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    Hello all in the Minecraft community! My name is jadaswift and I have a role play project which I’m looking for people to join. The name of the roleplay is fate. The plot is as follows:

    Drake didn’t have a good life when he was growing up. His mother and father could careless about their child. When he was six, his mother got into a car accident and died. Since then his father got a lot worse. Drake’s dad began to ignore his son even more and became an alcoholic. Fast forward 11 years (he’s 17) drake has a shell around him, not letting anyone in until he came across this girl. Drake goes to this private school, as he gets up the top of a hill that leads to the school, he meets this weak mysterious girl on the top. Has they walked together to the school, little does he know happy changes was about to happen in his life.

    Now with that out of the way I’m going to need people who would like to eather be a voice actor, builder, Script writer and or body actor.

    requirements to join this project is as follows.

    have discord (main wait to communicate)

    be at least 15 years or older.

    able to work with other people.

    have a good mic

    able to run Minecraft with 20 plus mods (like 25 mods)

    copy and paste this template in your response and fill out


    Discord (EX: slaydog#2387):

    what role you interested in (you can pick more than one if you wish):

    why would you like to join?:

    If you require more details on the project I be happy to answer any questions or concerns once your in the discord server.

    seems simple right? Well of course it is. Hopefully I get some bitters! SEE YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE!

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