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    posted a message on Midnight Roleplays ( Warrior Cats RP Server ) *NEED STAFF*
    IGN: JadeWillSlay
    Nickname: Jade, Jadeh
    Rank applying for: Moderator (Admin maybe?)
    Maturity: I give myself maybe 9 out of 10, since once in a while I have fun here and there (nothing bad).
    Experience: I have been moderator on two warrior cats server (they wen't down).
    Why you want to be staff: I really love warrior cats, and i'm not applying to I get a higher chance of getting leader/deputy/medicine cat, I just want to help out warrior cat servers :).
    How many Warriors books have you read: Almost all of them except the newer ones and the manga's.
    Other: Hope you like this :)) Have a great day <3
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