers should look into improving boats. I know that a lot of people always suggest reinforced or iron boats, but another feature of boats that I think would be really cool is the ability to attach them to fences using the leads implemented in 1.6. This way you could have proper docks rather than keeping your quite large boats in a chest somewhere. I also think that boats should be at least slightly more durable than they are currently.
    Please support this idea. Thank you. I will try to post a concept picture soon.

    As promised:

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    posted a message on Diamondacious!
    I've just found a pretty cool little Pocket Edition seed called "Diamondacious". It has two small overhangs right near spawn, as well as large cliffs. A few chunks away is something as close as you can get to a ravine in the pocket edition. Finally, if you dig directly down from the block you spawned on, you will find an abundance of coal, but most importantly, you will come across four diamonds on your way down. Another noticeable surface feature are weird tiny little snow biomes with about six patches of snow dotted about the place. Unfortunately, the seed has no lava and if you are searching for water to fill the newly implemented buckets you're going to have a hard time. There is a small gravel beach with some water way out on the edge of the map. I hope you enjoy this seed.
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    posted a message on /generatestructure
    I think that a command called '/generatestructure <structure> should be added into the game. When it is typed and <structure> is replaced with the name of a type of structure (e.g. village, stronghold), the specified structure should generate centred on you. I do think that it should only work in creative mode though. It would be quite interesting to find out what an underground desert village looks like...
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    posted a message on Upside Down Signs
    I think it would be a good feature in minecraft if signs were able to be placed on the underside of blocks to give the appearance that they are hanging from the ceiling.
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